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Rally Heaven – Shotgun in a Lancia Stratos and Delta S4 – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

welcome to somewhere in Northern Italy. Today I’m on a tire launch. Now, I don’t normally
do tire launches. In fact, I hate the
bloody things. But I received an invitation
from Pirelli. And the invitation said come to
Italy and try our new tire for historic racing rally
cars, many rally cars. It’s called the P7
Corsa Classic. Now, I read that and
thought I’ve got no interest in that, at all. I can’t sell it. I can’t be doing it because JF
will kill me because it’s actually my normal job,
I’m supposed to review cars, not tires. And then I found out what
the itinerary was. There was no chance to
test the tire myself. However, Pirelli was going to
lay on a Delta S4, a Zero 37, a Stratos, and– would
you believe it– Markku Alen and Juha
Kankkunen. As you can see behind me, Mr.
Alen is just chilling down now, getting a cup of coffee. This is the most extraordinary
product launch I’ve ever been on. Only the Italians could launch
a product where you don’t get to test the product yourself. But you come anyway because
they lay on heroes and hero cars. So this is my day and
three of my favorite motorcars ever made– and two of my driving heroes. It should be quite good. [CAR NOISES] CHRIS HARRIS: 40 kilometers
outside San Remo town, up in the foothills of Alps, the
roads are sensational. This is the first time the
P7 Corsa Classic has been used in public. It’s really Perelli trying to
claw back its own territory with a new construction, two new
compounds, but retaining that classic, asymmetrical
tread patent. As the cars on display,
well, it’s pretty pornographic, really. Beyond what I’ve already
mentioned there’s a 131 Miraifori, a Group A Delta, a
cheeky 1997 Subaru road rally car, a super 2000 Peugeot 207,
and perhaps best of all, the famous Group S 800-horsepower
Lancia Stratos S4 ECV. [CAR NOISES] CHRIS HARRIS: Right. I’m about to take a
ride in the Lancia Stratos with Markku Alen. Now I’ve never been in
a Stratos before. I’ve never met Markku
Alen before. Both are heroes to me. Probably Markku more
than the car. So it’s not often I
don’t drive cars. I don’t like sitting in
the passenger seat. But sometimes there’s no point
in doing something yourself if there’s someone around who can
do it so much better than you. [CAR NOISES] CHRIS HARRIS: So the car
feels very balanced. It’s got lovely ride comfort. And this little gearbox has
got a lovely short row. [CAR NOISES] CHRIS HARRIS: The car feels
agile as if he could just put it into whatever he wants to. Incredible. [CAR NOISES] CHRIS HARRIS: And the
performance, as you can imagine, it’s got torque. It’s just a cool machine. It’s got a traction 305 section
tire in the rear. And at about 270 horsepower,
this car– gliding. We’ve reached that rainbow
stage with Markku Alen. [CHUCKLES] [CAR NOISES] CHRIS HARRIS: What a noise. What a noise. MARKKU ALEN: [SPEAKING ITALIAN]. That’s also handling a very
sporty car for years. CHRIS HARRIS: The ride is
so good over the bumps. MARKKU ALEN: But no
power steering CHRIS HARRIS: Does it need
to run for a little now? MARKKU ALEN: Yeah, yeah. It has to cool. CHRIS HARRIS: Wow. So for me to be in the passenger
seat the two things I found remarkable were,
the car is very subtle over the bumps. And it seemed quite
a drive to me. MARKKU ALEN: Really? Okay, we will go slowly. But anyway, easy, easy. But maybe now in– I don’t know the suspension. Maybe it’s completely new
circumstance with this car. Anyway, fantastic
to drive today. And maybe pick Pirelli
tires, also. I feel it is very safe. And everything, the breaking
point, the traction, everything going so well. So easy to drive, like I say. CHRIS HARRIS: When did you
first drive one of these? MARKKU ALEN: Like here, Remo
or something, ’78. CHRIS HARRIS: ’78. MARKKU ALEN: Yeah. I mean, all of the time in 131,
and I say, now it’s time to start us. CHRIS HARRIS: When you drove
the car, particularly on gravel, how much slip
angle could you use? Not so much? MARKKU ALEN: Not so you know. I mean, that’s important at that
time, is you not having hand brake. Like today, boys are doing
a lot of handbrake. We are in only braking
or accelerating, two possibilities. If you know something happened,
you try to 360 or you try to really turning
corners, and I hope everything’s going well. But no hand brake in this car. MARKKU ALEN: Thank you. CHRIS HARRIS: Thank you. What a legend. What a legend. Next up four time World Rally
Champion Juha Kankkunen in a Lancia Delta S4. On reflection, that’s quite
a good thing to say. [CAR NOISE] CHRIS HARRIS: Right. So if it’s him driving, I don’t
need to drive, do I? Let’s watch the master class. A lot less than 900 kilograms,
apparently, and they reckon it’s running 500 horsepower. [CAR NOISES] CHRIS HARRIS: Dear God. Right, that is really fast. [CAR NOISES] CHRIS HARRIS: It’s just
got so much torque. He’s driving it smooth
it just takes off. How does00 he just drives it
with so much economy, motion. And the motor, the motor starts
out with loads of torque, and then it just
carries on going. The supercharger brings it up,
and then the turbo takes over. It’s fast, and actually
feels quite neutral. It’s not understeering the
way I thought it would. It’s the feeling that the engine
kind of controls the experience. You don’t actually
sustain momentum. You basically blitz it between
the corners and get it through the apex. [CAR NOISES] CHRIS HARRIS: That’s
extraordinary. [CAR NOISES] CHRIS HARRIS: Simply
extraordinary. And hit the brakes to keep up. [CAR NOISES] CHRIS HARRIS: What a car. Thank you. JUHA KANKKUNEN: Good? CHRIS HARRIS: Yeah. The engine is just incredible. What an engine. JUHA KANKKUNEN: Your
face, it speak. CHRIS HARRIS: It’s the engine. I just– JUHA KANKKUNEN: Unbelievable. CHRIS HARRIS: It’s the torque
and then the power. And it’s seamless. You don’t even know. JUHA KANKKUNEN: You
have the torque. Like that car, like the Volumex,
beginning, but then when the turbo comes
together, PSHT! CHRIS HARRIS: That’s amazing. JUHA KANKKUNEN: It’s
amazing, isn’t it? It’s a good drive. CHRIS HARRIS: Do you think you
could have been quicker in one of these than the Peugeot? JUHA KANKKUNEN: You
never know. I never drove these, but the
Peugeot was a good car anyway. CHRIS HARRIS: And maybe the
Peugeot had an easier handling, do you think? JUHA KANKKUNEN: Yes, much
easier driving. It was more like a go-kart,
a very easy car to drive. CHRIS HARRIS: And this car, you
find that you have to just slow the car, get it turned– JUHA KANKKUNEN: Yes, that’s
what you have to do. CHRIS HARRIS: –and
then power. JUHA KANKKUNEN: Yep. Peugeot, you could even have
drove it a little bit sideways and play more with the
car than this one. It was very, very easy. The smaller road you had, the
faster the Peugeot was. CHRIS HARRIS: Yeah? JUHA KANKKUNEN: Yeah. CHRIS HARRIS: Thank
you, very much. Dream come true. Thank you. The most extreme interpretation
of the Group B regulations. The supercharged, turbocharged
four-wheel drive Delta S4. And now it’s older brother,
the two-wheel drive, 320-horsepower Zero 37– a few metal pipes, a
supercharger, two-wheel drive, and that noise. So I’m here with Paolo Andreucci
in a Lancia Zero 37, another dream come true, the
third so far today for me. This man next to me is a
six-time Italian champion– six times. For me, the 037 is a very
special car because, it’s one of the few cars that covers
both bases in that it is a supercar designed to
go rallying, but it’s rear-wheel drive. [CAR NOISES] CHRIS HARRIS: Good Lord. [CAR NOISES] CHRIS HARRIS: Yeah, that’s
what I love, actually. I’m not going to talk
about the car. I’m just going to
keep praying. [CAR NOISES] CHRIS HARRIS: This thing
is electric. The corner speeds. [CAR NOISES] CHRIS HARRIS: You can just
hear the supercharger. I can barely hear myself think,
it has to be said. Oh, my God, that was fast. That was fast. That was fast. [CAR NOISES] CHRIS HARRIS: Yes! Yes! Yeah, what a car! What a car! The balance! PAOLO ANDREUCCI:
Well, it’s OK. The faster change of
direction is OK. CHRIS HARRIS: Yeah PAOLO ANDREUCCI: Yeah. [CAR NOISES] CHRIS HARRIS: OK. The motor finally comes
alive at about 4 and 1/2 on the tacho. I’m going to [BLEEP] right in my pants because he’s
properly going for it now. A small fear. A road where we shouldn’t to be
doing more than 20 miles an hour, and he’s doing 95, 100. This car is noisy. It actually feels more
racey than any of the other cars inside. Wow! Wow! He’s definitely on it. Fifth gear. You shouldn’t be in
fifth gear now. That shouldn’t be possible. Bit of oversteer on
the exit there. Bit of oversteer there. Oh. Oh, yes. Oh, yes. And that is why I’m not
a rally driver. So for you, you drive a modern
car, a Peugeot 207 in the Italian championship. What’s it like to
drive this car? PAOLO ANDREUCCI: Yeah. It’s very easy in the
faster, because the weight is very low. And there is more
of a loaded car. In the faster change of
direction, it’s more precise. CHRIS HARRIS: Is it? PAOLO ANDREUCCI: Yes. Because the weight
is important. PAOLO ANDREUCCI: With these
tires, it has a lot of grip as well. PAOLO ANDREUCCI:
Yes, very good. It’s a very good tire. CHRIS HARRIS: You were just
another gear, another gear, another gear, another gear. PAOLO ANDREUCCI: Yeah. CHRIS HARRIS: That
was fantastic. Thank you, man. Thank you, man. PAOLO ANDREUCCI: Thank you. Up to this point, the day ran
surprisingly smoothly given that there were three active
road stages and a heap of journalists. I had an inkling of the mayhem
to come, however, when I was told that I could ride in
the Delta S4 wearing shorts and a T-shirt. You sit on the fuel
tank in an S4. And less we should forget,
they don’t have a great reputation for not
catching fire. At about 4 o’clock, the event
schedule was slightly noveled by some rain. This meant the Stratos stopped
running, and the gorgeous red ECV still hadn’t turned a wheel,
at which point Paolo jumped in the 22B and went for
a squirt, returning to hand over to Juha, who went very
sideways, indeed. Juha then spotted the S2000
car and said [DEEP VOICE] I haven’t driven one of those. A few seconds later, he was
doing this kind of thing. Then the rain stopped, and we
were treated to the theater that is the experimental
carbon vehicle being coaxed into life. They warmed it through, and then
Paolo went up the stage in it, returning to add some
real Group B flavor by aiming it vaguely in the direction
of people standing in the village. I suppose there was only way the
best day I’ve ever spent not driving cars– good end– a bloke doing donuts
in the best-looking Subaru of all time. And no, I still can actually
tell you what a P7 Corsa Classic is like to drive. But what a day. [CAR NOISES] CHRIS HARRIS: Now,
because you never drove this car in theory. MARKKU ALEN: Not in
the rallies, no. CHRIS HARRIS: Does this mean
when you finish driving you go back to Mr. Todd with a list of
modifications for the 205? MARKKU ALEN: Yeah. [CAR NOISES]

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