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Reebok’s Secret Weapon: A History of Allen Iverson’s Sneakers

– [Narrator] Allen Iverson
is one of the most hated, most loved, and most recognizable players in the history of the game. Many people say his career has been overshadowed by his criminal record. The haters will say he
brought a bad image to the NBA and was a ball hog who never led the Sixers to a championship. Regardless of what you think about him, Allen Iverson was one of the most profitable NBA stars of his era and Reebok was lucky
enough to sign him early. In 1986, Reebok was the foremost athletic footwear brand in North America. Much of Reebok’s success in
1986 was thanks to the film, “Aliens”, in which the
main character kicks ass in a pair of some abstract
looking Reebok concept sneakers. These sneakers are now known
today as the Alien Stomper. (mechanical whirring) – [Sigourney] Get away from her you bitch! (mechanical whooshing) – [Narrator] By 1988, Reebok
sales had grown to 1.8 billion, controlling 26.7% of the
athletic footwear market, topping their main rival brand, Nike, who brought in 1.2 billion
in revenue that year. The coming years would
be a constant tug-of-war between Nike and Reebok, Reebok releasing their pump technology and Nike outbidding the legendary
NBA star, Michael Jordan. Fast forward to 1996. Allen Iverson is a college
basketball superstar, playing with one of the most
prestigious universities in the country, Georgetown. During his sophomore season,
AI decided to quit college ball and make himself available
for the upcoming NBA draft. – With the first pick
in the 1996 NBA draft, the Philadelphia 76ers select Allen Iverson from Georgetown University. (audience cheering) – [Narrator] Two young Reebok employees, Todd Krinsky and Que Gaskins
are watching Iverson’s games and keeping a close eye on his hype. They knew he was a once
in a lifetime player and they decided to go all in on him. At this point, Allen Iverson’s college hype was at its apex. Both Nike and Reebok had eyes on him. Here’s what Iverson’s first sports agent, David Falk, had to say about the prospect surrounding Iverson at the time. “Typically, I call all of the companies “and give the an opportunity
to make a presentation. “It came down to Nike and Reebok “and obviously, Allen’s mentor, “Coach Thompson, is a strong Nike guy.” And Georgetown is one
of the top Nike schools. They wanted to have Allen,
but they weren’t prepared to step up to the level that it was going to take to sign him. Reebok was more than prepared
to step it up to the level that Iverson and David Falk were after. In fact, Reebok had begun designing AI’s signature shoe model
even before signing him. Que Gaskins and Todd
Krinsky were so confident in Iverson’s star potential and they wanted to be
prepared to offer him the shoe on the spot. Since there were so many
questions surrounding Allen Iverson as an up and
coming basketball star, they decided to name
the model the Question. Designed by footwear
designer Scott Hewitt, the Question had a unique design, equipped with Reebok’s Hexalite technology and a ghillie lace up design that resembled the Air Jordan Six. The Question’s most iconic design feature was its colored toe cap. Iverson wore the shoe throughout
his incredible rookie year and even crossed Michael
Jordan wearing them. The Reebok team were
confident that Iverson’s shoe would make a big impact once he started to make a name for himself in the league, but what they didn’t see coming was how huge the hype would actually be. Turns out, the streets couldn’t
get enough of Allen Iverson. Here’s what Todd Krinsky had to say. “One of the things that was craziest “about it was when we put the
first 5,000 pairs in Philly, “kids were driving up from
Virginia and DC to get the shoe. “We could only put so many pairs out “because we were going so fast.” This was before the internet, so kids really had to
find out where to go. The Reebok Question was such a classic that Reebok didn’t even
release the Question 2 until way later in 2004. In music and film and even in footwear, sophomore efforts after a successful debut are often met with disappointing results. After all of the massive
success of the question, Reebok was determined to make Iverson’s next shoe just as impactful. When Reebok began designing the Question, Allen Iverson didn’t really have much of a say on the core design of the shoe. He didn’t have a say
because Reebok famously started designing the shoe
before even signing him. This time, it would be different though. Iverson would be giving feedback to Reebok’s design team from day one. Aesthetically, the Questions and the Answers couldn’t be
further apart from one another. The simplicity of the
Questions were left in the past and replaced with a more-is-better look. Instead of using the old Hexalite honeycomb cushioning technology, Reebok and Iverson utilized the newly-developed DMX cushioning for the shoe. This new technology would fit perfectly with Iverson’s dynamic and quick style of playing basketball. The DMX technology placed 10 pods in the sole that transferred
air with every step. The Reebok answers were
not only the first shoe to use the DMX technology,
they also debuted Allen Iverson’s signature logo, the I3. This would eventually
be seen on everything from T-shirts, headbands,
Five Star notebooks, and even backpacks. In the years that followed, Reebok would go on to release
a multitude of Answers. Over the span of 22 years, Allen Iverson and Reebok have released
15 signature models, 14 of them being from the Answer series. One of the most recognizable and famous models is the Answer 4. – [Interviewer] First,
I’d like to talk about the Reebok Answer 4. What’s so special about the Answer 4? – It was my MVP shoe. It’s my shoe that I wore in the Finals. It was a special year. We went to the NBA Finals
and I wore that shoe. That’s what’s special about it. – [Narrator] Despite never getting a ring, Allen Iverson remains one of the greatest basketball players to
ever grace the earth. Are you a fan if AI? Have you ever owned a pair of his shoes? If you haven’t, we’ve
conveniently placed some links in the description box if you’re
interested in buying some. Thank you guys so much for taking the time to watch this video. It would mean the world to us if you subscribed to our channel. We make tons of videos on sneaker history, we do Ross finds, Burlington
finds, all kinds of good stuff. Thank you guys so much. We’ll see you guys next time. (mellow music)

100 thoughts on “Reebok’s Secret Weapon: A History of Allen Iverson’s Sneakers

  1. What up Fam!? Have you ever owned a pair of Reebok x Allen Iverson’s shoes? Which ones did you own!?

  2. I remember seeing people in foot locker buying those and thought they looked strange at first but then the commercial he did with Jadakiss made me want a pair so I got the mids .

  3. NACHO killing it. I owned the Question Easter’s at one point, sold them for a pretty penny cause they were too small for me!

  4. Man in like 2003 I got a lot of hate in my neighborhood because I had the answer IV shoes and I was white, and nobody else could afford em

  5. I subscribed. Great video! Love AIs. Had the black and gold Questions, the red and white answers, a pair of the 7’s in white blue and red and umm…now I only have a laker colorway question with Kobe’s 8 on the back and a pair of black red and gold Answers. Would love to recop my original color way answer 1 but was a little out of my price range on the recent restock and my size just recently sold out on

  6. I wish Reebok would re release the red white and blue question kicks Allen wore during his rookie year. Those were clean and speaking of ' Alien Stompers ' There's a special package that has come out in honor of the 40th anniversary of the first Alien movie.

  7. He was hated for having tattoos and cornrows like MJ was hated for having a bald head and wearing black and red kicks but in both cases it made consumers want their shoes even more.

  8. Really enjoying the education I've been getting through these sneaker history vids… keep'em coming!

  9. I know reebok retros don't bring in the same numbers like Jordans, but damnnnn i wish they would retro the answer 2s!!! They really fit that dad shoe aesthetic all these brands are jumping onto! shiiit same thang with the Shawn Kemp line!! I would lose it if they retroed the Reignmans 1-3. I got some Reignman 3s and for a 21 year old shoe they are super durable and wearable!!

    Great video!!

  10. I had a pair of Question red toe mids back in highschool in 2000. I used to wear it with our cheerleading uniform because our school colors were the same.

  11. I remember rocking the original AI Q's in the late 90's at elementary school thanks to the hammy downs of my brothers. Didn't really know or like basketball much, but definitely knew who AI and how good he was as a kid.

  12. Who says that iverson is the greatest 76er nobody thinks about a record against him he better than most

    We see what you was trying to do

  13. I used to rock those before. I really wish Reebok would revert back to its vector logo. To me its more synonymous with Reebok. I feel that the Delta logo is odd. It reminds me of Peak.

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  15. The 3’s are 100% more iconic and better than the 4’s. That’s why he said it was special bc of the year and not the shoe. Wish you’d covered the 3’s.

  16. Im from Spain so its imposible to get a questions, answers or any AI shoes until Amazon. But in early 2000s i got the MVP answers cause AI was in his prime but after this was imposible to get a AI pairs

  17. I remember I was in 6th grade when the Questions came out. My dad bought them for me on day 1. I was on the school bus and high school kids rode the same bus. They took one look at my shoe and went crazy. That was an awesome memory getting to sit in the back of the bus with high schoolers..

  18. The Question are hands down the best Reebok shoe ever! Only other Reeboks that come close are Emmitt Smith ES22 and Shaqnosis!

  19. I don't think Iverson's record has overshadowed him. He has done things in his past that would have gotten him canceled 10x over today. I feel he is still beloved and an influence for Jerry Lorenzo and Steph curry. The same ppl who hated him them, hate him now: wht "get off my lawn, play the right way" old dudes and they don't buy sneakers sooooo………….

  20. A.I is the Nas of the sneaker game, first joint was a classic and everything else is up for debate…… smh all of A.I sneakers look like they should be worn with F.U.B.U

  21. If you have ever seen my content you know my tastes have changed but I had two pairs of answer 4s back in the day. And I had a pair of Answer 5's when they released back then. 2 of the best shoes I have ever hooped in. Its an amazing shoe. I'm loving these videos. Thanks for the content.

  22. Thanks A I was is 1 of my favorite players of all time.I have wanted 2 get a good look at any shoe he wore.They don't furnish those shoes hardly ever,next give a location where 2 find some.I'm n Detroit mich.🐺🐦😀

  23. Lol, anyone worried about Iverson's ' criminal record ' , should remind themselves, we have a President rn that's an alleged rapist and whom is conspiring with Putin. Fuck Iverson's record. He's a fucking legend.

  24. Man I remember back in the day everyone in VA had Iversons on. I owned the multiple Questions the Answer 4s and 8s still rock em

  25. Whoever uploaded this video is a bullshit artist. I’ve heard a lot of things about A.I but never did I hear is “arrest record” over shadowed his career. The only two arrest I know about are the one from when he was in high school and the incident with the sixers. The person who uploaded this is a piece of trash.

  26. Georgetown. Hahahaha. Oh how old the varsity blues scandal is? Mfs just catching on now. Derrick Rose? Huge list! The ish been goes on since professional sports started!

  27. A.I. took the absolute WORST group of bums, with the exception of Aaron McKie, to the nba finals along side with the most stubborn coach in the history of all sports. FYI: Like most other super cool “basketball sneakers” A.I. had to wear a new pair of kicks each quarter due to him wearing out the grip on the bottom of them.

  28. Thanks Rebook 4 believing n A.Iverson he gave us Erle the pearl again Phil Chanell,they were guard s during that time n history,Iverson flashed their brilliance.Foot Locker in Detroit don't carry Rebook.I was n NYC and Connecticut when I found the Answer at Steve Barry's n Connecticut,N.Y.C.

  29. I bought these shoes while in college in 1996…the all black ones with the golden 3.
    They were beautiful….but not good for playing basketball.

  30. This is soo dope.. I actually had a pair of reebok's I had my eye on a while back but barely purchased my first pair as of recently which were the classics…. they fit perfectly though, I got them mainly for working out but I love doing everything in them, they even work for skateboarding really well. Lol. I plan on getting many more pairs. Would love to check out a pair of iverson's shoe & this video was really good, very informative. Was great to know all of this, growing up I was actually pretty into basketball, but I never got too into it like doing it for a school team or anything. But when I would play basketball video games I always loved Allen Iverson's style!! He was a G!! Looked so hood the way he was 💯🔥🔥

  31. I remember playing with my Reebok answer 10 with the zip on top and the pump on the side in 8 grade. People at my school were shock and got a lot of compliments about the shoe. Was a good basketball shoe to.

  32. Just recently copped Answer 6’s black and white dead stock. Shoe I had as a 7th grader. Wearing them on my wedding day!

  33. If I remember correctly, everybody who had AI shoes had a Q on them, while Allen Iverson had shoes with an A on them, because he was the answer.

  34. DON'T make it more than it is. It sas their poor ass attemept to rip off The Air Jordan XI. Look at the thumbnail a little longer…

  35. These were the only shoes, Reeboks mind you, that could hold their own next to Jordan's.

    P.S. I had the low top all white Question 1s and the Black/Silver A5s.

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