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  1. Is this the basis for the "self defense gun" from the original Resident Evil?


    Not identical, but they look similar. I've always wanted to know if this in game weapon was based entirely off of a real weapon.

  2. Great video. It would be nice to cut in a photo of the cartridge to better help us picture something this uncommon.

  3. A version in 22 short would be shootable not sure where anyone could find 32 extra short it would be fun shooting shorts out of this

  4. I wonder how reliable this action can be and what it would be like modernized with a more reasonable round. You could probably make a .40 or a .45 with 4-5 found capacity in a gun 6-7 inches long but very thin, an inch and a half at most probably. Then of course the gun could be longer or shorter with more or less capacity. If magazine tubes could be made that can be changed like a regular magazine would be cool, and they would be very easy to store as they would be skinny tubes of ammo. I think it could be done and with some modern ideas it could probably make a decent compact carry gun.

  5. I wonder if that mechanism could be made to function as a semi-auto straight blowback. Would have been neat.

  6. just to give you a heads up. for what ever reason youtube to forgotten weapons off my sub list so if you see a drop in your sub numbers make a video to let people know to re-sub to your channel.

  7. Hey, have you come across a Colt 1895 Potato Digger? I've entertained the thought of a semi auto lever action conversion, but this gun made me laugh when I saw a video of it shoot.

  8. That'd be a real sleeper of a CC pistol. EDIT: SPOILER ALERT:

    When Ian turned the firearm sideways and revealed the aperture sight, my whimsy could barely be contained.

  9. Hey ian i was looking up .32 extra short and i ended up on wiki's .32 rimefire page and whats funny is the only link on the page that didnt have a created page was the remington rider magazine pistol lol pass your knowledge onto the wiki gods..

  10. it must have been a pain in the ass trying to find ammo for your particular weird firearm back in the day

  11. You know, if you make that longer so it can accept about 4 or 5 rounds of a modern caliber like .32ACP or .32NAA, and I think that would still sell today as a conceal option. I mean, North American Arms still sells the hell out of their little single action revolvers. This could compete well with those revolvers.

  12. OMG! It's a ghost gun!!! It's so small, and has a 30 caliber magazine clip that can fire 30 rounds in half a second!

  13. Excuse my ignorance, but why is the American flag in the thumbnail missing two stars? My hunch is that it's the connected to the time the pistol was made.

  14. Came to this video after watching the video on the Oerlikon 20mm Antiaircraft Cannon, talk about going from one extreme to the other.

  15. A very interesting little gun. Would be perfect for 22short, probably could be manufactured for 22 long.

  16. Ian, I love your videos. However I really wished this had been color balanced before it was uploaded.

    It looks to blue! Look at the logo on your shirt that should be white!

  17. Familiar with the 32 ex short. A useless cartridge. Bounces off plaster wall boards or 1.4" plywood. LoL That design wouldn't be too bad in simple .32 RF short as a 3 shot, but then again if they had just made their 41 short rimfire derringer in .32 or ..38 rimfire long the derringer customers would have been a lot more pleased I think. Failure to do so is what made the .32 RF Long 5 shot spur revolvers so popular. Still potent toys, if you can find fresh ammo for them. LoL

  18. The Czech Great Guns double barrel percussion derringer has a similar , though larger, silhouette. You can watch it on our Hungarian friend's Cap & Ball channel.

  19. All these somewhat simple guns you guys feature,something like that would be such an interesting piece for any collector if someone made some for .22 short or other mouse gun cartridges,arguably it might be a better option than some mouse gun revolvers.

  20. I have one of these. A relative a long ways back was a riverboat gambler. I love the thumb action, have never seen another one out there until now. It is unbelievably slick and second nature. Mad respect to your ability to find rare pieces. My magazine lacks spring and follower. Neat to finally see an intact one.

  21. Neat design. Great use of space. Was the 32 long rimfire ever made with, say, a 3 shot capacity? I suspect years later it could have been made in 32 S&W (short), which has the advantage of being centerfire. a 4 shot one would be a nice little package. Or 5, but the barrel and mag tube would have to be a little longer. The sights are great- the designer was thinking. If caseless ammo ever takes off, one could make a modern version in say 38 cal and u wouldn't have to make provision for ejecting. That would be really interesting

  22. It's funny that the tiny concealed carry defense pistol has better sights than most things we see from that time.

  23. They need to put this gun back into production! A magazine-fed deringer-like gun? Whats not to love?

  24. Wow I wouldn't use this as an everyday pistol, but I think these would definitely sell today. It's way better than the double barrel derringers, and more concealable than an NAA revolving derringers.

  25. That is an interesting sighting arrangement but I don't think sights are required for such a short range pistol. That .32 extra short is not going to hit very hard. You need the extra rounds. I have a very heavy old leather jacket that might defeat that tiny round.☺

  26. Notice the band-aid on Ian's left ring finger. Ian frequently seems to have various scrapes and cuts on his hands in these videos. I don't think he gets as much credit as he deserves for putting his skin on the line for our benefit.

  27. I know it would be illegal, impractical and kick like a mule, but how cool would it be if this was scaled up to fire mini shotshells?

  28. Help!! I recently found one after my grandfather passed it's missing the action hammer. I would really love to restore any help would be greatly appreciated

  29. From another field, "This example of this book commands a premium price – it hasn't been signed by the author."

  30. Sorry,,, WE NEED THIS IN GERMAN !!!! I dont understand how the Cartridge GOES OUT !! ??? !!
    If You need someone who talks in german, say it,,, MY WORLD ARE WEAPPONS !!!!

  31. I want some tube fed semiautomatic pistols so you can top off, especially 10 round capacity for our brothers in California.

  32. Would 100% carry this if it was the only other option to revolvers tbh this is slicker than any of the rig triggers imo I don't think it would have enough power to really use the sights in a defensive situation but for parlor tricks it'd be fun.

  33. I would love to see that mechanism on a tube-fed carbine, replacing a lever action. You wouldn't need to take your finger off the trigger, or tilt the gun while laying prone with it.

  34. Well, the construction is fairly simple. Why aren't modern replicas/improvements of this design? This seems like the most efficient pocket pistol ever made.

  35. despite of all the modern consealed carry pistols you see nowadays, i find this one far more nice.

  36. No surprise that many were embellished, it's more like a peice of jewelry that you can defend yourself with than a "real" gun.

  37. Muy interesante!!!…
    Pero, para cuándo la traducción al "Castellano".
    Recuerda que es el segundo idioma más hablado en el mundo!!!
    Tendrías muchos más seguidores en Youtube…
    Saludos cordiales desde aquí la lejana Buenos Aires 👍🖖🐯🐯🐯

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