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Review of the Colt Competition Pistol Part 1 #128

Hello this is Yamil Sued for Gun Stock Reviews today we coming to look at the Colt competition pistol early in 2016 Colt came out with a Colt competition pistol specifically signed for the competitive hand gun shooter. this pistol has features that all competition shooters wanted but it’s also set as a blank slate calling a blank slate or a blank canvas means that you could take this pistol and do any modifications you want to it. You can do finishes texturing trigger jobs so you can add or modify this pistol to your own taste. [Rapid shooting] This pistol comes in nine millimeter 45 acp and 38 super Later in 2016 Colt came up with this exact pistol in stainless steel so now you have six models for your taste we’re going to look at some of the details from this pistol. G10 grips beavertail grip safety which is very comfortable with a speed bump that makes it easier to engage. extended thumb safety adjustable sights that fit the Novak sight cut dove tail, fiber-optic front sight adjustable trigger Colt has also introduced a double recoil spring system that tames recoil in all these pistols from 45, 38 super to nine millimeter This pistol has all the features that make it a classic 1911 for competition Now let’s go to the range and shoot this magnificent pistol for accuracy and reliability [Rapid fire of the pistol]

6 thoughts on “Review of the Colt Competition Pistol Part 1 #128

  1. OK, mag dumps make it look reliable, but showing the targets and your distance from the target would illustrate accuracy.

  2. I bought this colt before the lightweight commander, and just like the commander a clean slate to work with.
    I went with all Wilson Combat on this one, ambidextrous safety and main spring and magwell I also put in the extended slide stop and changed the fiber from blue to green, I wasn't seeing the blue as well.

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