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Rapper PnB Rock arrested on narcotics, firearms charges

a well-known philadelphia-based rapper has been arrested on narcotics and firearms charges in Bucks County Rakim Allen known as PNB rock was charged with possession with intent to deliver possession of narcotics receiving stolen property criminal conspiracy and other related offenses Bensalem police say their investigation began in November when they received numerous complaints of loud parties and the smell of marijuana coming from a home on the 100 block of Kohn fall Street police say their investigation yielded probable cause that the resident of the home Rakim Allen was selling marijuana a search warrant was executed Sunday afternoon during which police say they found four pounds of marijuana scales packaging materials over $33,000 in cash and a stolen 40 caliber Glock handgun authorities say Stephanie Segundo Wang was inside the home at the time of the search she was charged with possession of narcotics receiving stolen property and criminal conspiracy bail was set at ten percent of five hundred thousand dollars for both Sabine Ewing and Allen and they were taken to Bucks County Correctional Facility

11 thoughts on “Rapper PnB Rock arrested on narcotics, firearms charges

  1. They lied and says he was selling weed that’s a damn lie I don’t get why rappers. Stay in their city after they get rich they need to get out and move to a new city where he isn’t from

  2. 12 been on him, he had detectives on him hence the song he put out “Neva Lackin”. He was alaways talking about it, cant believe they actually caught him. Free Pnb.

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