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Ranking ALL Dangie Bros DIY WEAPONS! Top 15 DANGIE BROS DIY Weapons Montage

Hey guys, it’s SkullGamer here back with
another Dangie Bros related video. Today we will be ranking all the DIY
weapons created by the Dangie Bros! All links to their videos, as well as their
channel, are in the description down below! Enjoy the video! In number 15th spot
is bumper boat by Jeff. The reason why bumper boat is so low on the list is
simply because it wasn’t built, not much effort was really put into creating it,
it was heavy and caused Jeff to lose the duels against Chris and Rob. In number
14th place is eggy stabby by Jeff. Honestly, eggy stabby deserved much
better but he didn’t even survive till the end of the video. The knife end was
cool, but not as cool as some of the other staffs on this video and the egg end, let’s just say it didn’t survive. r.i.p eggy stubby. In number 13th place
we have pandemic by Chris. Another weapon that didn’t quite make it to the end of
the video. Pandemic was one of the coolest weapons created. It could use the
heavy aspect of the saucepan and the slicing action of the saw blade, but
sadly, as you’re seen on screen, it kinda broke, and it didn’t make it to the
end of the video which is why it’s so low on the list. In 12th place
we have puny puncher by Chris. Puny puncher was one of the coolest weapons
created in the battling with DIY weapons video. The problem with it was that the
boxing gloves kept falling off the ends which kind of defeated the point of it,
but nevertheless it definitely had a really cool aesthetic and overall was a
pretty decent weapon. In 11th place, we have the staff of brutality by Rob. The staff of brutality
was a pretty cool weapon using only items found from Walmart. However it
seemed that the machete wasn’t very secure on the bo staff as it seemed to
wobble just a bit. Nevertheless it really did cut through the watermelons like a
knife through hot butter. Nice weapon Rob. In 10th place on this list we have the
staff of ouch by Jeff. The staff of ouch was one of the first DIY weapons ever
created by Jeff. It was comparable to a spear but certainly held its ground in
the competition against Rob and Chris’ weapons.
It was very wieldy and had a very useful and funny ranged ability. Good
weapon Jeff. In 9th place on this list we have
double shot latte by Rob this weapon was made only using Dollar Tree items
however it ended up being pretty cool. It had a very wieldy weight to it and ended
up being pretty durable. Overall it was a pretty nice weapon made by Rob. In 8th
place on this list we have what I would call the meme weapon of the lot. It’s the
number two by Jeff. In the Walmart video Jeff didn’t actually get to choose his
DIY weapon parts so Chris bought him a toilet seat, a pink tennis racket
along with some pink tape. The weapon ended up being pretty powerful and
fairly durable. Number 7 on this
list is Mustang and Sally by Rob. Mustang and Sally or mustard and ketchup as Jeff
calls it, was some pretty deadly bat with nails in them. Unfortunately they were
unable to destroy the cinderblock but they ended up being pretty powerful
weapons and certainly weapons which I think are pretty cool. Number 6 on this list is tire iron by
Rob. I’m not sure why I like tire iron so much. It may be because it was probably
the best weapon created in the battling with DIY weapons video. It was heavy but
unlike bumper boat by Jeff not too heavy and ended up bringing in the victory for
Rob. Number five on this list is weight for it
by Chris. Weight for it was a pretty cool weapon the black and yellow tape get
gave it an awesome aesthetic and it was very powerful
destroying pretty much everything in it’s path. It would be higher on this list but
Chris has made another weapon which was just a bit better than this one. Number four on
this list is gnome to the dome by Chris. Knome to the dome was a bit like steel
crusher by Jeff but it was a bit less powerful and a bit less durable. It
actually looks really cool with the garden components that were included in
it. It actually ended up being pretty powerful considering it was made with
items from Dollar Tree and ended up being really cheap. In 3rd place on this list
we have buzzkill by Rob. Buzzkill was one of the first diy weapons to be made by
Rob. It looked very viable to be a post-apocalyptic weapon and therefore it
is pretty high on this list. But it’s pretty awesome but it does not rival to
number one and two. [It] ended up being a pretty cool weapon but Rob did not want
to break the cinder block as he is a very respectful guy, good job Rob! In 2nd place we have a heavyweight weapon, fix your face, by Chris. Fix your face is like weight for it but cooler and more powerful It has
an awesome handle, it’s extremely powerful and it pretty much obliterated
everything it came into contact with This is probably the coolest weapon
Chris has ever made and the second coolest weapon on this list. If you’ve been paying attention you will know what’s in
number one, but for those who aren’t true Dangie Bros fans, let’s have a quick
drumroll for number one. [Drumroll] Steel crusher by Jeff. Steel crusher is
awesome it looks brilliant and also has a very powerful crushing potential. This
weapon carried Jeff to victory with ease. It tops fix your face only slightly
because of the slight reach advantage. If I could have any DIY weapon it would be
this one. Amazing amazing weapon Jeff! If you enjoyed the video, please make sure to smash that like button, smash the subscribe button, hit the notification bell and if you want to
check out Dangie Bros, their channel, along with all the links for these videos
that are used in the video, will be in the description down below. Thank you all
so much for watching and peace out, make sure to check out my other videos, good
bye! That, my friends, was a spectacle and sent my eyeballs on a journey.

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  1. Thank you to Dangie Bros for being awesome YouTubers who always make me laugh, and also thanks to ChiefJack for making this awesome thumbnail!

  2. Sorry don't mean to look like a mean person but I kinda disagree with our list not all of the list but a few of the rankings

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