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Review: CYMA P.698 Pistol

hello i’m dan and hear we have
CYMA P.698 based on the Glock 26 as you can see here it’s just an all
cheap plastic bb gun you can buy from JustBBGuns here it is for £3.99 3 other models here as well the
model on that site for £4.99 of the compensator and then extra mag since this is a cheap a BB gun,
you won’t expect much but it’s a one shot per cock as I pull back the slide here. You can
see and i’m going to show you some of the
basic features there’s a trigger theres no safety attached to this weapon you got a magazine catch there’s no slide catch as you can see basic ironsights is very basic and the grip is comfortable in left and
right hand though i would just suggest to keep it
in the right hand as the magazine catch is only for the right thumb, you cannot
put on the left side and that’s the magazine pulled out there the magazine you just pull down with slide
at the top it is spring and then you catch it at the bottom there’s a little
slot and then we are using the BAW 0.20g BB’s for this this magazine only holds nine bb’s
plus one in the chamber like a real Glock twenty six so don’t expect to many shots from it you could try and get hold of more magazines to
compensate this now if you pull back to slide it’ll clip
into place as you can see now popped right to the top on it’s ready to
go straight into the gun it just slide it back into the gun defended with a nice smooth slide (sorry for mess up/cut off) here’s a better look at the iron sights based
on the Glock very simple and easy to use just if you take off the side to make
sure i think tighten it straight if not it will knock off the sights and make it
highly un-accurate here as you can see we are now using it outdoors it’s a little bit windy but it doesn’t really matter i’m shooting this a little distance against a wall and you can see ya got to cock back every
shot here’s a better look at the distance i know
it’s not very far it is a very cheap cheap pistol does have some range and accuracy at this range
this range as well as it hurts still even at this
range as i find out when i have been shot by by myself now since this has a very short plastic
barrel and a short inner barrel which is also plastic it’s not the best pistol for skirmishing and i really wouldn’t recommended it, it’s just more of a target gun, sometimes it does jam as you just seen there and once or twice it might misfire now here’s what it can do it against
a couple of cans as you can see some shots do miss but when they do hit it’s got enough power to dent a can but not enough to go through which is still pretty okay for a nice pistol for me for three ninety nine thanks for watching and see you next time

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