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Remington V3 R12 12 GA Shotgun #522

[SFX] well hello folks this is Yamil Sued for Gun Stock Reviews we are here in central Utah at the range and we’re going to be talking
to Robin from Remington about the?.. R12 the R12
well the R12 is what? well the R12 is one of Remington’s newest defense shotguns
is made for the military and law enforcement market the R12 is a versa
max based gun which means it uses our versa port gas system which is what?
well the versa port gas system is a is a series of gas ports located in the
chamber a remington engineers have have discovered that by locating the gas
ports in the chamber area the amount of gas needed to regulate and cycle the
action is basically covered by the length of the shelf
two and three-quarter uses more gas 3-inch uses less gas the R12 again built
on the versa port gas system comes with a synthetic stock this is an 18 inch
version with a low profile rifle sight it has an improved cylinder fixed choke
for law enforcement use and a six plus one capacity for law enforcement and
home defense well awesome and please explain to me what is this attachment
here well this is an aluminum shroud that the engineers at Remington
manufactured it takes Picatinny rail sections just like our racks chassis and
our Remington defense hand guards this allows the installation of picatinny
rails for the mounting of lights or additional sling mounting points. Robin
and because this is an 18 inch or 18 and a half inch barrel right this can be
actually owned by the civilian market yes
the R12 is legal owned it’s available exclusively through our Remington law
enforcement wholesalers it is an 18 inch semi-automatic gun so it is perfectly
legal on and over the counter transfer awesome also well why don’t we go shoot
it a little bit absolutely let me go load it up and
shoot it let’s go do it well I’m gonna be loading this shotgun
with the Remington ultimate defense buckshot 12-gauge – one three-quarter
inch ammunition is 1200 feet per second something to note that the this
remington R12 is just one of the few shotguns out there that can actually
reliably feed and shoot 1200 foot per second ammunition so let me go ahead and
load it put the safety on okay let’s go ahead and shoot it [Bang] [Bang] [Bang] [Bang] [Bang] there’s only one
thing I can say about this I’m just gonna be really straight into the point
and say WHOA WHOO!!!! oh this is great this is fantastic and no I didn’t shoot the can
somebody left a paint can out there and I didn’t shoot it I am so cool so this
is awesome feels great to shoot this shotgun I
can’t wait to shoot the 13 inch new TAC 13 shotgun with this ammunition
stay tuned let’s do some more shooting thank you for watching Gun Stock Reviews [Music]

12 thoughts on “Remington V3 R12 12 GA Shotgun #522

  1. Are you trying to tell me that you couldn't take the extra 5 seconds to drop one more in the thing to get that paint can? Brutal.

  2. Are they making any collapsible or shorter stocks for this? Maybe a pistol grip? In a situation where I have to wear heavy plated armor it sure would be nice to shorten the length of pull on the fly. And if you have to breach a door with it the pistol grip definitely helps getting odd angles. Particularly shooting downward

  3. "Remington's engineers discovered"…. …. translation: they took a Benelli M4 and then copied it's operating system. Geniuses.

  4. What a thorough review. 5 ROUNDS? Wow. I can’t believe they sprung for that sort of torture test with such a variety of rounds to show that it just won’t stop, no matter what they feed it.

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