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Review of the H&K MP5-K BB Sub Machine Gun

Today I’m going to review the H&K MP5 BB gun.
Let’s start with the basic specifications. It uses .177 caliber steel BBs. The velocity
is 400 feet per second. It’s powered by CO2. It holds 40 rounds in the magazine. And typically
this gun costs around $99. The first good thing I have to say about the gun is that
it comes in a real box and not one of those plastic bubble packs that you have to cut
open. The gun looks like it’s made of metal but it’s actually plastic. But let me be clear,
there’s such a thing as cheap plastic and good plastic. This one’s made of good plastic.
It has a good feel to it and is heavy enough to be realistic. The rear sight is adjustable
using these two screws, which I had to do upon receiving it. So, here’s how you insert
the CO2. Push this pin and pull it the rest of the way out, like this. Pull the stock
down and you’ll find the CO2 chamber. Grab a CO2 cannister and push it in as far as it
will go. Then lock the stock back. You’ll need to fold the rear part of the stock over
to the side. Now you can tighten this little thumbscrew, and you should be able to hear
the cannister being pierced. To load the magazing, you can pull this level all the way until
it locks. If you want to unlock it, press the little button on the bottom. Don’t forget
to press it when done loading the BBs or the gun won’t work. You’ll have to put the BBs
in one at a time. Be prepared to drop a few during this process. The good news is, once
you get it loaded you have 40 shots before you need to do this again. Then you can insert
the magazine into the gun. Here’s how you would chamber a BB, but I’m not sure this
step actually serves any purpose. It has a safety switch on both sides. Lets get right
to the spam test. I had to turn the gun sideways because the magazine was in the way. After
removing the wrapper I could see that the BB went all the way through and dented the
other side. So there is no need to open the can. I’ll go ahead and give this gun a spam
score of 0.9. Next is the target test to check for accuracy. I will shoot 11 shots from 20
feet away. It was supposed to be 10 shots, but I lost count so you get 11. Anyway, the
gun is obviously very accurate. However, the sights are hard to see, especially when aiming
at dark objects. I’ve seen other reviewers complain about the sights as well. Alright,
I want to show you how long it takes to empty 40 rounds out of this magazine. I’ve got a
big ole ant pile over here that’s going to be a nice, uh, recipient of these rounds so
lets see how long it takes. I think we ran out. Oh look! They’re really mad now! Alright,
so what are my final thoughts on this gun? I’d say it is pretty well built, for $99.
I would mention you can’t really attach any scopes or laser sights to it. Uh, I did see
some mention on some reviews saying if you got some equipment made for the real MP5 that
somehow you can mount it on there. Not real sure how, I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention
to that. Another little thing I saw, somebody else was reviewing this online and they said
if you were to pull this lever back and lock it, like this, that um, it would still fire
and that it would have more velocity. So I didn’t give that a try. I probably ought to
go fire it at another can of spam and found out, but I don’t have the time and I need
to get this done. I would also say I like the amidextrious safety. If you can see, this
actually works on both sides. so that’s pretty nice and it’s real easy to use with your thumb
too. And that’s nice because some safeties are real hard to turn on. Um, I also like
the way the Co2 cannister is hidden, and you don’t even see the thumbscrew unless you look
for it. I really hate CO2 powered guns that are supposed to mimic a real firearm and you
can see some little thumbscrew on the bottom or something. I don’t like that. That just
looks fake to me. Also the sights, as I mentioned in the video, are not that great. I um, particularly
because if you are shooting at a dark object, you just can’t see the front sight because
there’s no white dot or anything like that on there. You could probably fix that. You
could probably paint it or something. I’m just saying from the factory, uh, its not
that great. But otherwise, overall I like it. I love being able to shoot 40 rounds at
a time. I’m sure you saw my friendly ants there, they really liked that a lot. So overall
I’d say this is a pretty good gun. It seems to be a really hot seller. I’m going to give
this a thumbs up. Till next time!

100 thoughts on “Review of the H&K MP5-K BB Sub Machine Gun

  1. Great video and nice gun however I would never buy this gun unless it comes with or can be converted to full auto.

  2. i found this in the UK the $99 he says is not the case but it would be about £75 . sadly the cheapest i can find in the UK is £125 from a local gun shop

  3. Wow great video and review! I'm 50/50 on wether I should cancel my order from amazon or not for this gun but now leaning toward keeping it.

  4. do you think is this a good rifle for pest control? and also is it illegal to make full auto steel bb guns?

  5. I love your chanel and all and I am a subscriber and I don't want to be a Know it all in the comments but technically .177 cal. Is clasified as a pelet even though it is round like a bb.

  6. Two questions
    1. How many clips can you get out of one CO2
    2. What part of Texas are you from, I also live in Texas

  7. If my country's (Australia) gun laws weren't so strict, I'd definitely get myself one of these. The MP5K is one of my favourite firearms, I have 2 taidi MP5Ks, but Airsoft is stuck in a reverse legal loophole and anything that fires pellets or metal BBs (other than a slingshot) is classified as a firearm. So I can only watch these videos and dream…

  8. Once again the manufacturers could of designed this gun and other models to use 88 g co2.Yes,it would change the appearance to some degree but it would be more powerful for a longer time,and get a hell of alot more shots before the tank got cold and pressure dropped. 

  9. I use to pack an MP5 wrote lyrics dor The Doors and other big bands I named the MP3 FREE DOWNLOAD after it because every band waa a zoo con artist fuck me out of fame and fortune now you get your music for free just like me.

  10. great video! I own one also and can confirm that you can actually add a red dot optic to it. I bought a rail adapter for a real mp5k on ebay then attached it. It fits a little loose, but it is better than the stock sights.

  11. You can also buy a rail from Airsoft guns , try one for the Mp5 from Tokio Marui they are great i have one on my MP5 with a red dot awsome thing

  12. oh yeah, it's now called Targets du jour-, although Real Targets that Dunk ( or any words /series of are still active on YouTube! Hello Micheal, hi M
    ak-jo-si from sunny Las Vegas( the land of 'no last call's)🔗

  13. the lever does not do any difference
    its just show
    you can mount optics to the MP5 using an MP5 mount
    those 4 tabs you see on top
    2 at front one each side and same toward the rear
    those tabs are for the claw type MP5 rail
    with the claw attached, any 20mm optic can be attached
    i have 3 MP5s and have optional claw mounts

  14. is this a airsoft gun, so many kind of guns that work the same,shoot the same, use the same power, but call by a lot of names, airgun, airsoft gun, bb gun, co2 gun bla bla bla. im so confusing

  15. the reason that can be modified is because this particular BB gun uses a real MP5 lower receiver and then all you have to do is change the upper receiver.

  16. WHAT THE HELL. I bought this gun new and have never tried it until now. I followed your instructions but no bbs are being shot. They stay in the magasine. Wtf. Please help

  17. Hey, so the firing mechanism inside of mine kind of just blew apart when I opened it, so can you show a vid on how you would put it back together?

  18. Nice review for a novice I've watched your other reviews on self-defense but I own two of these I've used the real ones the charging handle serves no purpose it's called a slap paddle it's just for show the real one it does work the bolt and chamber a round the other thing is yes it can receive on the top a mount that you can put a red. And it also has a side rail for a laser it can be purchased at pyramydair dot-com I own two of them they go on the top quite easy so you can mount light laser all your goodies also 4 your knowledge when you're putting in the canister or CO2 you want to put a a little Crosman oil on the tip of the cartridge it keeps the mechanisms working well you don't need to do it every time but I would say every 20 cartridges or so a drop of oil Crosman PE l oil on the canister also a little tip on the sites get for the tip yellow tester paint toy car paint and on the rear I use orange to paint the rear sight then you can line your sights up perfectly because you have the rear in the front a much better View the orange back sites and yellow front sight works good for me you can also purchase from a gun shop a similar product that you can put on your sights and it glows in the dark or you can just take out the rear sights and replace them with TruGlo or another type of rear sight and that will serve you perfectly from 20 yards I can hit a 3in. Over and over if the wind is correct but it's a great replica of the MP5 PDW which means personal defense weapon used by aircraft Cruise in the military also don't ever load the magazine and hit that bottom button or you're going to have babies everywhere fill the cartridge put the cartridge into the mag well then press the little button that will push the babies under pressure into the cylinder always under load if it's a 60 round mag load 55 that way you won't have problems with the pressure and BB's getting jammed inside the mechanism but again don't load it impress that bottom button unless it's in the Magwell or you're going to have babies flying everywhere there is also a device to load the BBS it is called a speed loader buy Umarex you fill it up with 200 babies you slide it down and press the button in the back and it automatically feeds the babies so you don't have to singly load them again it's called a speed loader from Umarex which can be purchased at pyramydair. Com and it comes with all kinds of different loading tops for different kinds of magazines and guns strictly Bebe hope that helps you guys keep having fun bro and your videos are quite funny to a professional enthusiast but that's what it's all about having fun in the California Sun God bless you Dave Keith

  19. Screw on the co2 gun makes it look fake, as opposed to it being plastic, yep a screw & the fact that $99 piece of plastic & it's not even full auto wow, what a waste on spam

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