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Review | 3-9×40 EG Illuminated Rifle Scope | Spike

Hi everyone and welcome in this video presentation ! Today I will talk you about a scope for sniper rifle or “Counter-Snipe”, which was sent to me by the Amazon store “Spyke”, that I thank. In terms of information, know that this scope will cost you exactly 89.99 euros. It is sent to you in this box, pretty simple. There is no info on it. So we will now proceed to its opening. You will see that this is a scope … … very complete. You will immediately understand why. You have a small package with a cloth to clean the optics, the Allen key to adjust the different elements, and all the manuals. And when I say “all”, you will understand why. I remove the plastic bag and … … That’s the object ! What have we here ? A precision scope with a magnification of 3 to 9 and with a front opening of a diameter of 40mm. In addition, it has on the side, for to nearby enemies, a micro Red Dot. It is here. This, for shooting from a long distance. And that, for the close shooting. And in addition, we have a laser on top. This is something quite complete. You have covers everywhere. There is a clear and yellow covers for the scope. We will remove it. It is maintained with elastic. And a protective cover for the micro Red Dot. We will immediately begin by the laser to get rid of it. It’s a removable laser, on top. You can remove it. Allen key is provided. So a laser that is a priori not allowed in France. I don’t dwell on it. It works with 3 LR44 batteries. Just push here : it is a red laser. I will speak no more about it. Besides this, you have this micro Red Dot which can also be removed. You can either leave it on this scope, or put it on another replica. This will not be easy, but i will try to show it to you in action. You have 5 positions and two colors: red and green. It works with a CR2032 battery, not included. In the end, this is a standard micro Red Dot. Finally the scope, which is the most interesting element. This is a scope for sniper rifle or “Counter-snipe”. We will try to see the reticle … This scope is backlit. Here you have the green… … And you have the red. For settings: there are none on the front of the scope. You have a setup ring here to adjust the zoom 3 to 9 times. And then the eyepiece. It is made of metal. It is supposed to be waterproof in case of bad weather, etc … It attaches to Picatinny rails 20mm as well as 11mm. This is to see. I can not test. As I said earlier : 3xLR44, a CR2032 here and another there. All batteries are purchased separately, and I think we went around. From a purely personal point of view, I would withdraw the Red Dot micro to put on another replica. The laser meanwhile, I would withdraw it to put it in the closet. I’ve never been a fan of lasers. I’m not sure they are still widely used on airsoft battlefield. Finally, imagine this scope without this element. As this. Here the scope you get and that you can use on your replica. After it is completely standard. You have the usual settings, elevation and windage adjustement. A good scope anyway.

11 thoughts on “Review | 3-9×40 EG Illuminated Rifle Scope | Spike

  1. Super ! Le mieux serai de mettre le laser sur le rail latéral et la red dot au dessus! Cela évitera de pencher sa réplique pour tirer de prés 😉 bonne contination

  2. Not that impressed by the packaging, especially since it's a bit bent out of shape. I've seen stouter packages have their contests ruined. Oh well, you got your scope in one piece so that's what matters in the end. Nice review. Sorry for writing in English, but i'm a bit rusty in my written French. 😉

  3. Hey two question if a scope is not nitrogen filled will it always fog up? And does this fit directly on a sniper with picatinny rails? ( airsoft vsr 10) thanks

  4. I also sell this on wish. This is really a nice scope! good video.

  5. Please dont title your videos in English and then talk in anything but English and make us read the translations… you can EASILY make your title clear that it's a text-box translation through the whole video.

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