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Resident Evil Revelations Episode 8 All on the Line

previously on resident evil revelations looks like somebody’s found the Queen
Zenobia you haven’t changed the time has come Brian abandon hope all
ye who enter here it’s like all my worst enemies come back
to haunt me heaven scorch the earth with justice
these unilateral solutions of yours will only create a new veltrin perhaps a
dozen oh yes there’s the rub men like us can exist thanks to groups
like that the immediate containment is imperative
far too much is at stake here you are blinded a humanist with no cause it’s a
lost cause director O’Brien feel free to cut the bullshit Morgan you’re playing
with fire again but this time you will get burned loose ends can only
exacerbate the situation think twice director or you may regret it never
disappoint Morgan but once we have that truth your
mistakes will never be repeated ladies and gentlemen my name is Joseph
and welcome back to another episode of present befall revelation a also a work
back to my channel of Joseph came up for life so welcome back welcome back
welcome back alright so we need get al here
oh crap it’s locked from outside all right so I go here I really
oh my bad my bad Arielle to okay dick charity huh that’s a respawn so all right so we
need to figure out how to get to the other side you gotta be away haha area through here
oh this area all right so we go up pays it off all right get some air there we go no go back up go back up there we go ah come by now I right go down ariel cool all right this
is dress Vermillion harder Joe listen carefully the ship is done for but we
can’t allow the virus to concede the oceans Jessica and I are heading for the
Queen Zenobia just hang on alright contact you soon
don’t die in there Chris ouch okay let’s do damn so I got
doing here oh crap gather yes all right does logo go go up No maybe always out up go up Aereo perfect so at least we’ve got maiya
they’ve been made oh crap okay here we go I cut the angle down
this is where we came from guess oh hi it locked excuse me Parker so how do I go the
other way and that’s all right here I don’t go anything right what Oh No
oh it also rabbit need some air all right
those are here I quote a bit aerial all right cool oh hey man
what the hell oh well on all men you gotta be away okay I don’t see
nothing a day maybe I go go down deeper I guess oh oh no yeah there go down deeper
oh my gosh drop up oh crap of it oh my gosh Giambi I think
this ah come on jump me so bitch coffee man I’m not gonna make it
I need some air some air
go go oh at least we’ve made it least I met the
hey um probably go this way okay so awesome hey this is where we came from
what the hell all right so if I go this way right
Apollo or top so oh no maybe all right cool cool all right it’s there we go um I see we
can’t find it yeah I hear so have at least I can so aerial craft maybe go up yes may it alright ratified it yes carpet this is Chris you do all right
Chris yes we’re fine but the ship is sinking
fast we’re approaching the Queen Zenobia now
one day with the ship’s halt Roger will be waiting okay see you soon
Chris out okay so head for the hall there go this way
Bacchus Oh Oh No maybe maybe grab it go all right going oh crap go up yes
oh that close call very close call Edie all right all right so we go right here here that there philtrum use mr. party we’re approaching the Queen Zenobia now
rendezvous with the ship’s halt Roger we’ll be waiting okay see you soon
Chris out that’s it Queen Zenobia oh geez more
like what’s left of her stay sharp there’s something out there
sorry you either kill it I saw something or the fuck is that oh my gosh
thanks I got oh my god oh my god Oh No okay cooldown Oh oh my god that no question
like trimmers Aereo okay I got one got no one
they’ll by doing something now while the 304 come on we’re almost there so pull down Arielle Arielle this asset that’s all we’ve got a spot to board the shinobi on
oh cool we can board from here Jessica we have a
promise to keep it let’s go great the crew is just the two of us the
whole thing is sinking friendly bsaa patrons you stopped the Rydia soulless
now I will reveal what I know everything about the Queen Zenobia and the secret
she keeps what secrets consider this first why did it take till now to find
the Queen Zenobia how was it able to float around the Mediterranean
undetected it wasn’t magic second why did all traces of velcro vanish after
the Terra Grigio panic why don’t you tell us and third why is someone trying
to use the radius solace to destroy this an obeah the answer to those questions
will lead you to an inconvenient truth in order to balance Jessica why did you fire to protect our
people isn’t that our job die why widely the part of will drop what do you mean tarek ratio what a terrible loss the ship doesn’t have much longer we
can’t let this virus contaminate the sea we’ve already searched the Queen
Semiramis so I think I know where this ship’s lab is we’re headed there now all
right I’ll try to find a way to delay the sinking Jessica you with me yeah
we’re a little friendly partner swapping should keep us on our toes Roger that
we’ll take care of the virus you to buy us some time
got it Jill this works anywhere in under water should slow those things down
thanks Chris also I’ve marked off all the possible locations for the lab he
never got the hint what a drag maybe he’s already taken Jessica damn so we go back in there I’m Stewie
no we’ve only heard half your story there’s a lot about this mission alright ok I go to a lab alright don’t
owe a close call go there you go okay so where is the lab
three the water is infested with hopefully this go ah crap I felt so big Michael there you go there it is right there all right so I go through here so so got
a long way to go a long way to go so ah crap drop me bring some air I no this way come on eat some bitch got
me by either go this way all right see so here um don’t be sloppy horse
o’clock I thought that’s right Oh cool area the last just up ahead wait for me I go over there so fast he’s like no he says locked me down
Jill sorry Chris I’ll come by now go back up there you go
Joe try using this oh thank you I found that key on the Semiramis shits
are exactly the same and the lab should be this way okay cool nice so by every door be so long open it
so there we go there it won’t open area registering fingerprint fingerprint
registration complete okay so now what all right it’s how we
go through a door it off on a door there we go awesome point out time okay Oh now sterilizing please wait okay what era because hear that
coming something coming what the fuck what the
fuck is that thing come after me oh my god help me Chris he’ll be Chris
he’ll be oh my gosh no get away from being some bitch oh my gosh dude open
the door there you go ah fuck that fuck that also oh man it’s coming Jill okay
oh crap somebody’s up bitch oh crap do with the part hi ray oh my gosh there you go Oh oh my god do what the fuck oh my god Du Barry out dye rage oh my gosh
but the fog died dude what the fuck the hell hi ray it’s okay I’m fine okay I’ll change I’ll
buy that okay let me change the style weapon try to get back my other one all
right come on there we go all right cool
I try to hide these facilities on a cruise ship whatever suspected good
point rule I hope we can find out what the hell’s going on I know right all
right the virus is somewhere in this research
area so this is the secret of Zenobia all right friend
so that’s it for today so thank you for watching
right see what revelation all I repeat a don’t forget click the like subscribe
comment share and thank for I got my Cho just to get my flight I see

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  2. Que buen video πŸ‘ amigo me gusta y que gran visita y buen comentario Genial gracias por el apoyo… πŸ‘ un saludoπŸ’―πŸ‘¨πŸ½β€πŸ’»πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸ’»

  3. wassup Man I have Game on ps3 Thats was fun Game and I also Played Resident Evil 2 on Ps4 But Awesome Video Man Peace

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