100 thoughts on “Raiders of the Lost Ark (3/10) Movie CLIP – Sword vs. Gun (1981) HD

  1. Fun fact the reason that they had this scene instead of the actual sword fight /Whip fight was because Harrison Ford was sick on the day they were supposed to film it so instead to save time I think it was Harrison Ford who came up with idea just to shoot him with the gun.

  2. 0:57 frying pan actually have more defense against someone with a knife she could have able to disarm the guy’s knife easily with the pan

  3. Apparently that scene with Indy shooting the sword guy was improvised by Harrison Ford. They were supposed to have a lengthy duel

  4. 1:59 this three second part if the background score just proves that John Williams is the 🐐🐐

  5. When I watched this scene for the first time in 2012 I used to say at that moment with that sword vs gun. Indy received 5+ fame in red dead redemption style.

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  7. You know everyone got sick because of the food they were eating in this country so Indiana jones obviously ate the food and he got sick so he asked if he can just shoot him and he said sure! And bam rest is history lol

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  9. Plot twist. The script called for Indiana Jones to use the whip to get the sword out of his hands then fight him but Ford was so tired because he had the flu that he shot him instead and producers liked that better because it was funny

  10. God madean col colt made them equal. I am 63 and over weight. Give me a Remington 870.12 gauge with am extended magazine and I.will at least take a bunch with me.

  11. Has anyone ever noticed at 1:50 when Indy is looking for Marion the people on the street are just walking back and forth in front of the camera?

  12. Marion or her actress would made a great Wonder Woman back in the day, what with the dark hair and blue eyes.

  13. Fun fact: Harrison was really sick this day and couldn't do the intricate scripted fight that was planned; so he brought a real gun to the set and surprised everybody by legitimately shooting the other actor dead in cold blood. The crew loved it and kept it in the film.

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