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Review CYMA M870 shotgun ( CM 350 ) unboxing, chrono and shooting.

This is the unboxing, test and comments of the shotgun CYMA M870 . This is the short barrel version but uses the same box as the long barrel one. This shotgun is spring powered, and shoots three bbs each time (tri shot) Plastic version (like this one) comes with one shell (mag) only. Metal version comes with 3 shell. To open and load the shotgun press the button next to the trigger. “Safe” button is also next to the trigger All is ABS plastic 30 rounds per shell=10 tri shots For chrono purposes just one bb per shell / per shot. Around 315 fps avg using 0.2g bbs. Now some shooting from aprox 3 meters to see the tri shot After using it on gameplay I can tell you that it has excellent range. It is a little hard to aim (no sights), but so much fun to use.

51 thoughts on “Review CYMA M870 shotgun ( CM 350 ) unboxing, chrono and shooting.

  1. ¿Tiene el exterior de la pistola se siente como un plástico o en un metal ? Busco para conseguir uno y quiero uno que se siente como el metal . Es mucho más satifying . Gracias.

  2. Ive seen this gun chronoed in the 270-80's range on other videos, why is that? does the FPS vary from gun to gun this much or should i expect a 300+ FPS reading with this gun. Im debating between this brand and the GFG26 m870 version. I want 300+ FPS, tri shot, fixed stock and preferably mostly metal, budget is about £130 any ideas?

  3. What country are you from South America? I'm from Argentina, and i'm planning to get one of these, but in metal version, 3 round burst just to lend it to new players.

  4. Hey so i'm planning on buying this gun however i'm not sure if I should get the full stock or the folding stock. I mainly play cqb, would a full stock really affect me?

  5. Hey man, I have this guy, and when I shot at range, probably 10 to 15 meters away, the bbs arc upwards. Does this happen with yours?

  6. Is that all that comes in the box? Other videos show 3 shells, crap bbs and a speed loader. And what is your opinion on the pump, is it wobbly or cheap? I’m planning on getting the metal full length one soon

  7. Got one of these a while ago for plinking. Now thinking about taking it to an airsoft game! If I can find some goggles!

  8. Got the metal version of this. Took a few inches off the barrel and shortened the shoulder stock by 1.75 inches. Now it's perfect!

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