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Red Dot Sights (RDO) in tactical handgun use

Hi, I’m Chappy with Forge Tactical for
the Beretta training series. I’d like to take a minute to talk about red dot
sights on pistols – what we’re talking about when we’re talking about a red
sight on a pistol is putting a red dot optic, either milled or
pressed or otherwise attached to the top of the pistol, and then zeroing it to the
pistol at 25 yards – the holdup for the last ten years or so has been the
technology of the red dot sights being able to endure the g-forces of the
recoiling or cycling slide – the sudden stop when it gets to to the rear – There’s
some serious advantages to this in a defensive pistol. First and foremost you
eliminate the need to line up three objects in space: the target, the front
sight and the rear sight, and then focus on the front sight – you eliminate the
need to do that – some of the other advantages for having a red dot sight on
a pistol are: you no longer need a secondary aiming system to use the
pistol under night vision – both in my real job and in my teaching we do a lot
of night vision work and being able to transition to my secondary weapon (my
pistol) and bring it up in front of my eyes, pick up the dot through my night
vision and engage targets is very, very valuable.
The major, primary disadvantage of a red dot sight on a pistol up until recently
has been holsters – with the advent of the Raven concealment system – RDS cut on
their holsters, the Safariland RDS Duty holster and the new Surefire Masterfire
holster, all these holsters allow for a variety of different combinations of red
dot sights on pistols the surefire requires a special light but it’s still
a 600 hundred lumen flashlight and it works perfectly fine I like this holster
a lot I also use the Raven phantom holster with the RDS cut for this gun as
well – the technology of red dot sights and their durability is just too good to
be ignored anymore. For more information or training videos on how to shoot these
pistols visit or
I’m Chappy with Forge Tactical – thanks for watching

10 thoughts on “Red Dot Sights (RDO) in tactical handgun use

  1. I've been a gun owner for over 35 years. I decided to purchase my first Beretta about a month ago. So after deciding I wanted a Beretta m9a3 ice started looking all over my area at local gun shops to try to find one to purchase. I finally found one at one of our big retail stores here in St Petersburg Florida. I purchase the new Beretta m9a3 for around $1,000. Not even 24 hours later I noticed that the front sight had a large amount of daylight underneath the site. There was a gap between the bottom of the site and the top of the slide so fat you could put a business card in between the top of the slide in the bottom of the front sight. I immediately called Beretta USA and told them of the problem. I asked the phone person if that was normal for these guns, he replied no there should be no daylight between the bottom of the site and the top of the slide.
    So I packaged up the gun put the return shipping label that Beretta USA provided for me and mailed it back to Beretta USA. After a week's time and not hearing anything I called Beretta multiple times somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 times in one week trying to find out information about my firearm. I kept getting pushed over to a female who was supposed to be the only one in charge of handling firearms in for repair. I tried this woman in the morning in the afternoon later in the afternoon multiple times for a week leaving messages at least four different times. I received not one phone call back. I then called the very next Monday morning and ask to speak with a supervisor any supervisor and explain why. They hooked me up with the head gunsmith with the first name of Rick. He seemed very polite at first and assured me that he would take care of the problem with the young lady that wasn't returning customers phone calls or answering her phone in general. The gunsmith told me that he would look at the pistol and see what was going on with it and they would be in touch. Basically I waited another week heard nothing so I called back again. Being forwarded to the same young lady that never answers her phone nor does she ever return phone calls but I thought maybe since the head gunsmith talk to her she will return my call. No such luck it went on deaf ears once again for 3 days. I then called back Beretta USA and ask to speak with the head gunsmith Rick. He promptly answered his phone and spoke to me about my firearm. First he told me the quote for putting in a decocker only like the G model m9a3. Then he explained to me that the daylight and large gap between the top of my slide and the bottom of the front sight was absolutely normal. I asked him in what day and age is that supposed to be the correct way to mount a sight to the front of a slide? Especially on $1,000 gun made by the oldest firearms company in the world? He told me that he had gone back and checked their inventory of m9a3 and he said a lot of them were exactly the same way as mine. I asked him so not all of them have a huge gap underneath the front sight between the bottom of the front sight in the slide? He replied yes. I asked him what they were going to do for me to make mine look better number one but actually Mount the front sight correctly? He basically informed me that that's the way the gun comes it was made in Italy and that's what I get for $1,000. Something that looks worse than a Taurus and almost four times the price. We basically had a discussion on the fact that the slide and the dovetail was cut too shallow in the slide. He did not and I repeat would not accept responsibility for a poorly manufactured slide and front sight. He then got an attitude with me and quickly ask me what do you want me to do about this this gun was made in Italy? I said well I'm a first-time Beretta buyer and I'm very displeased with how I've been treated from the very get-go and that you realize you have a problem with the manufacturing of your Beretta m9a3 in Italy but you do nothing to stop the problem or to fix the problem. You keep pushing a product that is clearly not manufactured correctly and then charging $1,000 for it is absolutely ridiculous, especially of a company that's been in business longer than any other gun manufacturer on the face of the planet. 500 years and this is what you come up with? So finally I asked for a refund. I was told to fax in a copy of the receipt after being asked how old the gun was for about the 20th time. I told him I picked up the gun late the gun shop I was picking it up from was in the process of closing down that night so I was a hurry to get it out of the shop and that's why I didn't notice the huge gap between the front sight and the top of the slide or I would have never accepted something like that. He then told me to fax in the copy of the receipt and purchase order and he would make sure to get me a refund. This happened two weeks to the day that he filed the request.
    So I was still looking around to find a resolution to the problem when I called Wilson Combat and talk to one of their head guys that worked for Beretta for many years and just recently came to Wilson Combat from Beretta USA. He told me that it is a known problem with the Beretta m9a3, because of the lack of material to cut a dovetail into on the front sight. He told me that they had to pin the front sight in place as well as the dovetail to keep it from loosening up and moving. He even said to send the gun to Wilson and he would try to fix it to his best of his abilities. And this from a company that had absolutely no profit from the sale and purchase of this firearm. I will say thank you very much to Wilson Combat for being such a good representative to the gun community-at-large.
    To Beretta USA I will personally never buy another firearm from you again in my life. Nor will any of the people I come in contact with, after telling them the story of how you treat your customers that spend $1,000 with you. I thought by leaving this here maybe one of you guys could figure out what was going on with Beretta and bring some attention to it so that they could correct the problems that they are putting forth as firearms. plus letting some other people know how you guys treat your customers. Have a good day. David Wright

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  3. So will Beretta be creating guns that can have red dots attached out of the box like Walther, SIG, Canik, Glock, and several other pistol makers? Buying a gun & getting it "milled, pressed, or other wise attached" is way behind the curve as to what's out on the market.

  4. Guys, you'd better fix the RDO and Combat models with co – witness sights otherwise they're pretty much useless. I'm the happy owner of an APX, I wanted to change with a new RDO then I noticed no co- witness. No co – witness no party.

  5. We can see here the tacticool operator omitting the fact that no suppressor-height sights are available one year later, from Beretta or 3rd parties. No cowitness possible with a red dot, or no aiming with suppressor without red dot. A truly tactitard product.

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