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Resident evil 4 “Remastered” Shotgun glitch (PS4)

sup this is one of the few glitches that work in this version of the game most do not work anymore it’s simple ditman’s glitch then jump down the ladder just walk towards the wall, will make you lose altitude to pick up the items they are lower than that there we go again just like in Separate Ways but if you equip, it is as common shotgun the game crashes after you equip it on the pc version at least on the 2007 version you can not sell it neither upgrade it is weaker than the initial shotgun those lags and they say it’s a remaster okay fuck

93 thoughts on “Resident evil 4 “Remastered” Shotgun glitch (PS4)

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  2. bro,vi que vc era BR,ja ia mandar mensagem em inglês,to fazendo no ps4 tbm,é necessário ter o ovo?além disso caso eu empurre aquela caixa o glitch para de funcionar?

  3. In the PS2, if you equip Ada's shotgun and go back to the game, you get a black screen and the game freezes like that.

  4. Does the Farm Glitch still work as I done it on Ps2. If anyone can answer this question of mine,since I'm getting the ps4 ver it'd be a tremendous help! Thanks!

  5. I did the lake glitch on the Japanese version of resident evil 4 on the ps4 the game crashed with ce-34878-0 error. The glitch doesn't work on the Japanese version but it works on the US and EU versions.

  6. Lol, this is the ONLY game that I can do ALL the glitches in. Some of the Zelda glitches throughout ALL the games are CRAZY precise.

  7. You jackass! Lol 😂 you made it look like you could do a three burst with the shotgun or something good on clickbait thumbnail im not mad just lame ive been knowing this glitch since the start

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