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Review of the Colt Gunsite Pistol Part 1 #119

hello folks today we’re going to talk about the Colt Gunsite pistol the Colt Gunsite pistol is a standard 1911 pistol comes from both stainless steel and blue it’s actually a mat stainless steel and mat blue it is 45 acp and he has a host of features that are meant for both competition and self-defense. It features Slim line walnut grips serrations from the front strap for better grip steal mainspring housing beavertail grip safety extended thumb safety skeletonized trigger Novak rear sight Novak front sight front and rear serrations short aluminum trigger. Wilson 47D magazine. Ok folks this is my personal pistol and I did some changes to it myself and I’ve had a couple of different gunsmiths already work on this pistol some of the changes i did to this pistol are Wilson combat extended magazane. Release. Wilson combat gunsmith fit magwell this is the bulletproof magwell is a one-piece magwell but it must be fitted by a competent gunsmith. it’s not something that you can do yourself these are VZ grips. these are custom-made grips with a gunsite logo and they are the technical slat model which is the one I actually like for myself they’re wider than the ones the ones that come from the factory. but they fit my hand a little better Wilson combat standard skeletonized trigger. I actually did some changes on the front sight. They’re still Novak sites but the front sight i actually had Novak put the brass bead front sight on it this is a really cool feature and it makes it easier for you pick up the sights, I also have Novak do the mat texture on the top of the slide. This is great to cut down reflections but it’s also aesthetically pleasing it looks really really cool i really like this feature. I had a friend of mine narrow the beaver tail for me. This actually makes the pistol easier to grip when you use a tight high-grip. Thumb… your thumb really high in your thumb safety it actually feels really really good eventually I will have the same serrations cut into the back of the mainspring housing magwell this magwell comes with no serrations and no texture whatsoever so you have to add your own personal preference on serrations. I want, I actually like checking better but because this one has serrations in front I’m gonna add the same serrations on the back. Today we’re going to take this pistol to the range back there and we’re going to test it for accuracy and reliability we’re just going to fire a few rounds with a few kinds of ammunition that I have selected and then we’re going to shoot it for reliability we want to see how reliable this pistol is rapid fire. [Bang, Bang, Bang] [Rapid Firing of the pistol] [Slide closing] well folks this pistol shot great i’m so excited I shot this pistol originally in this original configuration and he was okay it was great now that I’ve done all this custom changes to it is actually my favorite pistol actually this pistol is one of the best pistols for both defense and competition. I would love to have a couple more like this one I might just call Susan and get another one one more thing before i forget this pistol can only be purchased here at gunsight at the pro shop so if you Gunsight at the Pro Shop.

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