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Range Review with IWI Tavor TS12

what’s up guys Chris here today we’re
taking a look at the iwi Tavor TS 12 We have it in our hands now & we’re going to take
a look at it put a few rounds downrange and see how it functions so the really
cool thing about the Tavor is it actually has three separate magazine
tubes so each tube can hold five rounds of 2 3/4 shells so what
we’ve done is we’ve got 5 rounds birdshot five rounds of buckshot and five
runs of slugs we’re gonna run it through it this short-stroke gas piston system
see how it works with each different round see how it feels with each round
when you’re actually having it on your shoulder putting two rounds downrange so
the TS 12 is a 12-gauge with an 18 half inch barrel
28.34 overall length so makes it really compact making it an ideal firearm
for home defense situation so with the reinforced polymer
construction of this bullpup design the weight comes in at just under 8 pounds
adding 15 rounds of shotgun shells is gonna add some weight to it
but once you have it actually loaded up and shoulder it hits a really well
balanced configuration that’s going to feel very comfortable to shoot so we
shot the shotgun through all these various loads and while you can still feel a
difference that gas piston system goes a long way to really tame that recoil so
you’re gonna notice when changing from a buckshot tube to a bird shot tube you’re
gonna fill that difference but it goes a long ways to really tame the recoil and
help you keep your rounds on target after a few rounds downrange we notice the
controls were fairly natural we didn’t look at the manual because nobody ever
does but we got our hands on it we started putting some rounds downrange
started messing with it and it’s very easy and very intuitive with the controls
and how the gun functions so once again that is the iwi tavor TS 12 shotgun
available right now at any of our 28 locations or head over to Turners dot-com
and check it out for yourself

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