100 thoughts on “Red Dead Redemption 2 – Arthur Gets His Shotgun Stolen TARANTINO STYLE

  1. 2:56 …DA FUCK? I didn't know the Lancaster could blow someone's head off with one shot in the game. I've landed plenty of headshots with it and never seen that from anything other than shotguns. Do you have to aim directly at the forehead? That shit had me rolling. Love the vids btw, subbed.

  2. I love these videos, but how about you Reenact the candy land mansion scene from django but it’s the braithwaite mansion with Django Music

  3. Haha fucking a. Break out that hatchet/tomahawk for close quarters kills. Throwing or mele. 😉 great use of the tnt arrows, btw.

  4. Love the content, it keeps coming. It’s like a movie, cause everything just clicks together. Audio, fight scenes, just everything. Great job with these, and keep up the good work.

  5. Loving these videos! Out of curiosity what level do you put your sensitivity and acceleration settings? You have amazing control in your free aiming

  6. Its like, while i can't play RDR2, but i want to? I watch your videos. It has more satisfaction than i actually play.
    And i can say for sure, thats amazing job you've done.
    i want to download this whole series in bluray and make my own collection.
    I can't wait what kind of coolness will be presented in your next video.

  7. For a second viewing I suggest watching with https://youtu.be/tEJn2b8Pa18?t=1 playing on the background from either 0:50 or 1:51.

  8. Do you use any specific settings when it comes to the controls or is everything on default? Either way great content keep it up my man

  9. These are videos are amazing. It also shows off the game so well in a way that I’ve never even thought of playing. Hope more are to come

  10. Loving these vids, in the next Tarantino you do, can you play “stuck in the middle with you” in the background?

  11. I just found you on my recommendations and this is only my second I’ve watched but this is tremendous, man! You make it look so good. I need to work on my RDR! Haha

  12. Hey man love the vids! The O’Driscolls killed my white arabian horse (R.I.P. Ned) and I love watching your fight videos. Also what’s your favorite horse in the game?

  13. Just wanted to say I adore these videos, please keep posting them, I'd love to see how creative and artistic you could be, this game has practically unlimited creative potential, good stuff!

  14. This game is such a thing of beauty. The way a player can use cinematic mode on top of the realism of the game in general. This is game of year and is easily one of the greatest games ever made

  15. How do you do that takedown with the bow? Just run up to them and press what? I've been trying to figure that out for so long lol

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  17. I’ve been playing like this for awhile before I found your channel. I’m good but not as good as you lol that was sick!!

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