100 thoughts on “Rebranding the AK-47: A Weapon of Peace

  1. ISIS use what ever they get their hands on. But hey, can we ban the sale of Renaissance era cannons? ISIS has used them? ISIS uses explosives, should we stop people using explosives for any reason? ISIS also uses vehicles to run people over, and Al Qaeda used planes to destroy towers, should we ban automobiles and other motorized transportation?

  2. kalashnicovas are really weapon of peace , because Our Indian Army is using it to protect us….and we're proud of it…

  3. There is no such a thing as “weapon of peace” this is fucking ridiculous ,a gun is just a tool like any other tool ,you can kill a person even with a fork what matters is who holding the gun ,there are also suspiciously a lot of M-16’s in the hands of terrorists don’t forget..

  4. Popular lore is true enough. It's happened, but it only fired twice before jamming. (BTW, any gun can be returned to serviceable condition if you're willing to spend a couple hours cleaning it.

    But no, it is not a "weapon of peace." It was exported by the millions to anyone who agreed to do business with Russia or had the hard cash to pay for them; Russia knew they were giving these to terrorists, and we're only too happy to do so.

  5. I love all my AK's. Kalashnikov, Siaga, Norinco, etc. Awesome guns. I like buying, shooting, and building them. Great weapons!

  6. AK the weapon of peace? Sounds like an oxy moron. Sorry I just see rich Russian business men profiting off of peoples misery.

  7. I would be all for removing the import ban because US companies like IO and CA are building garbage AK clones that are of very poor quality, or in many cases negligently dangerous to shoot. The irony of this video is that vice was on an anti-trump kick about how Russian influence in American politics is bad, but are seen here giving a good word for Russian gun manufacturers. Which is it vice? Is Russia good or bad?

  8. Insted of selling weapons to america , because of the sanctions they are selling weapons to america s enemy

  9. If they really wanted to sell this gun to americans they'd just quote kalashnikov himself on the inspiration for the rifle's action- the M1 garand. For a brief period after WWII, both the soviets and the americans used rifles derived* from the M1, the AK-47, and the M14. The M14 was quickly replaced.

    Avtomat Kalashnikova- a better product-improved M1 Garand. AKs (made in places other than russia) already sell very well in the US. they'd sell better if anyone seriously pushed that narrative of the gun's origins.

    *for the gun nerds- the first time kalashnikov saw a rotating-bolt, long-stroke gas piston action was in an M1 garand. he basically completely redesigned it and made a much simpler system, but the inspiration was the M1 according to his own words

  10. I don’t associate AK47s with “bad guys”. It’s just a different pattern of rifle and also highly reliable. It has its strengths and weaknesses.

  11. Russians got a axe to grind for their flagship's image. I don't blame them. Its a highly reputed and respectable weapon.

  12. The weapons the Taliban use were given to them by Americans ffs. How're they gonna give terrorists knock-off AKs and then ban them for the subsequent image they get? 😂

  13. They make a good point, in the UK if I saw a guy with a padded jacket and a M4 walking down the street calmly I would be like shit there's terrorist around as he's a police officer or something and if I saw a guy with a old ak I would be like he's a terrorist lol

  14. This is why I hate politics what have the Russians done to us we haven't done to them. I.E. spying we do that to our friend countries lol. We should be there friends.

  15. I hate how Vice does an article trying to make the AK a Weapon of Peace when I bet they'd keep the AR-15 classified as a Weapon of War.

  16. It is a hard reputation to change when more people have been killed by Kalashnikov than any other weapons combined . That used to be their best selling point !

  17. First off, who cares what Hollywood has to say, everybody knows that most of the idiots actors know little to nothing about firearms other than they want their security carrying full auto.

    Whenever a product is used to kill people it does not change what it is, a rifle is a rifle, a car is a car, alcohol is alcohol, all if used as intended are fine just like any other product, but like with anything some people are going to use it for other things and it is not always what it was intended. We do not go around blaming cars for hitting people, or alcohol for driving drunk, we blame the person doing it, only with guns does the government morons blame the gun and want to ban it.

    All I know is, if the government is so afraid of these types of rifles are in the hands of the people, they have to have a reason for it, and I do not think it is about the populations safety from criminals/people that use it for evil. Our 2nd Amendment is the one insured right we have to make sure we at least have a fighting chance against a government that would turn against its people/citizens.

  18. The AK is a weapon of peace…..Its not the fault of the rifle that the Warsaw Pact and China gave they away to literaly anyone. And then the CIA, wanting a deniable weapon kept shifting them from continent to to continent.

  19. Yeah, communism = bad guy. Sorry. Millions and millions of people killed by dictators and despots can’t be wrong. By the way, what the hell is a .50 to .45 to .39 caliber?! Clearly, some limp-wristed soy boi edited this.

  20. The reason they are seen everywhere is because they are cheap and easy to manufacture people do it in caves they have an earned reputation of reliability and they are extremely easy to operate affectivly

  21. Why name it the bad guy commie gun? Is america itself a good guy/ country? Just name it as it is. America is not the only country here. No hate tho

  22. Informative video. I found it sorry interesting but seriously at 5:15 I thought the guy had one leg. It was so blended in.

  23. There just as many ak fan boys as there are ar fan book boys hell there even some that like both. Now yeah it in the hand of a.lot.of terrioest groups

  24. I want more Russian aks here in the us please, it the Democrats and the Clinton’s fault anyway because they see the aks as a tool to fight off Tyranny.

  25. This is just a company rebranding it’s product after privatization to move away from how that product was used as a political tool during the Soviet era. “Your country is decadent and corrupt, in need of proper, communist, equality, here’s 10 million Kalashnikovs. Don’t forget your friends after the revolution, comrade.” Or if the guns weren’t available, they d ship manufacturing specs, and entire machine tooling set-ups so certain countries could manufacture them wholesale. That’s why a good portion of the AK’s on the market are Chinese and why there are so goddamned many.

    First it was tool of “revolution”, a tool of “equality”, a tool of “independence from repression.” Now, it’s a tool of “peace”…ok, sure…

  26. i have the original 47 ak blueprints.. i can only imagine how many people have those plans (hell you can find these hand written arabic gunsmithing notes on making AK's by hand lol)

  27. AN ASSAULT RIFLE IS DEFINED AS A WEAPON USED FOR TERROR OR WAR AND MUST BE FULLY AUTOMATIC "assault rifle" was a made up term by the nazis.. their wwii 'storm'ghewer rifle was called the storm/assault rifle only because of the amount of noise it had which scared the allied troops, plus it fired very very quickly..

  28. "Assault weapon" was made by nazis to scare other people by the name along with the speed in which it fired and how loud it was.. they were trying to scare people who were ignorant on weapons… and what do you see leftist liberals doing all year long?? assault rifle this, assault rifle that.. its big black and scary and makes scary noises when you do stuff with it and oh no!! It has one of those shoulder slidey thingies.. so ban them all and make law abiding citizens less likely to be able to defend themselves.. good job "killary clinton"

  29. The AK47 is a hell of a weapon. There is a reason why do many nations for so many decades have used it and made variants of it. I support the 2nd amendment 100 percent. But I wouldn't call any firearm a firearm of peace; AK47, M4A1, etc… Firearms are intended to be lethal and take life when operated. Its inherent purpose is violence so it can't be peaceful. Its like saying "beautiful carnage". But I do agree that violence must meet violence sometimes to render peace or some level of peace greater than before. But a weapon of peace… I don't agree with.

  30. My gun may have a reputation but I would still take it to defend the Border and my fellow Americans would be grateful

  31. Its the bad guy gun used by the Russians,and I love the gun npt terrorist who use it. One day pudding face will be dead and ass raped. I would love to put my fist up gis russian ass! Putin tour my bitxh.

  32. So… Vice says the "AK47 assault rifle" is now a weapon of peace… An "assault rifle." So, "Assault rifles" are ok now… except for the AR15 assault weapon, that needs to be banned from the civilian market, it is the most deadly assault rifle in the world, right vice? Ironic. All firearms are "weapons of peace" you morons.

  33. The Chinese bootleg everything most AKs the terrorists groups have are Chinese. Does any one know the name of the black rifle he fired?

  34. you can buy american produced ak's up in new hampshire for like 500 bucks a pop… the ak is a beautiful gun, tool of liberation and oppression in equal terms!

  35. I researched countries that won war. It recorded that they used
    AK 47 rifle chamber 7.62×39.

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