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Rattling for Whitetail Deer with S&W Performance Center 460 Handgun

(safari music) – Yamaha presents the
Whitetail Diaries. Chronically hunting adventures
of the most plentiful and intelligent big game
animal in North America. Join top Whitetail
hunters nationwide, embark on the amazing adventure that is hunting
the Whitetail deer. (adventure music) (guitar music) Well this week on the
Yamaha Whitetail Diaries we’re handgun hunting. Hunting with the handgun
continues to be a growing trend. To give hunters a up
close and challenging hunt and the Performance
Center by Smith and Wesson is leading the way. – hi, I’m Tony Milly, from the Smith and Wesson
Performance Center. I wanna kind of talk
about handgun hunting a little bit today, you know handgun hunting’s
become more and more popular and we’ve got a lot
of different products from the Performance
Center that can help you out and what you’re looking for and what you’re gonna hut with. The first gun up is a model 629, which is a stainless
steel revolver and it’s really
great for, you know, North American hunting, specially Whitetail. So if you wanna hunt
Whitetail or pigs, this’ll be a great
opportunity to use this gun, you know, it’s got
integral rails on it, muzzle brakes, it’s got a
Performance Center tuned action, this a great gun,
specially if you just wanna start off
with handgun hunting. Next up, is our 460, so if
you’re talking about elk hunting or long range shooting, this is something you
might be interested in. You can shoot three calibers
in this gun, 460, 454 Casull, or 45 long Colt. So if you just wanna spend
the day at the range, put 45 long Colts
in it, is great. Lot less recoil, lot less
than a 460, muzzle brake, fiber optics sights,
integral rails, Performance Center tuned action, great gun for North
American hunting. You can hunt Whitetail,
as well as pigs, and elk. If you wanna find out more
about our hunting products, please visit the Smith
and Wesson website forward slash
Performance Center. – Tony’s hunted with whey
deer at the camp near Del Rio Texas in the past and he’s excited to be back. Now, like many hunters,
he’s hunted with a variety of guns and bows. – I’ve hunted with rifle,
I’ve hunted with the bow. Probably now, 20 years ago, I started hunting
with the revolver and I’ve just stayed with it. It’s a lot more exciting for
me, a lot more of a challenge so if you’ve hunted with a bow,
you’ve hunted with a rifle, muzzleloader, and you
want that next challenge. I mean, a revolver’s
probably the way to go. As long as you’re
comfortable with the gun, you’re out practicing with it, that’s the key. You got to do a
lot of practicing, make sure you’re proficient and once you get to that point, I mean, once you
start handgun hunting, you never gonna want
to do anything else. – It’s December the
eighth here in Texas, yesterday we had
a freak snowstorm, I mean it came through, snowed probably an inch here
at, around Bracketville, where the camp is. This morning it actually snowed all the way into San Antonio.,
even down into Houston. So, you know, to say
we’ve got cold weather in this part of Texas
is an understatement. It’s like 32 this morning,
which to a lot of people may not be cold but that’s
generally pretty cold down in this part of the world. The deer just now
started rutting, that means I’m gonna be
rattling a little bit. We’re gonna go out
with Tony Milly, of the Performance Center
and try to hit four, five, six places, this morning,
rattle something in. It’s always exciting when we
can bang the antlers together. – So I’ve been down here
to this ranch before, I know there’s a
lot of animals here, there’s gonna be a
lot of opportunity. The rattling is new to
me, so I figured you know, let’s give it a shot
and let’s give it a try. And I’m a big fan now. If I get the opportunity
to do this again with Wade, you can bet you I’m gonna do it. – Some tips that I always have
when it comes to rattling, no doubt about it, you got to pay attention
to the time of the year. You know, early in the year, or late in the year, probably
tinkling a little bit, is gonna be more
successful in banging them hard in the
peak of the rut. When deer are really
in the peak of the rut and they’re trying to
set up their dominant, they fight hard. That’s why they,
one of the reasons why they lose so much weight. You know, they’re fighting,
they’re chasing doe’s, there’s just a lot going on. And when it’s really going on, you wanna bang them
as loud as you can you wanna use natural
antlers, preferably, to really create a sound
that mimics what’s going on out there and
sometimes that’s not this little tinkle
tinkle tinkle, that’s bang, I mean,
that is hitting it hard, that’s kicking the rocks, that’s thrashing the tress,
that’s making all of it. Obviously when you’re
up in a tree stand, it’s a lot harder to do that. And safety wise, you
probably got to tinkle them. But Iif you’re down on
the ground rattling, in a setup like we like to
do in Texas a lot of times, you know, I’m gonna ease
up into a mesquite bush. I’m gonna ease up into something and the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna start
throwing rocks, I’m gonna start stamping,
I’m gonna bang into the tree. You know, the first things that happen are
deer are posturing, they’re kicking the ground. Think about a couple
of dogs fighting. Think about a couple
of big bullies getting ready to go at it. They’re posturing, that’s
some of these other sounds. When they first hit the antlers if they’re just tinkling,
they’re bodies not moving. But if it’s two big bucks
fighting, your got dust flying. You’ve got bodies flying,
you’ve got spit flying. You’ve got brush
being knocked around. You’ve got all these crazy
sounds that are going on and that’s what
you’ve gotta mimic. If you’re trying to
draw out the buck that’s gonna wanna
come to that buck fight and get him out in front of you, bang bang bang, and
you will bring him out. – Back to the hunt. – This is my first opportunity
I’ve ever had to rattle. So we set up in maybe two
or three different sets. And nothing really happened. Part of the fourth one
is where the first one comes running in and he
was just out of his mind. Just a little four pointer and he was just bouncing
around, looking at us. He didn’t really quite
know what was going on but he was looking
for those other bucks. He wanted to see
what was going on. (clattering) It was pretty exciting. A couple more deer come in, and there was really nothing
there that was shootable, so we pretty much called
it a pack on that one and we moved on
to the next stage. The first big one that came in, it was probably
an eight pointer, I think it was at that point. He come running in, and
he was only there probably about three seconds. So, you know, I got the feeling, that this was gonna
have to be quick. You’re gonna have to get the
gun up and take your shot. – Close. (laughing) That’s a pretty good
deer, he came in, Pushed all those other, blew
the whole group up over there. I don’t know if he
was an eight or 10. Looked at that big heavy body, the antlers went up, but you
had the whole chase going on right there, which
happens this time of year. You get them cutting
back and forth, there was a couple
spikes, looked like
a six a spike of six, a small heap, what looked
like to be a mature deer. He might not have been but he ended up going on
down wind chasing her. He kind of cut her, all
the chase is moved off so, we had him right up there, he just didn’t get out no. Off we go Tony. – More rattling action when we return on the Yamaha
Whitetail Diaries. (antlers rattling) The Yamaha Whitetail Diaries, is brought to you
by Yamaha’s proven off road ATV’s and
side by side vehicles. Bass Pro Shops, and Cabela’s. Your adventure starts here. Garmin Xero, leave
the guess work behind. Welcome back to the
Yamaha Whitetail Diaries. With Wade Middleton. (rattling) Well it’s the beginning of
the rut here in South Texas, and Wade and Tony Milly are
out rattling for big bucks. They’ve had a flurry
in the morning but now things have
slowed down a bit. (antlers rattling) And as they hit spot after spot, the deer don’t seem
to be cooperating. So Wade and Tony continue
on to another area. (antlers rattling) (quiet music) (antlers rattling) (antlers rattling) – You know, when it
comes to rattling, I really didn’t
know what to expect. Like I’ve said,
I’ve seen it on TV. This was just something
far more than I expected. These deer would come
running in on you, they’d be 15 yards from you,
especially the small ones. They would just
look right at you. Didn’t know what was going on but they just wanted to be
a part of whatever it was. I mean, they know,
or they thought, a couple bucks were fighting. And they just wanted
to be part of it. (antlers rattling) – Here to the right. No, it’s that same
deer, he’s broke off. He had the right body
on him, that’s for sure. He just, he was missing
the whole right side and there were several of them
that showed up on that one. Let me go get the bike and
we’ll go to another one. – Now after having no luck
on the next few stops, and with legal
shooting light nearing, everyone agreed it was
time to call it a day and head back to camp to
prepare for the next days hunt. Coming up, the second
day of rattling turns out to be more successful. The Yamaha Whitetail Diaries, is brought to you
be Smith and Wesson Performance Center, performance
when it matters most. Hi-Viz shooting systems. See what you’ve been missing. Engel Coolers, a
legend in reliability. ConQuest Scents, hunting
scents and dog training scents. Welcome back to the
Yamaha Whitetail Diaries, with Wade Middleton. – Hello, so the
second day starts off, I mean, we had seen quite a
few animals the day before so we’re still looking
for that big buck and the opportunity to take one. And once again we set up. It was kind of slow
in the morning. You know, we had a
couple of deer come in into one of the areas, some of the small
fork horns and spikes. We did have one big one come in. – There’s you a shooter. (rattling) Stringing, got a top marine gun. There it is, there he is,
the 1:00, 12:00, 12:00. – You gonna hunt him? You got a lighter bro? – Yeah, I’m looking. – Oh man, that’s rattling. When you turned and saw
him on that one side, did your heart skip? – Yeah, I just, I tried
to get on him, you know? – He’s a big one,
he’s got big 10 point, he’s got kickers,
off of his G2’s. He flagged that time, he’s gone, when they flag, they’re gone. Let’s go back up here. – So we get into the next area and we wanna set up so we
have an opportunity to shoot in both directions because these
deer just come in anywhere. They don’t care whether
you’re downwind, upwind, they’re just out of their minds, they wanna get into the action. They wanna take part
in what’s going on and they’ll come
in from anywhere. Really at that point, I mean, scent really didn’t seem to make a difference to them. So the idea was
just to make sure you could shoot right, left, you know, and you had links
to take good shots at them. (antlers rattling) – You shoot him. (antlers rattling) He’s down right there. That’s how fast he can go down
when it comes to rattling. We been out here since daybreak, and it is now 3:47 P.M. That 44 magnum former centered, smoked him, congrats’s Tony. (laughing) That a boy, good shooting. – I don’t know why
I bring the sticks. (laughing) – It always goes down free hand. – When you’re rattling,
you just don’t have enough time to wait for
a broadside shot. The deer are not gonna
stand there that long. Once they figured out
you’re not another buck having a fight with
one if his peers, they take off. So just practice a lot. Make sure you’re
proficient with the gun, then if the opportunity
presents itself with a front down
shot like that, you’re gonna make it. – There he is right there. (laughing) He didn’t go very far, sir. Good shooting. Look at that guy Tony. We rattled all day long. – Yep, he’s a beauty. – He’s a dandy coming
through there, yep, he’s a dandy. I mean big ole’ Roman
nose, big head on him, when this guy here came in over, I mean it was like Superman
flying over the bushes. – It was, he came in feisty. – And when you
rattle a lot of time, it seems like to me, you know, there must be
deer bedded in the area or sniffing a doe in the area and that first time
or two you hit them they come charging in and
it’s like each time after that your success opportunities, not saying that your
fourth, fifth, and sixth, in the same spot doesn’t pay off but I’ve learned over the years, you got to be ready and we’ll get this guy tagged. Thank you buddy. – It’s nice looking death. – It’s a great buck. That’s a great one. – Congratulations Tony, on
your first rattling entry into the Yamaha
Whitetail Diaries. Now you may recall last
year Performance Center and Whitetail Diaries Diaries ran a giveaway to
come hunt with us and win a new 460 handgun, well stay tuned as
we spend some time with the winner of that
hunt when we come back. The Yamaha Whitetail Diaries is brought to you by Walker’s,
protect it or lose it. Thompson/Center, America’s
master gun maker. Quick Draw Mineral Blocks,
a difference you can see. Welcome back to the
Yamaha Whitetail Diaries, with Wade Middleton. Continuing today’s theme
of handgun hunting, we’ve got a very special
guest with us that just won a brand new Performance
Center 460 XVR. – So last year, me and Wade
got together and we decided we’d do a Facebook contest where you’d have the opportunity
to win a whitetail hunt as well as Performance
Center 460 revolver, one of our newer revolver’s out. We had about 30,000 entries,
a little more than that, and Jonathan was our
successful winner and I can tell you,
he was ecstatic when we gave him a call and told him he was the winner. – I wasn’t quite
sure I was gonna win something like this ever, but figure it’s definitely worth
putting my name in the hat. So I submitted my information
and got the notification that I did win, so I had a chance to take home the Performance Center 460 XVR and come out here
for the weekend and you know, in search
of some whitetail deer. The truth of the matter is, this handgun, it’s
made fr hunting. You know, you got a lot of
options with a lot of dick’s, things of that nature. I utilized the red
dot on this one but I’ve known many that
will actually go ahead and use variable powered scopes
and things of that nature. You can do it all. You can do it all with this. – Wade had picked out a
couple of tripods for Jonathan to hunt that evening. The tripods looked
out over a wide trail, creating the perfect
shooting length for the 460. – We were there for
a matter of minutes, I mean, it couldn’t of been
more than 20 or 30 minutes before the buck came out
that I knew was the one. You know, they said, how
do you feel about that? I knew that was a good
shooter buck for me. – You’re good whenever. (loud firing) – Was incredible. Looked like the one from here. Just what I wanted
for a management buck. You know, I shot
a little far back. But it still, the
whitetail deer dropped. Stood back up, kind of lumbered, maybe 10 yards and that’s
where we found that one. (heavy breathing) He was. Oh, what an awesome buck. What an awesome buck. Awe thank you, Whitetail Diaries and Performance Center,
Smith and Wesson all for making this happen for
me, this is huge, thank you. You know it was again, a lot of congratulations,
and high fives, and you know, getting it
back to the ranch here where we could set it
up and get it cleaned up and everything else. I had no doubt,
as far as what the Performance Center 460 could do, I mean, if I did my part, I knew that handgun
was gonna do its. I mean, handgun hunting, a lot of people haven’t
quite experienced that and the reality is, you need to. I mean, this is something
that you’re gonna enjoy for a long long time. You know, this was a
hunt of a lifetime. If anybody has any questions about whether or not people win, I’m here to tell you they do. Yeah, I’ll enter some
contest on occasion, for me it’s fun. Never had the expectation to win but like I said, if you don’t plan on it,
then you get that call, it’s an amazing feeling. And again it’s
not just the hunt, I’m taking home this
revolver and that’s just, it’s top notch. Handgun hunting is phenomenal. You know, and for
a lot of people, they’ll really enjoy that. That chance, that opportunity, to get out there and
do something with it. – Congratulations, Jonathan, on your Performance Center entry in the Yamaha Whitetail Diaries.

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