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Remington 870 MCS – Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide

Hello, this is XboxAhoy and this is the fifth
episode of my Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide. This time, we’re covering the Remington 870
MCS. Black Ops 2 marks the Remington’s debut in
Call of Duty – a pump-action weapon similar in role to the Stakeout in Black Ops. The Remington 870 MCS – or Modular Combat
Shotgun – is an American weapon, with the original 870 design dating to 1951. It is Remington’s flagship shotgun, and holds
the record for the best-selling shotgun in history. The MCS configuration is a more recent introduction,
with the first such systems delivered in 2004. Intended for military use, the MCS has the
basic 870 action at its core – but comes with number of configuration options to help fit
any role. With the option of 3 barrel lengths, a pistol
grip, fixed or adjustable stock, amongst a whole host of other options – the MCS is a
versatile platform, capable of firing a wide variety of 12 gauge cartridges. In-game, the Remington is a high damage shotgun
– easily capable of one-shot kills at a close range. This damage quickly falls off, however – after
just a few metres you’ll find opponents need multiple shots to kill, and beyond that your
pellets will fail to find their mark altogether. Shotguns trade long range utility for one-shot
power, so you should seek to engage enemies at a close a range as possible. This one-shot potential is particularly important
considering the Remington’s very slow rate of fire – the pump-action requires a new round
to be manually rechambered for every shot fired, limiting your output to just 80 rounds
per minute. Hipfire spread is moderate – and with greater
divergence than in previous titles, resulting in somewhat inconsistent performance from
the hip. Aiming down your sights now confers a significant
narrowing of pellet spread: so for consistent kills towards the edge of your effective range,
it is definitely best to aim. Thanks to the slow rate of fire, recoil isn’t
a factor: your aim will recentre long before the next round is ready to fire. Aim time is the same as the assault rifles,
at 250 milliseconds: and movement speed is the same too, at 95 percent of the maximum
base speed. Magazine capacity is the lowest within the
shotgun category, at 8 rounds – although the slow rate of fire will help prolong this. Extended Clip will take this to 11 rounds
instead – although this attachment is less useful for the Remington, as reloads are conducted
shell-by-shell. It takes 0.92 seconds for the first shell
to insert, and 0.52 seconds for every subsequent one – this means a complete reload is a lengthy
procedure, but quick partial top-ups can be done within a few seconds. It is a good habit to keep the tube topped
up, then – should you run into a larger group of unaware opponents, it is best to have as
many rounds at your disposal as possible. Our build with the Remington is a perk-heavy
one, focussed on making the shotgun easier to use. Closing the gap between you and your opponent
is essential due to the weapon’s limited range – as is avoiding detection, to enhance the
ever-important element of surprise. First up, the Long Barrel attachment will
confer a 15% range increase to your weapon. This is particularly important for shotguns,
as outside of your effective range you’ll do no damage at all – so the long barrel attachment
will allow you to tackle targets further away. It will also boost your one-shot potential
within this effective range: and given the Remington’s slow rate of fire, this is a huge
advantage. Second up, the laser sight will improve your
hipfire performance – and, in the case of the shotguns, will greatly improve your one-shot
potential when firing from the hip. For the tightest pellet spread, you will still
need to aim down your sights: but in close-quarter gunfights, you might not always have sufficient
time. The laser sight grants reasonably consistent
performance for most of your weapon’s range, very useful should you run into someone unexpectedly. For our perk selection, we’ll be running four
across two tiers, making good use of the perk greed wildcards. Perk 1 Greed is the first, allowing us to
take two options from tier 1 – a blend of mobility and stealth. Lightweight is our first perk in this tier,
boosting movement speed by seven percent and eliminating fall damage. This will result in you being able to get
closer to your enemy – and may well mean the difference between winning and losing a close-range
gunfight. Ghost is our second tier one choice – and
will prevent you from appearing on radar when the enemy have a UAV in the sky. This will mean you can slip through the enemy’s
defences to strike them in the rear or flank – and although your weapon isn’t suppressed,
by the time you fire it should be too late for your unsuspecting opponents. This benefit is only active while on the move,
but with the shotguns you should stay mobile to keep your enemy guessing. We skip over the tier two perks, instead opting
for two from tier 3 with the Perk 3 Greed wildcard. Our first choice here is Dexterity – granting
a faster sprint recovery and an ability to climb more quickly. Both are useful with the shotguns – you’ll
be able to fire more quickly while running near an enemy, and will be less likely to
be caught off guard while mantling through windows or other obstacles. Our final perk choice – Dead Silence – ties
into the stealth aspects of our build, and helps to increase the odds of surprising attentive
foes. While footsteps are subtle cues, Dead Silence
will remove other aspects of your auditory signature, such as call-outs and reloads:
leaving your enemy entirely unaware while you creep up behind them. Finally, a pistol in your secondary slot is
a concession to the shotgun’s limited range: sometimes you will be forced into gunfights
outside a comfortable distance, and a pistol such as the Five-Seven may be a saving grace
in such cases. It will also serve as a backup in those cases
where your Remington requires a reload – the 8 round tube mag is slow to deplete, but slower
yet to refill. That wraps up our build: a gun-centric loadout
light on grenades or tactical equipment, but big on manoeuvrability and one-shot power. Good map knowledge is essential when using
the shotguns – your goal should be to hit your enemy from an unexpected angle: strike
from behind and force foes with long-range weapons into uncomfortable closer quarters. Stick to interior locations, and avoid sprinting
through tighter spaces: instead keep your gun ready to preserve your time-to-kill advantage. When forced to traverse open areas, it’s best
to take it quickly: sprint via the shortest route to a covered location, to minimise the
time you spend exposed. With crafty routes you can evade your enemy’s
sights, and leverage the shotgun’s fearsome power. The Remington 870 MCS is a potent shotgun
with a significant one-shot kill range. Only the KSG can reach further, but the Remington
has the advantage of firing multiple pellets, reducing the need for precision aiming. This shot spread is useful in close-quarter
situations, allowing snap shots from the hip to instantly kill, and denying the enemy a
chance to fire back. Of course, you can’t always guarantee close
quarter gunfights – and outside of a short range you will be very vulnerable. Random shot spread means hipfire can sometimes
be inconsistent, too – and the slow rate of fire means that you quickly lose your time-to-kill
advantage when your first shot fails to kill. Still, not even the SMGs can compete with
a well-placed hail of buckshot at a close range. So, if one-shot lethality and fast-paced gameplay
is your thing, get close with the Remington… …and pump some action into your performance. Thanks for watching, this has been XboxAhoy. Join me next week, when I’ll be covering the
next assault rifle: the Type 25. Until then, farewell.

100 thoughts on “Remington 870 MCS – Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide

  1. Does fast mag increase your fire rate (the reload between shots is that faster) or is it only for reloading 2 shells at the same time???

  2. Love that the final kill was against a guy named Swag Jesus, with a ridiculous name like that he deserved to be the final kill.

  3. To XboxAhoy:

    How do you make/get the BO2 emblem you have on your shotgun in this video? can you plz respond to my message, i wold be werry happy about it. PS. keep ut the good work.

  4. I find I don't need the laser sight with the Remington. not that I find it unusable, I just like faster movement speed while aiming with the adjustable stock. paired with the long barrel, as Ahoy said, 1 shot kills are critical. my secondary is the Five Seven with Dual Wield. I use scavenger for this regard. Lightweight, Extreme Conditioning, and 2 semtex's.

  5. Remington 870mcs vs Ksg
    fire rate:remington
    coolest looking gun:draw
    Remington 870mcs:2

  6. 1 month ago I posted how I use this kind of class. I changed it again to fit into 10 points. pretty much the same idea but more balance to limited points. the Remington 870 with the long barrel and the quickdraw. secondary is the Five Seven with dual wield. lightweight, fast hands and extreme conditioning. 1 frag and a smoke grenade, and no wildcards. a Tomb Raider class build, focusing on mobility and power. 32 shells, plus over 160 pistol rounds can take me through long score streaks if I can survive that long. I find the laser sight has very limited benefit on the shotguns, I find that range and reactivity is a better bonus. I still hipfire when I absolutely need to but I always find that aiming down the sights grants much more versatile performance.

  7. How the hell r u getting one shits on enemies? It usually takes me 2 shots to kill someone right in front of me, EVEN WITH LONG BARREL!

  8. I'd rather run fast mag, instead of laser sight. At least with Fast Mag, I can reload all the shots in about half the time.

  9. the one thing that I found wrong with it that in core u get hit markers at close range even with long barrel

  10. II just noticed the intro sound is the soundtrack from the black ops 1 Numbers mission only the tones are slightly altered.

  11. The reason I've subscribed to this channel? The voice. It's like i'm listening from a discovery channel. Sounds so professional. XD

  12. Primary: R870 MCS w/ Quickdraw, Fast Mag
    Secondary: Any Pistol w/ Fast Mag
    Perks: Ghost, Cold-Blooded, Dead Silence, Awareness (Wildcard Used)
    More of a stealth edge for this shotgun to my liking….

  13. I'd leave Lightweight out because I've always found it useless with non-heavy weapons. I mean, it's just 7%, barely any difference.

  14. You know the very first time I played multiplayer and used this shotgun I told myself, if I didn't know any better, this is the Stakeout reincarnated.

  15. can we get some information in the comments? no bitching. no bitching about bitching. just facts about the r870mcs

  16. I've found a class that works well it makes u a tank and the shotgun almost sniper taking 1shots up to ksg ranges if u want to try it out get ready to read

    Attachments:long barrel, laser sight,and quick draw

    Perks: flak jacket,toughness, tak mask and dexterity

    So u will need perk three greed and primary gunfighter to get everything but this is a beast of a class being able to tank explosives and stuns whilst being able take out targets at a greater range than normal

  17. bruh bo2 it's all about snipers you see them everywhere so the only way to defend myself is really with a shotgun that's the only reason why I started using it

  18. Never knew this gun was classed as op by the cod community. I've always felt that it's really inconsistent. Like sometimes I can get 1 shot kills from kinda far with it, but most of the time even in closer ranges it doesn't kill well.

  19. Is it just me, or does it seem like every time I use the Remington w/o attachments, it works a hell of a lot better? I can add long barrel and two shot at point blank, but no att. and I can get a osk from further away

  20. I really really hate shotguns! Yes I know they are suppose to be a one shot kill. But they always ruin my streaks when I try and get a warthhog or stealth choppy. Also at 0:27 SOAP

  21. In a tight pinch, I would often put only 1 or 2, or sometimes 3, shells in at any given time. No real need to fully refill my weapon every time when it goes shell by shell. Just enough to fend off the enemy untill i get time for a full refill.

  22. Probably my favorite weapon in bo2. She's an unforgiving mistress but when you find the line, it's a blast to play with.

  23. I loved this weapon in black ops 2. It was deadly. It was powerful. It looked beautiful all bedazzled down! I loved running around with this gun with small killstreaks. Because I would stack the death toll high up into the air. And if I died, they got me. But those killstreaks would just keep stacking again. Amazing weapon. I become so addicted to this weapon that I would rock it on any map. I played the hell outta team death match. Simple, and easy game mode. Hella fun to. But man this shotgun stole my heart. And then I used it to steal other peoples hearts. Occasionally, and more often than not, I would also die a lot. It’s so addicting to run into the wild of team death match guns blazing. I hated it when people would kill me, pick up my R870 in the killcam, I would be like: “oh hell nah…I’m coming for you.” Man I loved body order 2. It was great as it was silly, because this game taught us a lot about curiosity and the shit other players do sometimes makes ya laugh 😂 man people did the silliest shit ever in this game with the shields. Random C4 puncakes. And the emblems, oh the emblems in this game. We had so many layers. Of course some other games offer a shit ton more of emblem features. But nonetheless, great weapon. It was sexy as it was fun to shoot and use. Everyone got a 12 gauge wound, you die, he dies, they died, I died several times, then 2 double dies, a triple die, I’m killed by a hunter killer drone, and the cycle of life and death repeats just like Nature intended. Beautiful fun with that gun, that good R870. Never play on nuketown without it. I never played a game without this gun, I became an addict. An R8 addict. Don’t be like me. Cause I love fun shot gun battles on highjacked. I’ll fight you on nuketown. Any map is a fun map! You will die a lot though but it’s way to fun to stop! lol 😂 and we had bacon 🥓 camo. Yes. Bacon camp. It was delicious.

  24. Shotguns aren't my cup of tea. I would only use one if there is nothing else. I even have a Shotgun class…and I don't use it

  25. God. Why does this gun exist? I swear this gun is everywhere in every game I play, this is THE most annoying shotgun in this entire game, I hate playing against this gun, but I’ll save my favorite shotgun when I get there, but still, I used this gun, I ran extended mags and a laser. Overall this gun is a pain in my ass, I fucking hate this gun, and I make no secret of it.

  26. I’m super late but the M is definitely for “Magnum” not “modular” as it is capable of chambering 3-1/2” magnum 12ga shells.

  27. No way I'd use a Pick 10 slot on Perk 3 Greed just so I can have Dead Silence. Give me two tactical grenades or a Perk 2/lethal grenade instead.

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