100 thoughts on “Reloading for my .308 Win deer hunting rifle with Lee Classic Loader

  1. Яб не снарижал нареззные патроны там мощности зголовой хватает зоо метров дальше никто и не стриляет я так думаю

  2. I've recently got back into firearms (ex wife hated guns), this video inspires me to load my own ammo. I use to be a machinist, so this really hits a sweet spot with me. Thanks for the easy to follow video.

  3. Does yhe system resize the shell or just the neck and how do you measute different powderloads? Also how long does it take tobtril cartridges by hand?

  4. Great video👍I load all my 30-30 on lee Loaders, simple to use a I can load at my hunting cabin.try hauling your progressives press around

  5. Is cost-saving the primary reason for this, rather than buying ready-made cartridges? Or this lets you decide the powder amount and thereby the power of your bullets?

  6. No near ration. I can’t read minds. No teacher ever taught a class without telling them what is going on. Of no use

  7. Congratulations, you video is outstanding. Very good music and lots of information.
    God bless you and all around.

  8. Why you hunts deer..if a deer hurt your child how would you feel.. don't think emotions are related to humans only…

  9. Эх вы Америка сами себе геморрой создаёте

  10. At 1:56 if you are not going to use a drill to turn the cartridges the holder is not necessary.

    At 3:44 I would use case lube on the case. A tiny press that presses the dies will work better!

  11. Keep in mind that a classic Lee loader, only neck sizes, if you use cases shot out of another rifle you may have the mother of all jams, with a loaded cartridge. (Don't ask me how I know) Any good mechanic knows that less than a 7% taper is a positive lock. Think flywheel a lawn mower engine. Also Harbor Freight has hammers, with rubber on one side and hard plastic on the other. You booger up your cases with a metal one. And also the tooling

  12. I used to load this way for 303 British, making my own good quality facsimile of the MKVII military loading. My old Lithgow No.1MkIII* shot them beautifully.

    I'd make a few hundred in 2-3 hours, just put some music on, get in a groove and tap away.

    Miss those days, and really miss that rifle

  13. The Lee Classic Loader is "purist". You got to love the simplicity. I got fancy reloading equipment but make sure I get the Lee Classic for each caliber I load for. Good video!

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  15. I am thinking seriously about getting into this. Especially since wal mart is not selling 308 Ammo anymore. About how much does it cost per round? I’m not counting buying equipment. Just wondering if it makes since economically. Just approximately. I do like the lee classic loader

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