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Reloading: 11x58mmR Werndl Rifle Cartridge

Hi SBAM fan & friends today in our reloading series we are going to reload an old Austrian military cartridge the 11x58R Werndl Which we successfully use and reload for our Mannlicher 1886 rifle already seen in many of our vids. We tried it at various distances ranging from 100 to 300m. Reloading this caliber isn’t that difficult and gives a lot of fun when shooting also at a very reasonable cost Let’s go more in depth. This is what you need to load this caliber: Cases obtained from 348 Winchester, as shown in one of our previous vids Fiocchi Frex yellow powder (same burn rate of Vihtavuori N330) Bullets, paper patched ones. (Procedure not shown here) cast from a custom mold made by Accurate Molds code 43-355P based on the original bullet. Talking about primers: Murom Large Rifle Magnum primers, reliable and cheap. Moving to the tools and hardware part, we need: Lee Shell-holder #8, which is the 45-70 one. Full Lenght sizing die, for the 6.5×55 Swedish Mauser without decapping pin Then we need: the Lee Universal Decapping die a very cheap one. In the end, we need a flaring die: the Lee Universal flare die with its factory inserts and with a custom lathe-turned .444-dia expander one, which we will use to uniform the case’s collet. It has to be used in combination with the Universal Flare Die. Let’s start the show! First of all, brass cleaning. They’ve been used quite a lot, You see almost no dirt, very clean burning recipe, they just need a quick cleaning with a cloth, dampened with Ballistol. This is done to remove the excess of dirt from the neck & mouth and to lubricate them before the resizing procedure, as I said before they’re almost clean. Well, now we’re ready for next step: Decapping. Set the Universal Decapper and go. Now prime the cases, with the tool provided in the press set. Now we start the resizing process. Using the 6.5×55 f/l die we are going to resize the neck stopping by the case shoulder. As said before, this is the 6,5 swedish f/l die. Now we have to uniform cartridge necks using our custom flare insert, in combination with our Universal flare die. Last step: Now that the case necks are uniformed, we replace our custom expander, with the wider factory expander provided in the flare die set. This allow us to slightly flare cases necks, in order to better accomodate our bullets. A quick setting. We screw the die until it touches bullet’s neck and then we lock it in place. We try a few times to check if they’re flared enough; then, we check if the bullet fits in right or not; Now let’s flare them all. [QUICK-TIP a more intelligent design of the custom expander would have prevented this extra step, but that’s it] Now we can move to the most delicate step: Filling the cases. As said before, the loading phase for this caliber is the most delicate one, of the entire process. Our load, as said at the beginning, will be 17 grains of SMOKELESS powder. which is extremely less in volume, then the original 77grs black powder load. so the risk of double-charging cases, which will be lethal for our gun and extremely dangerous for the shooter, is pretty high; So we must take every precaution to avoid this to happen. I suggest to start with cases stored upside-down and visually check filled cases before inserting bullets. Ok, Let’s go! A quick check if our powder measure is 100% correct. Once again, we are going to load 17grs of smokeless powder. We’ve found from our tests that this is the best load to be used in our rifle. We’re good to go! [QUICK-TIP: With such a quick powder, not position sensitive, filler is to be avoided) As last safety check, we visually inspect each case to be sure the powder level is the same, in each one. Time to seat bullets!! In order to seat the bullet in our cases, we’ll take our Universal flare die again. We are going to use upside-down the thinner insert of the two provided in the set. (flat side towards the bullet) If properly placed, and properly set, it can be used as a common seater die. Take a case, push the ball in, adjust the die in order to push the bullet in, then lock the top screw to always have the same measure. Finished cartridge OAL, should be around 73 – 75 mm I usually keep it at 74. There’s only one more thing to do: Correct necks’ flaring. To do this, we put the 6.5×55 die back in, [QUICK-TIP: Remember to remove the decapper from inside the die, it will break or your cartridge won’t fit in] Then, we gently push the cartridge in, in order to adjust neck flaring. (Be VERY gentle). You have to be very very careful here to apply the right amount of force: Just enough to correct the flaring. but not too much to crimp the bullet. Now just load the finished cartridges into their en-bloc clips. And it’s done! As always thanks for watching, I hope you’ll find it useful, See you next time! BYE!!

6 thoughts on “Reloading: 11x58mmR Werndl Rifle Cartridge

  1. sempre belli questi video di ricarica si vede la passione che c'è, piccola domanda perché la carta alla palla?

  2. Complimenti,ottimo video come sempre.Spero presto tratterete anche la ricarica del 10,35 Vetterli Ord.Italiana.

  3. Thank you, I have been waiting for just such a video on the M1886. I have enjoyed your others. Could you give the dimensions, measurements, volumes in English, please? Best regards, Peter.

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