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Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad ► All weapons

1. It’s kinda weird that the Germans are using a commercial version of the C96. A better choice would be the simple Broomhandle or maybe even surplus Red 9s from WW1. Hell, even the Luger… 2. The bolt should close by itself once the clip is removed. 1. No animation for changing the firemode whatsoever. 1. The character doesn’t use the extractor. 1. Gripping the magazine as a weapon isn’t recommended, as it can cause jams. 1. The MP40/I was an extremely rare prototype, it never went to the production phase. 1. Gripping the magazine isn’t recommended, as it can cause jams. 1. Gripping the magazine isn’t recommended, as it can cause jams. Actually, the PPS-42 had a larger magazine well specifically to be used as a grip. 1. The ZF4 was introduced with the G43, making it anachronistic. Besides, it is unknown if the ZF4 was ever mounted on the G41. 2. The scope is mounted in a really strange weird. Firstly, it is mounted so far away that you wouldn’t be able to aim properly. Besides, it is blocking the magazine, making it unable to be loaded with stripper clips. 1. The MKb 42 was just tested in small numbers, and probably not in Stalingrad. The MKb 42(H) started mass production in early 1943. 2. No animation for changing the fire mode. 1. No animation for changing the fire mode. 1. The PEM scope (the most common scope used in and before Stalingrad, used by the most famous snipers like Vasily Zaytsev) is unlocked at level 25, the standard one is the PU scope. 2. For some reason, putting on a scope completely changes how a gun sounds. 1. The PU scope was introduced around the time of Stalingrad, yet it is the initial scope used on the sniper variant of the Mosin. Again, the PEM should have been the first scope used. 1. This particular scope (incorrectly referred to as a PEM) was an experimental PU that didn’t get past the initial testing phase, so you wouldn’t really see it in combat. 1. The AVT-40 was a very uncommon weapon, as it was extremely unreliable, it was shortly prohibited. 2. No animation for changing the fire mode. 1. If the AVT-40 was already a rare weapon, imagine a sniper version of it. The scoped SVT-40 was already bad, so no scoped AVT-40s were ever made. 2. No animation for changing the fire mode. 1. The MG34 has a non-disintegrating belt. 2. The 75-round double drum (Patronentrommel 34) was removed from infantry use in 1941. 1. The MG42 has a non-disintegrating belt. 1. The Hafthohlladung was a magnetic mine that had to be physically placed, not an impact grenade.

53 thoughts on “Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad ► All weapons

  1. Can I marry you Dear Frosty?
    On a more serious note, thanks for this kind of content, it's pretty darn interesting and it's nice to learn a bit with your comments on weapons' animations in these games.

  2. Lmao i can see the different when you're record the lvl 50 guns.. The game is already have more clear sky and war sound ambient ..the fps is even better lmao

  3. I want to play this game since 2013 but all i got is a 2004 PC. Só sad D;
    Good video, greetings from Brazil!
    EDIT: Bought a new pc. Having lots of fun with this game. Tears of joy

  4. Igual cuesta entender los errores cuando no se sabe inglés :'c Al menos aún tengo la de Day Of Infamy para ver algo en español :'D

  5. Please do Heroes of The West mod as well
    It has M3 Grease Gun and Gewehr 43
    Although the modder is planning to release M1A1 Thompson and Luger
    The Team is too busy and slow at making it

  6. Sabía que lo subirías
    Como siemprr el único que lo sube completo y en orden
    Tu computadora puede soportar el "Squad"?

  7. Beautiful game. Looking forward to Rising Storm. Can I just mention how long the machine gun section of the video goes for?

  8. Thanks, now I can expect what you see in the game.
    P.S I see comments in Russian, and I speak Russian, so I can translate them.

  9. I've been playing this game for a long time and I've never even seen half these guns in the field.
    Is it possible for servers to block certain guns? I always figured guns like the StG and Gewehr sniper weren't around often because server admins were salty about their power.
    I've also yet to see a server where all the tank seats are available rather than just a machine gun and a driver that controls everything else.

  10. I wonder what would frost react if he owns extremely rare prototype guns…..

    I thought Gewehrs can be loaded with mags but it can be loaded with strip clips too?

  11. 12:02 From what I read, the Soviets had a Mosin rifle modification specifically for sniping, it had the barrel slightly narrowing down towards the muzzle (the muzzle was like 0.2mm narrower than the breech) so the bullet would bounce even less in the barrel for better precision, this may explain the difference in sounds. Although more probable is that the developers threw in different sounds for scoped and unscoped variants just to make them distinguishable from each other.
    And at 0:18 – The bolt closing upon removal of clip seems to differ between models, for example I watched Hickock45 shoot a C96, his one didn't close after removing the clip.
    And just in case, I'm myself no expert, just curious.

  12. I dont know but is it possible to change to mg42 or stg 44 by any time in the game if so pls tell me how thanks

  13. can you switch between the full auto and the normal singleshot C96 ingame??? i hope so i like the C96 better than the 712 Schnellfeuer.

  14. Hey can anyone explain to me the benefits of the lvl 50 mg42? Idk to Me it seems like it has less ammo and when you reload it it only gets a 3 second burst worth of bullets

  15. ===PISTOLS===
    00:00 C96 Pistol (Germany)
    00:27 Lvl 50 C96 Pistol (Germany)
    01:02 P 38 Pistol (Germany)
    01:33 Nagant Revolver M1895 (USSR)
    02:00 TT33 Pistol (USSR)

    02:32 Maschinenpistole 40 (Germany)
    03:05 Lvl 25+ Maschinenpistole 40 (Germany)
    04:01 PPSh-41 (USSR)
    04:47 PPS-42 (USSR)

    05:19 Mauser Karabiner 98k (Germany)
    06:08 Scoped Kar98 Rifle (Germany)
    06:48 Walther G 41 Rifle (Germany)
    07:41 Scoped G 41 Rifle (Germany)
    08:38 Lvl 25+ Scoped G 41 Rifle (Germany)
    09:23 MKb 42(H) Assault Rifle (Germany)
    10:08 Lvl 50 MKb 42(H) Assault Rifle (Germany)
    10:57 Mosin Nagant M1891/30 (USSR)
    11:45 Lvl 50 Scoped MN9130 Rifle (USSR)
    12:24 Scoped MN9130 Rifle (USSR)
    13:03 Tokarev SVT-40 (USSR)
    13:49 Scoped SVT-40 Rifle (USSR)
    14:42 Lvl 25+ Scoped SVT-40 Rifle (USSR)
    15:33 AVT-40 Battle Rifle (USSR)
    16:18 Lvl 50 AVT-40 Battle Rifle (USSR)
    17:05 PTRS-41 AT Rifle (USSR/Germany)

    ===MACHINE GUNS===
    17:59 MG 34 LMG (Germany)
    23:16 MG 34 Lafette (Germany)
    24:02 MG 42 LMG (Germany)
    26:42 DP-28 LMG (USSR)
    28:23 DT LMG (USSR)
    28:55 Maxim HMG (USSR)

    29:40 M1939 Grenade (Germany)
    29:51 F1 Grenade (USSR)
    30:02 NG 39 Smoke Grenade (Germany)
    31:01 RDG-1 Smoke Grenade (USSR)
    32:03 HHL 3kg AT Grenade (Germany)
    32:11 RPG-40 AT Grenade (USSR)
    32:19 German 3kg Satchel (Germany)
    32:38 Soviet 3kg Satchel (USSR)

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