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Red Army Standard AK-47 Rifle at Classic Firearms

Hey, everybody. Ben with Classic Firearms here. I want to introduce you to a brand new AK-47
type rifle from Century Arms. This is their new RAS47. The “RAS” stands for Red Army Standard. That is a brand that Century is going to be
building in on in the coming years This AK is 100% American made, made in Vermont by
Century in their facilities. It’s got some unique features. All of them shift with a PMAG, all of them
have an extended magazine release which is very easy to operate. See how easy those insert and more importantly,
how easy they extract. Very smooth bolt. They have a new patented trigger system. In the past they’ve always used a [inaudible
00:00:58] three-piece trigger. Century has designed their own trigger and
they’re getting some very good reviews for being some of the smoothest triggers on the
market. Beautiful honey yellow stocks, bolt hold open
feature on the safety, side rail for mounting scopes, ergonomic grip. We really like this rife. We think you will too. We’re going to do a live fire test with it
very soon. In the meantime, the price point is good. I don’t think our feature ad does it justice
as far as our photographs because the stocks are just so smooth and creamy and pretty yellow
colored. It’s hard to capture that. They have beautiful furniture and again, we
just like them a lot. We think you’ll like them. Give them a look. As always, check us out at

8 thoughts on “Red Army Standard AK-47 Rifle at Classic Firearms

  1. It is nice to see the videos of the products you sell. It definitely plays a huge role in my purchase decisions. Keep the product videos coming.

  2. Looks like Century's put out what is essentially a WASR-10 competitor that's all American made with all the basic features Americans are looking for in a starter AK. If I hadn't just bought a WASR, I'd be taking a serious look at one of these.

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