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Resident Evil Revelations Episode 10 Tangled Webs

previously on resident evil revelations
director O’Brien I think I put it all together it was all
smoke and mirrors orchestrated by yourself
we’ll have to speed things up damn it pretty much gutted for nothing I’ll try to find a way to delay the seat
Roger that we’ll take care of the virus well done
yes your activities have been eye-opening
Morgan Lyons and he never got the hint what a drag
maybe he’s already taken Jessica yeah sure can we get started already
sure we’ve been through hell before there’s nothing new for us yeah just
like old times the good ol FBC so what’s the plan here to the bridge
activate the bulwarks and pray the ship stop seeking now that the powers back we
should be able to access the maintenance system okay we should split up then
there’s something I need to check on first okay fine
I’ll see you on the bridge ladies and gentlemen my name is Joseph so welcome
back to another gameplay and episode of Resident Evil Revelations
so welcome back see I remember where I going bridge they
so coupie we’re going right now or other way and uh glue kind of and I get this on ah yes herb so go alone full
right now so my partner shall take care something oh no oh no is O’Brien here
Deb Raymond tell you everything yes he told me boss and you know what
you have to do O’Brien out oh fuck there you go come on come on you fucker come on aw
crap yeah try not waste no ammo shot Gus so we shot hard so you always using my
shotgun for two hunters that was going to use so right let go down Seiya gotta
be something in here ah perfect
I am found oh thank you very much all right
okay they’ll see nothing else oh my gosh are you fucking serious exactly oh my gosh get away you
motherfucker damn oh my gosh say wait
say way more poker there we go god damn Zilla life are you there oh that’s it
you going down wholesale stay down please stay that over this
I don’t found what is it come on another one are you fucking serious come on my is of this oh my gosh diary die jesus fucking christ
I don’t see nothing else so okay I go to the bridge bridge cool all day nothing
up there I’m almost at the bridge was fast and you owe me another dinner Oh
reminds me never got you that drink that was a year ago that’s fine you can make
it I love to be in one big spending spree okay fine just sit tight and I’ll
be there soon oh okay so like a um a day Jessica Parker sit under the tree ki SS
ing I check here for a minute test checking so to check around to make sure I so I don’t see nothing useful so hold it
right there Parker spy is infiltrated the BSAA
Morgan small it may be you that’s what Raymond told me what are you
talking about we don’t have time to Barker subdue that woman oh but you you
were she’s trying to activate the ship’s self-destruct mechanism to destroy the
evidence guys this is getting out of hand not
funny come on say something
Parker it’s me I can’t trust you completely
not yet put your gun down Raymond you’re too
soft don’t be foolish Parker stupid I knew a Brian had a lapdog I’ll tell
more than it was you just a drop don’t worry about dinner now
we’re even well the proud Queen Semiramis she
chooses death rather than suffering dignity as will the Queen Zenobia mate it appears my bright young
assistant has made the last move now have I made things clear to you clear as
day now we finally have a target start counting Morgan not the most
original last words but best of luck gentlemen right first we got to get out of here
all right so when you get out of here fast very fast come on bullshit I don’t
say that Dave yes you got here very fast very fast indeed so wait for me Chris
this way dude go real fast man come on keep all my clothes first all right cool all right so we need to get out of here
fast as possible to the ship is you’re going to blow oh man started we’re out of time I’m jumping
down hey are you okay I go all right please no bug in here Oh Oh
what did dad start it Chris y’all you come on guys come on now man
freakin door Oh all right how about this way oh maybe
not I think so – are you Chris oh man oh man I got other way Walker Parker Oh let’s help him out can you stand Parker man get Parker off the ship majestic
your show me oh man I don’t trust this area all right off or something um yes
oh they’re so good now yeah here oh you gotta be fucking kidding me
Chucky there you go you got here man yeah I like dead weight all right and as I go this way yeah yeah oh crap Aereo yeah so okay he’s our one weapon I cannot use
a shotgun oh crap there you go bad
oh come on now really guy here are they so crista there you go say I have a mouth he’s not you down yes you just saw me down it’s a day away
you need this weight lose weight okay just not my night damn it both times G
was that nice right super gas we have to go I know I got the show oh yes damnit oh my god
do it come on you gotta be fucking kidding me
all right not today Oh God fucking kidding me there we go died oh my god die ray Jesus Christ fuck oh my gosh this ain’t fucking right
what okay how’s that possible all right go there you go all right cool breathe Oh
please update yes thank you all right oh my god you fucker yeah died motherfucker
are you buggy serious fuck you oh my god I’ll be Chris oh my gosh
where’s this don’t like backbreaker no no how does a part again fuck you game
fuck you I need to upgrade goddammit goddammit goddammit die yes fuck all right turn it like it Mia
there you go cool how’d it go can we get out of here yes some more
shotgun Oh take this fucker are you this big fella but oh my gosh go get it wait wait now my back roads so my Oh about say alright
you take me out all right Oh long way down oh my god
oh my god I’m up the ladder I can be it Oh that’d take our vet will people hi I’m hurry with as I can oh no oh no
oh no arrow yeah yeah err oh crap like oh crap oh crap ah come on Sal hit me like
you’re going down Missy aah oh gosh oh crap oh I just hear myself are you
fucking serious Oh God well I buddy best I can faster I can Oh Oh No Oh what my friends so I’m gonna stop right here
so thank you for watching a resident evil revelation
I believe she ate don’t forget it click the like comment share
thanks for check out my gel just give her like all right see

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  2. Well played man.

    New frnd here…..

    Stay conected for more <3
    U got mony… I watchedd the adddds!

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