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Remington 700 Pistol, Brownells 1911, Maxim MRAX – TGC News

This week on TGC News, Remington’s new bolt
action pistol, Brownells and Ed Brown team up on a classic and a new way to put trinkets
on your guns! Welcome back to The Gun Collective News, the
only gun news show that covers things you actually care about, my name is Jon Patton.
Before we get cracking today, I want to let you guys know that this time around our giveaway
guns for the 5 dollar force over on patreon is not one but 2 different 12 gauges. A remington
Tac14 and a mossberg shockwave. 2 winners this time! Check it out via the link in the
description! Now, the news, our first story this week is
about Remington. If you watch regularly you know that the big green R has become a sort
of whipping boy. I always make fun of them. And I was ready to lambast them again for
this next one. It’s called the Remington 700 CP or Chassis Pistol. I was ready to drop
napalm again but then I remembered back to when I talked about the Nosler M48 pistol
and the comments were full of guys telling me they loved the old Remington XP100 and
that it was a bigger market than I realized. I personally think a bolt action pistol like
this is silly but I suppose it makes sense when you talk about hunting with a pistol
or just having something different at the range. Let’s break down the specs, shall we?
At its core is a standard Remington 700 action and it will be available in 3 calibers. 223,
300 blackout and 308. The 223 and blackout will come with 10.5 inch barrels while the
308 will be a 12.5 inch, all of which are threaded. Under that you’ll find the Remington
chassis with an attached MLOK handguard. It also comes with Remingtons XMARK Pro trigger,
a magpul MIAD grip, a pic rail on top and a 10 round magazine. Sounds like a decent
starting place if you really want one of these things. And if you want a bolt action pistol,
your options are super limited. Let’s skip to everyone’s favorite part, the price. How
many shekels must you trade to acquire this lead distribution tool? The MSRP is 1020 dollars.
The Nosler comes in at just under 2500 bucks and by comparison this remington is a steal.
But the real question here, what do you guys think of this bolt action pistol from Remington?
Do they have enough of your trust to spend dollars on this or are they still on the strugglebus? Sound off in the comments and let’s talk about it. Next up this week is yet another 1911. This
time from a brand you may not expect. Brownells. Say hello to the BRN 1911. It’s a part of
their constantly expanding Retro line up and as you may have guessed, its a retro styled
gun. It’s actually supposed to be reminiscent of 1911’s of the 80’s. I’ll break down the
specs for you guys. It’s a classic 2 tone, 5 inch barrel 45 acp. It’s got a carbon steel
side with old school vertical serrations only in the rear, a Stainless Steel frame, the
barrel and front bushing are stainless as well. The rear sight is an adjustable Bo-Mar
unit, and it has an adjustable trigger. The front strap has 25 lines per inch checkering
and the grips are made from cocobolo. True to form, classic 1911. All of the internals
are Ed Brown parts. And that’s where things get a little more interesting. All of these
Brownells Retro 1911s are being made by Ed Brown. There’s no question in my mind that
these will be a great option for people that are really after that classic look, however,
those folks need to be ready to part with Ed Brown money. The MSRP on this thing is
2500 bucks. I’m sure people will buy it because it’s a very nice gun. And hand built 1911’s are very nice guns but this
is now the most expensive item in the Retro line up for brownells and I’m not sure if
that’s a good thing or not. I know we have some 1911 fanboys out there, what do you guys
have to say about this? How about some more rapid fire news? There
is a new attachment system for MLOK slots. It’s called MRAX and its by Maxim Defense.
Long story short, MRAX utilizes spring loaded captive hardware to attach picatinny rails
to any MLOK slot. The other interesting thing is that you can stack them against each other
to get a seamless pic rail. Right now this is just for their picatinny rails but I suspect
we may see expansion of this concept if this does well. Making stuff easier to install
is awesome. Prices range from 40 bucks for the smallest version all the way up to 85
for the I refuse to buy a different handguard version.
The October 2018 NICS checks totals are in and as it turns out, people still like guns. keep in mind, this doesn’t reflect every state because some don’t report checks the same way. Either way, we love data. If you want
to use it, the chart is posted on the TGC facebook page.
And last but not least, Walther is having a recall on the PPS M2 pistol. Apparently
the guns could fire when dropped. They are of course calling this an upgrade and saying
that its voluntary on their part because screw taking ownership for the fact that the guns
could fire when dropped. Sounds a little bit like Sig and the 320 debacle. Head over to to see if yours is affected. It’s time for more Friendly Fire, the segment
where I answer your questions from all over social media. Our question of the week prize
pack this week is again a t shirt and 16 inch barrel 5.56 barrel brought to you by our friends
at Pew Pew Tactical, link in the description. Our questions this week are coming from YouTube. They’re two sides of the same coin. Neither approach is truly BETTER
by any real margin. It’s more so about your needs. Do you have a bad ass lower that you
love and don’t want to deal with multiple triggers and grips and stocks? Then get a
bunch of uppers. If you can afford it and are a gun nerd, maybe multiple rifles is the
ticket. I tend to just go with the complet gun approach. The reality is that it depends on your living situation and that ammunition choice is more
important than the gun it comes from but I think the best choice for most homes is a
suppressed handgun. educate folks around your town,
etc etc. It all boils down to getting off your butt, stop pretending like you can’t
take a day off work because I bet less than a 10th of a percent of you guys work 7 days
a week and go be a great rep for the gun owners in this country.
And our question of the week and winner of the shirt and Faxon 556 barrel this week is
from Thomas Fisher. Thank you for that question man. It’s awesome that anyone wants to help. I think
the ultimate challenge is time. At the core of things, I am TGC. Everything goes through
me. If I’m having a bad day, or get sick or just need a break, I become the bottleneck
to my own business. I’m certainly not complaining because I have the coolest job on earth but
time is a challenge that is ever present. I think the other biggest challenge would
be the audience. It’s important for TGC to be as accurate as possible, as fresh as possible
and constantly be interacting with you guys on every single platform where we post. It’s
also important that we bring you interesting and entertaining content. You asked how you
guys can help? Well the short answer is by telling everyone about TGC. Spreading the
gospel so to speak. But you guys already do that. Every time you leave a comment or hit
like on a video or a social media post or share something we post, or even just watching
our videos. All of that stuff matters. I guess the real answer is to keep on doing what you
do best and being the best audience I could ask for. Great question. Be sure to get me
your info so I can send you the prize! My friendly fire question to you guys this
week, want to ask a friendly fire question, send
it to me on! You guys know the drill, if you didn’t like
this episode, hit that button, if you liked it, hit the thumbs up, get subscribed, and consider supporting us using the links in the video description we have an Amazon affiliate store, as well as a place to purchase cool shirts just like this one. And as always, thank
you all for watching, we’ll see you soon!

100 thoughts on “Remington 700 Pistol, Brownells 1911, Maxim MRAX – TGC News

  1. Gentlemen, this a great step forward for those that see the value of a compact bolt action precision weapon. Hell the energy lost between 13.5 inches and 18 inches is negligible. While yes there is an argument for 12.5 inches a heavier profile barrel can be produced if you need it. The concept I love is the portability and maneuverability with this weapon platform. Get a good brace with a folder and this will do everything you need it to do out to 800 to 1000 yards while still fitting into a messenger bag or backpack. Again, the right tool for the right job. Here in the Hillcountry, I can easily move through thick brush and still take a long shot without the added length and weight slowing me down for a long trek. Finally, get it sbr'd and now you are good to hook either way. I would not shoot a bench rest competition but this is an awesome platform with a trusted name and the 700 is the "Jeep" of the bolt gun world. BADASS!

  2. Can't they at least put a blade-type brace on that "pistol"? Imagine trying to operate that bolt while standing. A short gun that REQUIRES a bench is just crazy. Help me understand this, please.

  3. It's not And they are taking ownership – "Walther is voluntarily initiating a recall to protect the safety of its customers because under certain conditions it is possible that some of these pistols may fire when dropped. Please do not load or fire your Walther PPS M2 pistol and contact us immediately to arrange to have your pistol upgraded free of charge."

  4. They are still on the struggle bus. Remington still hasn't addressed the QC issues and the branding is wrong. Stop trying to turn Remington into a tacticool brand. They have Bushmaster to fill that role. Remington needs to focus on high quality sporting arms and this new pistol is a fail in that respect. Hey Remington are you listening! You should have built this on a left hand action so a right handed shooter could work the bolt without breaking their grip. Ditch the detachable mag. It adds an unnecessary complication that could wreck a hunt. How about a quality synthetic or laminated stock to resist the elements. The only thing you did right was making it in 300 blackout. It's a great round in short barrels.

  5. Letting my Remington 700 go, before being sold to Freedom group, was a mistake. No, I would not buy Remington 700 handgun. It just looks like a novelty item.

  6. Like Jon I too thought that a bolt action pistol is silly, but when I realized that when SB Tactical releases a pistol brace for this….. it'll be another example of how the NFA is pointless and outdated. And for that reason I welcome it.

  7. You don’t have enough time? Let some of your talent in front of the camera making videos, combine some of their work into the “show”. Shoot in no time fast you”ll be picked up by a major network! Keep up the good work.

  8. I’ve got a “pistol” I built off a Remington model seven virgin receiver. It’s in 300blk with a 9 inch barrel. Has a folding stock adapter with an aluminum tail hook brace. Super quiet with a can on it and fun little pistol.

  9. Publicize pro-gun events and rallies and encourage people to attend. For example, VCDL is having a rally at Lobby Day to lobby Virginia's legislatures.

  10. Remington could have a gold mine with that pistol if the make it longer than 26” OAL with a tailhook brace. That way they could make it similar to the Tac-14 and Shockwave.

  11. I have a Remington 700 CP coming in for T&E and tbh couldn’t be more excited. My only woe before I test it is that the barrel is a light profile… I was thinking; slap a brace on that sucker and long range the hell out of that pistol 😉 we’ll see….

  12. It would seem that Remingtons 700 pistol is a direct competitor to Q's The Mini Fix. IMO the Mini Fix is well worth the price, the 700… not sure about that.

  13. I think even just emailing your representatives helps more than we often assume.

    Gun Owners of America makes it super easy to contact your state representatives. I probably should donate to them.

  14. My only question about the Remington bolt-action pistol is can you legally own it in a communist state like CA or MA? If not, what is there excuse going to be for not permitting it?

  15. You can not legislate intent and morality.

    More gun laws only impact law abiding man and woman, not criminals.

    You can create outlaws with too many gun laws.

  16. Things I'd like more of; first, more giveaways, we all love free goodies, even of its tiny pro gun stuff.
    Second, more reviews, you make the best real/down to earth reviews, and I love to be as educated as possible when I'm buying stuff. Third, more TGC news, the whole show is awesome and I'd love to see it more often or a longer show once a week. And finally, more info, I know your show is very informative but I'm sure I'm not the only one that watches the new products and wants to dig deeper on them. Also, not so much for me, but maybe a women's gun products side of the show.
    Just my 2 cents, I love the show the way it is and would be fine without change.

  17. I'm not super excited for anything from Remington but I can see the appeal of the 700 pistol. Put a brace on it and you have a nice compact suppressor host.

  18. In some states a hunting guide can not carry a rifle but can carry a handgun, this Remington will fill that market. With a suppressor and a "arm brace" is could be interesting.

  19. No you’re right, a bolt pistol is silly. Now you can pretend to be the gun hating Liam Neeson in his latest action movie (full of gun violence)…yes, he is using a bolt pistol.

  20. Btw…when you announced the winner, you pronounced my name wrong. It is pronounced remotely close to this Thomas Fisher.

  21. Ammo reviews! Especially the new military XM855A1 it so hard for me to find and would like to see Crono data and accuracy testing Thanks!

  22. Funny how no one talks about the complacency in other states, sooo many states that thought they were safe are NOT…. so dont talk to me about not doing enough. this shit is coming to a state near you!

  23. I have 4 XP-100s love them, .221 Fireball thru .358 Win. Remington is making a mistake in not manufacturing this with left-handed bolt and ejection and with the longest barrel that is legal.

  24. TGC please help us organize a march on Washington DC. We need you and all other gun channels to help organize and spread the word. I will be there just tell me when to go. It's a 6hr drive but it's worth it. Everyone who agrees and will attend please like this comment!

  25. What's the point? So you can have a SBSR? Lol. A nice folding and adjustable "Armbrace" lol without needing a tax stamp

  26. What is the point in the M1911? It is wayyyy over priced at $2500??? Are they crazy? Should have just made a GI M1911 to go along with their retro line up of AR's

  27. I think bolt action pistol are a miss and don't like them. I'm no 1911 fanboy and especially a $2500 "retro" 1911 with a guys name on it certainly ain't worth it. I don't like 1911's anyway bc of low mag capacity and the relative difficulty I have disassembling and reassembling them after cleaning. Remington can keep driving the struggle bus.

  28. i would and just wish remington would bring back the rem xp and all the bad ass shot guns from back in the day the 1100&11187 bring the great stuff from the 80's and 90's remington

  29. A bolt action pistol would be nice but $1000 + is a bit steep. The XP 100 was big in the hand gun silhouette day. I love my Contender Super 14 in .223 Remington. But a bolt action hand gun would be a little awkward. I'm sure the .308 version would be like the TC in .35 Remington.

  30. Call out gun manufacturers for creating the rising price /firearms/ indirect gun control. People cannot afford some the stupid prices they charge. I save up and buy the gun I want but a lot of people I know won’t even consider most new firearms because of the prices they set. This is becoming real problem from what I have seen and people I have talked to. Stop price gouging loyal customers and realize profit is important but if no one can afford your gun , it’s struggle bus for them…. it’s basically indirect price gun control. Not smart.

  31. Does this fit the XD-45ACP. I was also looking at that PL-2RL Baldr with the red laser version of the 1,200 lumen PL-2 Valkyrie. What do you guys think about that unit?

  32. I can remember watching you on Chaos Clarity. I used to get a kick out of watching you trudging around and getting your pants dirty in a muddy soybean field, kneeling down in the mud to shoot produce and various butchered meats off of a plastic table with a variety of shotgun shells. I'd say you have come a long way since then. My comment, just keep growing.

  33. We have a 2A March in Lansing, MI every year. The day it is announced (usually 3+ months ahead of time) I request the day off of work and let everyone know, but the turnout is still dismal. People love giving lip service, people hate putting in the work.

    Would love to see TGC at any of the local marches they can make.

  34. You asked what we viewers want. We would like you to fulfill something I heard you say a while back. Stop referring to liberals as the enemy. I grew up in a time where guns were not a political issue. There was no right left dichotomy. The government has never been a friend of the gun community. Reagan, Giuliani Chris Christie.were terrible on gun legislation.Nixon wanted a complete ban on handguns. 54% of Republicans are for banning assault-style weapons, 56% of republicans support creating a data base to track sales. Trump is from NY and has done nothing as president to terminate licencing laws for us New Yorkers. I am apolitical, I don't vote. I just want to see the gun community not be divided into two camps.

  35. I love bolt action pistols. If they don't rust and get good reviews I'd love one. I used to have a Magnum research lone eagle 308 and it was fun as hell!

  36. For a comparison. GET AN 80% and put the gas tube upside down. Look, you now have a "bolt" AR gun for like $400! lmao

  37. Do people still shoot sihouette? I used to see a lot of old bolt pistols at the gun shop I worked in but never hear about people using them. Its always "back in the day" kinda stories. If the sport is still alive that Remington 700 is a good option.

  38. Same chassis as the Remington 700 PCR. They put a keymod front rail on the rifle but a M-lok rail on the pistol version. I don't get it…

  39. I was ready to jump all over the Remington as well until I put hands on it yesterday at the Great American Outdoor show(where I ran into Adam by the way). Now it's on my must have list. It's capable of adding a buffer tube which means lots of brace options. I wonder if the LAW folder would work. If so, throw on a SBA3 and you've got a short folding package that can fit in a backpack and be legally carried loaded concealed, that is chambered in 308 and has detachable mags. Sign me up brother!

  40. The idea of a modern bolt action pistol is great. Yes, at first it might seem a little pricey. The 700CP is something I would buy. . .and I am a Savage bolt action fan.

  41. My favorite was a Remington XP-100. Had two, one in 7mm BR, and 7mm-08 which I used open sight in IHMSA, and used the 7mm-08 for deer hunting. Was nice for stand hunting.

  42. I love my older 100. I like the modern look of the new one and the price isn’t bad. But do I sell my old trusty 100? No I will just get both. These kinds of guns have a much smaller market but like people who prefer to drive a manual transmission car, I also prefer a bolt action.

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