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Rainbow Six Siege All Alpha Packs Legendary Skins [Weapons, Head Gear, Charms]

hey what’s going on ladies gentleman Newcomb do c’mere so this is all the legendary items that was found in alpha packs on the PC yesterday this was submitted to a bunch of different forms reddit as well as my fans sending me pictures it was put together all in one picture thread by Bubba cron one and he didn’t source where he put all these pictures so I went ahead and tried to dig through every thread and find the original post and trying to do my best to credit now you see this post right here on the screen if you see that that means been confirmed by Lord Caron the moderator saying this is a unique item that’s been added to the game one quick note that these are subject to change Ubisoft we add more or remove some of these from alpha packs or some of them have not been found since all ended out for one day I do not know when consoles are coming out but stay tuned I’ll make an official video when it does come out for console and I am giving away $100 you are welcome to use that for Rainbow six seeds by elite skins or use among alpha packs in the future it’s just in the description I’ll have to do is hit the subscribe to like the bail-ins in description good luck guys [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] Oh Oh you [Music] Oh [Music]

100 thoughts on “Rainbow Six Siege All Alpha Packs Legendary Skins [Weapons, Head Gear, Charms]

  1. My birthday is next week and I feel like I am going to die before then im so tired!
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  2. Im selling a account with with season 1 and 2 pro league skins like glacier and season pass skins hum in Instagram youngolayer1409 or Twitter @ozark283 !

  3. Just checked when the video released thought this video was 4 days in the future then i was like… Oh wait

  4. I have Mac Daddy and Hot Chopper, i even got a hot chopper duplicate… I have Firefly and Politsiya too but these 2 are not legendary anymore but rare!

  5. i have a skin for twitch its legendary its called Space Martian iv'e not seen anyone with it? anyone know

  6. So I just realize after watching this video that Alpha Pack charm is a fkng legendary charm

    I got it from winning spin and when I got it I thought "well its a yellow pack" then got that charm

    I dunno if I should feel happy or sad bout it

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