100 thoughts on “Ranking And Explaining Every Weapon In Apex Legends!

  1. I've been able to take out a whole squad using only 3 or 4 bullets from the mastive. I damaged them with first few shots, then took them all out with the last shot. Not sure why but all 3 of them tried to hide and heal in same place lol.

  2. I’ve been playing this game since it came out & I’m just realizing you can try out every gun in the tutorial 🙃

  3. I figured out a clutch strategy when using the Mozambigue, its not a great gun by any means, and it cant compete with the peacekeeper or EVA-8, but if you are careful you can notice that the Mozambigue is actually automatic, you can hold down your mouse button and it will keep firing, and the fire-rate is the fastest of any shotgun (I think I haven't timed it, this is just from experience), and when you're in those early game fights you can just hold the mouse on your target and if you hit you will be doing around 140 damage in around 2 seconds, which is actually really good for early game if you keep in mind that will kill most players in level 1 armor, obviously it drops off the second you can find a different shotgun, but it does have potential for kills.

  4. You sound like a robot. I don't want to know statistical dmg I just want to know what is good/bad and what is good/bad for different situations.

  5. A summary of the rankings in the end sure would be nice after a 20 minute video. All I remember now is Peacekeeper is good, one of the bursts was cool and Kraber is cool.

  6. The thing guns use to hold bullets is not called a clip it's actually called a magazine . Clips were world war era .

  7. I find myself disappointed in the R-99 when I use it but every God damn person with it always get headshot on me with it.

  8. I don't know what other's think but I can mow down the entire server with only and only the wingman

  9. Started playing this game a couple of days ago and although I generally get my arse kicked and barely have an idea what's going on or what loot is good, I keep going back for more. It's just a fun game and hopefully when I get better at it and have a better understanding, it will genuinely be outstanding, considering it's free!

  10. For anyone watching just try out each weapon yourself in training see what feels good to use and go with it. Good vid but a lot of misinformation about weapons like triple take and you didnt even mention the g7 scout

  11. The P2020 is my favourite pistol. So many light weapons do what the RE-45 does, but better. The P2020 is like a smaller, faster G7.

  12. Man its only been a few months and a lot of the stuff you said in this is outdated now… How times have changed

  13. If you think the Mozambique is mozam weak,then I'm gonna bring that mozam heat, and spit this mozam beat, all over your mozam feet!

    Its joke, I know the Mozambique is q bad gun plz don't kill me😅

  14. 15 clip magazine… 15 round magazine. No clips in the game, it’s all magazine. Get your point but doesn’t make you sound like you know what your talking about. Like the vid, very informative, just thought for future videos it’d sound more professional, people may have more confidence in what you’re breaking down.

  15. When they gonna add smart pistol and epg maybe even cold star btw @Randaygaming triple take takes precision choke you miss half your MAGAZINE in the devotion unless you have a gen 7 devotion in titanfall 2

  16. Mozambique's effects range is 40 meters btw Mozambique is great with level 3 bolt not sure if its because I'm used to it from tf2 or its because it's one of the best pistols in the game

  17. Players on console for devotion DO NOT slightly pull down on your joystick when using the X55 flick the joystick every so often

  18. A peace keeper will not do that much damage to someone that far away. The reason why it's 110 is because it's meant to show how much damage it would do straight on! Check the facts, but good video.

  19. I think if you pick up any ROBLOX player that’s been playing for a while you can just show them the game and then just automatically good at the guns with the big recoils

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