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Resident Evil Revelations Episdoe 5 Secrets Undercovered

previously on Resident Evil Revelations
this is the TFS virus very quickly that one-fifth of its waters now they want to use the virus to stage
another attack seek the truth about Terra Grisha vengeance Grima i’ma teamed about Quinn in mock airport
but for something linked to this ship I’ll send Quinn and key snow hates you
is find out anything you can of Veltro jackass here we arrived at Val coin in
mock airport this is forkball good job get the lay of
the surroundings and continue with your mission so uh how do you want us to
proceed O’Brien up to you do what you think is best what took you two so long
Pat Elise we’re here what’s up with Beltran not sure we haven’t found a
thing no clues nothing so now like there’s an underground chamber preparing
to storm it now wow that sounds like a job for us don’t it grinder wait we
haven’t received authorization yet it’s alright we’re on it okay besides if you
need someone to sniff something out a no one better than my boy here grinder so follow jessicaho you know where she
lives now almost I had her until the very end but I lost in unit hey you
think I’m a stalker don’t you you said it
come on let’s go you it’s gonna jump out watch your footsteps
we need to stay quiet yeah I know all right friends
oh my gosh they’ve been like freaking couple days that have a medieval
violation because what happens on because like Oh PS so Oh PS messed me up
so how to get back this point so I find it was all you weren’t you the one who
said stay quiet well even how much sometimes nods off
you know that doesn’t even make sense come on so I’m bad to play some more
Fred zero revelation so I take a break of st. roll – in term rare preservation
now that no tahrir persistent so all right and creature attacking the staff I said
no movietalk yes no would be tough okay cup each alright check in here
oh wait start it okay that law quit Pass me the screwdriver
sure huh please don’t tell me you dropped it okay where is it
I know I had it up until this point hold up a bit you dropped it when you drift
oh great right go back it’s Jesus Christ really
better go back all right cool okay what to find it how’d I miss uh how
all right Bobby drop it so where’s founded good here we are
you are such klutz you know that grinder okay um
stupid name grinder pump Pokemon well icon he smelled wheel back like a
grinder pump Pokemon oh no I got a really bad joke
so please bad all right oh crap okay so this there you go Oh
more awesome I’m cool and better all right jack cool we might be able to open up that area
that’s been sealed off the security cameras have got something this is what
I found from the security feeds that’s a freighter Ana
is this Bell true or what whoa did you see that not control video W Pokemon a
wrench in the works keep it together oh they never had a chance the time
stamp places to crash at the same time as the one Chris reported is that in
here it certainly looks like whoa what the hell is it it’s a poltergeist hey
Quinn I’ll switch the feet see where it goes no we got a live one here
Shh quiet hey what the hell is that I told you to be quiet there’s something
there I don’t know what we can’t see it nasty hey did he just drop something this is definitely for mature of Ewing
audiences that’s some shocking footage there one
of the bigs left it behind what is it oh no could be a predator all
totally ass around like a bad dog so this is the place in the security
feed all right let’s check around see oh come
on now yes all right check this one hmm very
interesting palette so all right let’s check we’ll be fine another hang on
Travis cool oh okay oh come on now oh oh come on out okay hmm you dropped something maybe got
killed or is it oh yeah it’s a security token I can breach the master network of
the planes on board computer if I can just extract the left key from this
dongle whatever that means just do the thing it means we can
scavenge the data on that later now you’re talking
I’ve seen enough let’s head to the crash site what’s that sound water
yes he’s coming from there okay so let’s check it out see where
that came from check down here first oh wait come on
now so unnie a car key all right who is this okay get over here so check new fighters
I know right this African stupid right attention there is flooding in the bilge
the bulkheads cannot be lowered during a power outage power can be restored from
the engine room better find the engine room on the double all right on Sher
Singh’s cool I let go either go this way to make sure sort of water is getting wire what the fuck is that is that giant bug
oh hell no oh my god oh my god time fuck Oh No got it got it got it oh my god so much I do star the water on okay don’t see nothing else oh crap say oh my gosh no
ah come on now the two of them are gods No there you go oh my god say that shit I hate bugs all right let go those
like hey Dave ain’t goes out late ha thank you awesome
alright so glad you go to another way okay so like oh this way Oh yes
scare me coming through all right
let’s see it looks like we found the engine okay all right this is where we reset the
power he’s working let’s see if I can figure this out okay
okay so go try that control panel over there no problem I’m on it all right
so I go back down there oh man do a shotgun ah come on now all right go don’t go go-go-go-go be going
doing good right now it’s all going good Boop awesome Joe so it got a nice ass awesome oh my god got the water oh my gosh tirade
damn like I see it or it change the shotgun
yes got better one oh my gosh
say down about it right oh my gosh scare there me go go go go oh my god dad hey it’s okay I made it yes see what this is hmm
okay I need two keys there are no keys here shit my guess is
you have to start them both simultaneously and we really need that
key yes we need a key we definitely need a yawl key
all right okay looking for all a key so now if I a key master okay Oh new checked other way get through here so
okay it won’t open this lock so okay that good very good see I think the key policies out there okay
maybe somewhere alright let’s go check all right so let go bad this right and there we go oh boy Oh Celie me alright so right oh
oh oh grab that one Gabriel grab this one cool because I think so I remember correctly ah for all right Arielle ad-dunya yeah there go my gosh go oh my gosh oh
my gosh die ray that time Jesus cars now they solve this right I think so
Yeah right go this way I believe so are they real right hurt something okay so this is this or yes awesome half that feeling bothers I do it No yes hey I’m ready to restart this baby
get in position all right I’m ready yeah good as new ma’am reading deep trouble dqdt be
trouble when you got here Oh No and what if I do we’re running out of time dude it’s not stopping okay I understand the situation the
security token you found likely belongs to the freighter that crashed no not yet
their investigation led them out to sea but we lost track of the ship that
doesn’t sound good I hope they’re okay yeah me too
they’ve been out of contact too long and I’m starting to get worried
find a terminal at the crash site and see what you can learn of velcros plans the crash site is just up ahead great ride if we find the key to ending
this whole mission all right so let go it’s pretty bright
out for this time of night I guess that’s why they call it the Midnight Sun
POWs oh no because there’s wolves in their heads don’t split Oh God it’s a student in the head so oh man why did was so slow don’t just
leave me here well you so let me behind you sumbitch
you so big all right so what to follow you know get to ejective so come on
Grindr what you doing all right right behind you Oh so calm down what’s
wrong with you something I don’t know it’s like something hit me there mama I
just got hit it was the Invisible Man or something
I’m sure of it yeah mama for real our realities did I mention this blows here we go Scott the ones up see oh great there you go hey Mark one day I said no one chat soon oh we get going yeah I see you
guys arrey go oh my gosh subscribe Harry oh there you go there
you are Oh Meredith we love there you go stay down right now okay I don’t think there’s any
more all right there you see Chuck around alright don’t
see anything it’s every though oh we got nice Oh got something else very nice
Oh was this was all right all right is that real oh oh I got neato huh here we go oh come on now there we go perfect so oh oh okay I
thought I saw something there we go item Wow awesome
all right cool regards oh gosh yes 100%
oh yeah okay you’re not being crap oh ho okay cool
okay everything appears to be in working order
yo Quinn stop do your job I can’t find the call log I’ll have to try something
else that’s what you’re good with machines the ladies on the other hand
grinder let’s get it we need to contact HQ ASAP HQ here O’Brien speak what’s good work that’s music to my ears nice
one getting the coordinates like that well I could have calculated travel time
last known route but that would have taken too long that’s why I said nice
one you don’t understand I didn’t calculate anything not the only ones looking for that shit
wait what are you talking about you’re saying Belcher ran from their own
hideout and now they’re looking for their own shipment that’s what I’m
saying but I have no idea of any of the info I
gleaned is for real or not great so we have no idea really who we’re up against
exactly and that’s a piece of the puzzle we really need Chris here
I received the coordinates that’s not far we can be there in no time
Ryan we’re on our way are you friends so I’m gonna set up a
right here so thank you for watching a Razzie bow
we’re in relation I preach it don’t forget put the like subscribe comment
share thanks for check out my channel Joe
Strummer for life alright

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