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Real Life Nerf Gun

come on now yep ohh nope nope yep coffee contemplation food music subscriber count that’s how we do whats up youtube paul from pdk films here i would like to start of by saying sorry for missing last’s week’s upload going missing weekly upload so smash I
like but if you guys just talk about that now important business few weeks
ago I made a video for my nerf ak-47 build boom look at that bad boy
and I promised I’d be giving one of them away I know it’s been a few weeks and I
haven’t given it away yet but I’ll be announcing the winner this Tuesday May
30th during a live stream on this channel so be sure to tune into that
additionally since it’s been so long since I made the video and I feel kind
of bad I decided I want to give away three of these okay guys so I’m going to
be giving away three so now it’s going to be three of you that win it’s been
internally modified and it’s lit watch it’s ready so if you guys want to win this bad boy
or the other two all you to do subscribe to PDK film subscribe to my normal
Channel Paul caste where I’ll be doing vlogs and kind of nerf related stuff
it’s new I haven’t started posting to it yet but I’m going to next week and three
call me on instagram at pol Caskey so three nerf ak-47 three things you guys
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below he think is better the nerf ak-47 or the normal nerve stripes so stripe or
nerf ak-47 you guys let me know I think I know what the answer is going to be
but you never know or the jolt you know let me know if you guys like the nerf
you’ll hashtag no squad oh okay those of you real quick for this if you
don’t know a nerf squaw days it’s that kind of like the series that really got
things going for PDK films yeah so this is the nerve Squad series we’ve got a
bunch of different nerve squads all posted years ago and then we got nurse
quads fixture of plus 130 million views so yeah I’m super stoked to bring their
squad back guys it’s going to be at a much higher production value than my old
videos it can be really lid you guys are stoked about nerve Squad common nerf
squad and yeah I miss you too my flamethrower this is a nerf gun neighs Esteban we got this guy over here Rico Rico okay
guys so we got lots of ammo here we got the blues
we got the rage and we got the yellows now the Blues buy these on Amazon links
the video description below it’s really you just don’t want to be
buying these in stores go to Target 75 of these things is like 20 bucks you can
buy 300 of these on Amazon for less than 20 bucks that’s we got to get your ammo
get it there you guys like my shoes you guys like my shoes let me know if your
do it I think it’s pretty wet you guys have no idea how much time we spend
loading magazines here PDK films it’s part of the grind part of the hustle so
here’s the a que I mean this is nothing beautiful guys who wants one of these
comment if you want one of these or you’re gonna weigh three you guys got my
word Tuesday I’ll be in asking okay I’m gonna use this in first-person shooter
yet but look at that as you can tell that’s a lot louder than your normal
strike but let’s give her some juices go stop doing that while I’m filming okay
guys unboxing for really special boxes today super super super special some
really dope nerf guns in there that I’m going to be using for nerf squad and you
guys all know nurse squad is coming back so comment below what you guys want to
see with ner squad because you know we had a lot of nerve Squad episodes we can
do anything drug busts hostage rescue you know all
that good stuff so you guys like my balls you can find these on Amazon as
well really cheap like in the video description pretty weird drink a lot of coffee I
blame it on the coffee for being weird but you know I think it’s just a cover
on guys who knows what’s in here or yeah yeah these are my balls they’re pretty
good if you squeeze them they’re pretty you know they feel pretty good there’s a
lot of different color balls in there I like the pink balls the hot pink balls I
like hot pink balls what kind of balls do you guys like this is what I’m
starting a vlog channel guys because I got I do a lot of crazy stuff everyday
sure we’re just opening boxes but on other days we might be going down to
Mexico and wakeboarding behind my Jeep so that’s why I want a sort of vlog
channel so I can keep PDK films mostly nerf wars and do this kind of stuff on
my vlog channel Paul Casta so be sure to freakin subscribe to and turn on post
notifications and follow me on instagram check these bad boys out they’re not
shoes they’re Nike cool yeah yup I’m a big shoe guy as you guys know what do
you guys think you guys like these okay now these are it guys these four nerf
guns right here like this is some crazy stuff and we’re going to open them up
actually wait Alexa would you like to dangle my bear I
don’t have an opinion on that okay yeah you’re funny um we got in here I don’t
even know can someone please tell me what this is for now you guys don’t even
know what’s in these things and I don’t really either cuz I ordered these like
two months ago and I just haven’t made a video for them yet but here we go so
this is it those are my shoes right there and this is I don’t know what this
is but here we go oh yeah oh you know that was that that good I’ll throw the
link in the video description below where you where I got these and where
you guys could get them yourself fully modified internally and externally
well they’re all different but here’s the first one Oh oh my gosh lipo charger
oh he gave me his little patch or tactical foam
hey that autofocus is kind of working kinda see this is something you just
don’t ever see a home ah this is unreal and then we got it runs on 2s lipo
configuration I have 3x lipo’s so that kind of screws me up a little bit but I
think it’s might have came off I would do some dirty things to this blaster you
know some dirty things they wouldn’t be clean things that I would do to this
they would be pretty dirty but on how does this work I’m trying to
try to put this down here Oh real quick guys while I’m doing this huge shout out
to my little sister Anna Anna Kowski you guys know her she’s got a YouTube
channel goober media I think she’s about 300,000 subscribers and it’s been in a
lot of my videos q Anna show real what’s going on we got presents pretty much a
million subscribers where’s my present right here are you kidding me Turkey don’t eat that we deserve better so Anna
is starting her own vlogging channel at Anna kasky so be sure to subscribe to
her and if you think Anna is cool then let her know in the comments and Anna
I’m calling you out you’re going to have to respond to every person that that
says something to you in the comments so have fun with that sister I might not be
the smartest person but I’m definitely not dumbest and I don’t know why but I
cannot get this to fit on here crazy let’s freakin do it yeah this is my
Instagram account you guys should follow me huh I haven’t
even told you guys so this is the honey badger that’s what this is based off I
think it looks pretty accurate what do you guys think
isn’t that dope isn’t this the coolest thing like like I’d rather have this
than a girlfriend ha and then cue all the common saying we
can just get never had a girl bye blah blah blah yeah you know I have actually
I’ll choose this over a girl any day just kidding I don’t know what am I
saying pretty printed color matched almost exact color now this is huge
having a thumb screw right here for easy access to the battery tray is essential
of course we’ve got the worker magazines these things are wet they’re not unlit
and what’s really nice is there’s smaller things that you guys might not
notice so here’s our normal strike the normal strike has an orange trigger and
an orange rep switch here we’ve got a gray red switch and the trigger is metal
it’s a metal trigger probably an artifact trigger and the mag release is
also metal so higher quality components and we’ve got the 3d printed back stock
which is super nice looking looks very nice I kind of want to eat
them right Who am I so is a key to being a nerve guru is you got to know how to
stuff the clips and load the chicks that’s what you got to do if you guys
want to be a savage you got to know how to stuff the clips and load the chicks
or load the clips and stuff the chicks you feel me
that’s what I’m doing right now stuff into the clips and later I’ll be loading
the chicks the skinning later I’ll probably be eating a DiGiorno pizza
watching Silicon Valley yeah I’ll probably give away one of these in a
little bit but I need to use even videos first all right who’s ready there we go
Wow – oh my god I gotta say guys pulling the
trigger like something about I don’t know it’s so satisfying oh my and it’s
not nearly as loud smoother accuracy I don’t really know but dude this was dope
next up see if we can yeah I dropped out of college so I don’t know how to open
boxes you got to go to college kid alright oh this is beautiful guys I want
you guys to see this first-person perspective here could you look at that
imagine getting a box in the mail guys and this is what it looks like three
kids in a – oh you’re home look is they okay okay mmm kind of tastes like
chicken how do I don’t even know which way it
goes in isn’t she sick and she’s in alright all but they are so fired all
right let’s give this one a little one – I just took a poop like five minutes ago
and it doesn’t smell very good I don’t even know what kind of stuff this is but
it’s kind of sexy oh now look at this beauty dude she is so fired all right yeah Wow
can’t not wait to use this in a video I’m filming right now I’ve got the gh4
but this is the GH 5 so this is the new version I just get on in it oh my gosh
oh oh memory card yup the gh 5 beautiful yeah
we got Pat here what do you think it is these new blasters fat I’m gonna be
doing serious damage oh yeah oh yeah did you want to give it
at you you glowed up that mag bro you can shoot it it’s pretty fire
yeah it’s nothing stick yeah dude load it up bro
kind of nice smell like cook down here cuz I just fall oh yeah thanks lush so
we got Pat over here loading up some – freaking – dude don’t need this so the
GH Drive is what I recommend Sam just imagine the nerve squads that we can get
this thing in dude holy my gosh yeah is that crazy and just doesn’t it feel
satisfying when you pull it so it’s like a metal trigger
I’m not going there’s any kickback but there’s like that yeah you guys are
gonna talk about you to click these I could click in there it’s like it you
can even hear it too yeah I know and that’s is two of them so we got this one
this is the hk416 back here alright now do you we’re taking things
to the next level alright guys so we got Pat behind the camera here so we’re
going to knock these last two boxes out this is the GH five love this bad boy
can make these in the video but hey let’s get back to acting here so next oh and I don’t wanna give it away but I’m
gonna know in a second here yep this is the ACR all live through this is what
its gonna do look at this a bit it’s built off the blue stripes with color
match 3d printed parts with a nice little Oh everything’s falling off with
a nice tight fit we like it nice and tight here etk film tighten secure its
run in the 15 around work or mad its kind of upset that these these little
random pieces are falling off but it’s fine I’ll figure it out room on are you
sure good well these are just all based off of real guns I call duty so I wasn’t
right there eww let’s let’s get this thing juiced up this is pretty sick I
didn’t know what good did so you can it’s all 3d printed so we can adjust it
I don’t like to have it feel closed in eyes to get you know kind of out a
little bit that’s pretty wait let’s get it tightened up here we like it like I
said we don’t want it loose we want it tight all right this is the
ACR blue stripes color match oh this thing I mean a couple pieces fell off in
the ball so I’ll figure out where they go but like I’m pretty happy with this
thing I mean look at it how could you not be it makes up when you shoot it’s got like
a little bit of like trigger feedback or something it’s so satisfying to Gary so normal nerf guns would not be able to
feed like that that’s crazy you alright guys so today’s a great day
obviously we have three really jelled nerf guns I have my own special nerf
guns like the ak-47 I’ve got the hurricane I’ve got the edge of 25 I mean
I didn’t want to do for a living nerf gun so it’s pretty don’t have it all
these really cool you know things mierqis that you can’t buy in stores and
no one has really ever seen before all right now I’m just super stoked
Easy’s in some videos and this is the last one this is it I’ll just tell you
that this is the mp5k I’m really excited about this one here we go here we go
whoo oh hey look at this little guy dude I could see this being used in nerf
squad drug but 0.2 point oh the nerf squad drug bust
fix and response six drop less than 130 million views and we’re bringing our
squad back guys dude look at this thing look at this I mean it’s 3d printed kick
just it’s so well made and well integrated in his blaster itself oh my I
mean his this is unreal myosin that could be nerve Squad material drug box
that can be cookie haha okay I thought like that lookout was oh yeah uh let’s
zoom GCS yeah okay oh my gosh I pull up illusion yep let’s load this thing up oh
my gosh these I just want to like I want to put these things on the wall what are
that girl’s my instagram requests yeah if he doesn’t accept it that’s not
excessive at sign D that means something something really bad is going to happen
if she does accept it I guess it kind of means the same thing all right
– yeah Oh we’re gonna give it the hick shot dude
oh my god like the trigger feedback when you pull the trigger I don’t know if you
could really hear it on camera it’s like you hear it shoot and you’re like it’s
like wouldn’t it like the trigger like pushes back I don’t know it’s not like a
normal nerf gun it it’s like satisfying to shoot we got Patton your gear not
putting on some of the some of our filming gear we’re going to see how it
looks with one of these guns but yes come a-near squad video because you know
we got to put it in Causton what do we thinking ty which one do you want to use
bro oh that’s the HK yeah we got pat all
geared up over here he’s wearing most of the gear that we saw in the USA verse
Isis video we got the s-bahn netflix and chill’
deez nutz over on the left side we rest in there ooh who’s your daddy
David Harris has to be has to be strache and of course his mom definitely thinks
he’s special that what do you think of your of your getup bro you liking it I
like it I like it try to pose with this with the with the HK get this little use
proposed with the yeah oh look at that we’re taking nurse squad to the next
level dude and then how do I see with the a quickly yeah with the mp5 bro
the honey badger is flying in the video off we got pad dressed up as a bad guy
he’s got the it the mp5k he’s going to shoot some rounds off this is just a
little bit of a tease as well you guys can expect in our new nerve Squad series
launching this summer it’s going to be dope we got some high production value
nerf guns we got the costumes we got the locations we got the burritos we got it
all iPad give it a little juice here we go
oh there it is dude there it is anyway guys thank you for watching the video
comment below what your favorite one is mp5k we’re just called the hk416 honey
badger and the ACR my favorite did know it I think my favorites either one of
these probably the HK I just like I like this dog and I like how the flash
suppressor sticks out a little bit more what’s up Greg anyway got combo if
everyone is we’ll get these exact actually tomorrow
Greg Pat and I are probably filming a video with few things so uh so anyway
yeah these are they yet you check these out what you think what’s your favorite
well I’m blue pop the blue I like that that’s me I guess okay look this right
here yeah this what oh great likes a buzz saw
I’m a but man you know yeah yeah you know you gotta love the booty hi guys oh
yeah I’m giving away three of the nerve ak-47 so subscribe the PDK films
subscribe to my vlog channel falkowski which i haven’t even started yet if i
it’s going to be starting subscribe to those channels turn on post
notifications follow me on the gram at falkowski three nerf ak-47 announcing
them during a live stream on Tuesday May 30th how about that alright peace out
guys thanks for watching and smash that like on as well woo

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