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REVIEW: Leader Tech Arms AR-12 Gen 2 Shotgun by Leader Arms of Turkey

Hey everybody. Ben with Classic Firearms here. We want to tell you today an update on one
of our items. This is the AR12 by Leader Technologies. This is the generation two shotgun that we
have in stock right now. This is November 2016. We have carried these for some time and you’ve
seen this ad on our site for probably a year now including an original video we did with
a generation one version of this shotgun. Semi automatic shotgun. You will still see our original video on the
ad if you go there. In the original video we tell you very plainly
about the fact that we had some feed issues with the gen one version of this shotgun. What we did was we took it out and we shot
it. The only thing that we could get really to
shoot consistently in the shotgun right out of the box was high pressure load like number
three inch waterfowl loads with heavy grain weight and heavy powder charges. Came back, read the manual. The manual said there’s a break in period
with the shotguns. At that time, they were recommending the heavy
pressure loads which we did shoot successfully almost every time in this shotgun, but when
we went back to field loads we were having feed issues. People seemed to still like the shotgun, there
was still a demand for it. We sold them. We got a lot of feedback on it, “Hey, these
things do break in.” Leader Arms and the importer of the shotgun
took it back to the factory, they redesigned it. They came up with a gen two. They’ve redesigned the gas system. Supposed to be a little more reliable right
out of the box. They’ve also redesigned the upper rail so
that you have on this one an adjustable front sight. You can just push the button and pull the
front sight anywhere along the rail. You will see on the gen one the gas system
is exposed out here. All of that is covered up in the gen two. The other big change between the gen one and
the gen two, the gen one came with a series of choke tubes. The gen two does not have choke tubes. As they explained to me, “Look this is not
really a turkey gun. It’s not something that you’re really going
to utilize your choke tubes so we want to make it as consistent as possible with as
many type loads as possible as far as feeding so they eliminated the choke tube. Folks, when the gen two’s came in, we took
this out to the field, we were going to do another video presentation on it. Had our camera, had a couple of boxes of shells. The new recommendations for the gen two that
comes in their owner’s manual says to break it in with light field loads. We had some number 7 1/2 dove and quail loads,
just standard [inaudible 00:02:39] federal dove and quails. The one thing we didn’t to do is we forgot
to put our SD card in our camera before we went out to the field. We had left it stuck in the computer back
here. We got all the way to the field, to the test
fire range, we had our shotgun, we had our shells, didn’t have an SD card but we thought
what if this thing malfunctions the first time around we don’t want it to just be repetitive
and show the same thing. While we were there we did go ahead and do
a test fire. Lo and behold, they’re right. We had far less issues with this rife, the
gen 2 variation than we did with the early gen one variation. We weren’t 100% successful. The owner’s manual clearly says there’s a
break in period that could be as much as a couple of hundred rounds with light field
loads. They recommend you to break it in light before
advancing on up to the three inch or the heavier loads. With our field loads, out of the first 50
rounds, we experienced a couple of extraction issues. Still not perfect. We’re not going to claim it to be perfect. We still do not warranty this firearm. It’s made in Turkey, it’s an imported firearm
sold as is with no warranties. This is the generation two. Have a good feeling about them breaking in
properly, but I would suggest examine our ad. We’ve been very clear with it as to what to
expect. Look at our first video. You can see the changes on the gen two and
it’s a great looking shotgun at a great price point. If you want to take a chance, this will be
the shotgun that you’re buying, folks. Gen two AR12 by Leader Arms in Turkey and
as always folks, thank you for joining us at Hey folks. Post script, post script. I left something out. Dillon, come in here. The whole reason I had a box sitting out here
is so I could show you how the shotgun comes to you in the box. You see here, you get the 12 gauge in the
box. It has a little protective rubber thing over
the charging handle so it doesn’t poke through the box itself. Comes with two five round mags and a manual
and a couple of extra o-rings for your gas cylinder for the feeding purposes. That’s the way it comes. If you want one, that’s the way you’ll receive
it. Again folks, thank you for watching. We appreciate your business.

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