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If you have played the new demo and are not
named Hamanda you have probably found the 2 packs of handgun ammunition that are hidden in the updated version With a gun nowhere to be found many people
were wondering what is the point of including bullets if you can’t put them anywhere. While it may not look like anything at first
glance, if you think about it, the 2 packs of bullets were very purposeful and show us something interesting that may
be a part of: RESIDENT EVIL 7 In the new attic area of the uncovered in
the update, you can find a pack of handgun ammo under the bed. Inventory Check!. 1 Bullet.� Also in the same area, this time after getting
the axe, you can smash a very obvious crate covered in yellow tape to uncover the 2nd ammo pack, this one with
3 bullets. Inventory check! Now 4 Bullets. Did you notice something? Where the f*** are my 30 bullets!? Why didn’t each of these packs contain 15
bullets..a Resident Evil staple! They even had varying amounts from each other. And my goodness so few! Despite the examine picture clearly showing
a full box, and the icon showing 6 bullets. It appears that now bullets will be hard to
come by, and seeing a glowing red box may not be as useful as it has been in the past. This ties in with the idea that the game will
be more realistic. You can probably expect this from all ammo
types in the game for every weapon. One important question is, what is the determining
factor as to how many bullets are in a case? Is it predetermined? Is it completely random? Is it based on difficulty level? Could it have something to do with a Luck
trait and what lucky coin your character is carrying? This also might be a good time to bring up
the fact that there might be different bullet types for the same gun. Unless that black box in the DLC pack is for
the Magnum, we may see a more powerful handgun bullet like the Enhanced ammo we saw in Resident
Evil 3. The red pack even defines itself as “Standard”� And will we be, not just finding, but crafting
the ammo? That could be what this gunpowder looking
stuff is all about. We haven’t seen that since…RE3 also…very
Interesting. NEMESIS BAKER CONFIRMED! Welcome to the family son! Also interesting is the game allows you to
discard ammo to where you don’t drop it Resident Evil Zero style, but instead trash it, and it is gone
forever. This shows that limited inventory could be
a problem like Resident Evil 6. But I thought we saw a new item box. So while Jack Baker is chasing you down with
a shovel, don’t get too excited. That ammo pack in the drawer may only have
1 bullet left in it, and you might not be able to survive the nightmare that is: RESIDENT EVIL 7

22 thoughts on “RESIDENT EVIL 7 DEMO UPDATE | HANDGUN AMMO MEANING | RE7 Ammunition & Crafting Theory

  1. pc requirements are out. (if you didn't know)
    only a mesely gtx 960 as recommended gpu can be a little worrying..
    but I am hopeful! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. It's pretty interesting that ammo is limited but my final decision on this RE title will be when I play the full game in its entirety. I won't bash it… YET! ๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. Yeah, basically this means we're getting fucked by Papa Baker and co xD Anyway, I'm so glad we're having the whole management back in tracks dude, this is getting so old school.

  4. Damn they gave us ammo and made it realistic lol which is pretty cool but they cant bother to make it like like the item has 1 bullet inside LMAO, Honestly im gonna fall in love with the melee weapons and that chainsaw

  5. I figured showing us those items in the game was just a teaser of showing us what's coming. I thought the same thing about the finger and yet everyone was just looking for a secret door lol.

  6. We haven't seen any zombies yet,only Bakers that possibly would be immune to guns.Capcom wants to tell us we will need ammo,but we shouldn't waste it on guy with shovel.

  7. I want ammo guns and bad ass boss fights and bad ass regular enemies who likes getting chased all the time not me I can see here and there when u most likely lease expect it and when u fight the Baker's they better mutat into something grotesque

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