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Radom MSBS 556 & Tarnów 308 ZMT

I’ll ask you the details I don’t know.
And your name is? Sebastian, okay. That’s a very nice name. Alright, YouTube welcome back to the channel. I’m Hank Strange we are at the 2015 SHOT Show We are on the convention floor, it just opened up. My friend Mixflip introduced me to this company Radom. They’ve got some really cool guns as you see lola strange. It’s a Polish company bringing guns here into the US But the thing that caught my eye is this
bullpup. It’s the MSBS. I’m not even gonna ask you what that means. (Sebastian) It’s modular small arms system. In English of course. First of all it’s 556 I like the fact that the magazine release is right up here I don’t wanna flag anyone here Your bolt release is right there Its got ambidextrous controls on it So I can just pull it down to lock it
back It’s ambidextrous on both sides and you can flip the ejection port from this side to
that side. Very nice. Also you can change this just
like you would on your AR If you want something want something softer, More comfortable that fits your hand you can change that out and put that in there you can change the
length of the barrel Some really cool stuff in this and you
know what I really like about it? It’s very thin, it’s got the right weight to it. For you guys out there looking for a bullpup, Now I don’t think this is available in a Civilian version They’re gonna do military but maybe in a year couple Yeah we’ll get a civilian version of this Very nice. I’d like to shoot this one
day We should arrange something like that So I can actually get some trigger time (Sebastian) When we bring this to the United States We will invite some Media and Press To shooting range and make a presentation. (Hank) Now can I ask you
something? (Sebastian) Yes, please. Is the trigger going to be changeable? (Sebastian) Yes, all the trigger mechanism will be interchangeable. It is going to be adjustable by the end user. So end user will be able to buy on the market His own trigger mechanism. and you know what the triggers not bad
for for a bullpup It doesn’t have a squishy trigger or
anything like that so that you know that matters. Nice, thank you. I appreciate that
Sebastian Very nice ..thanks a lot. So what else do you guys have up here? We have standard military versions of battle rifles Which are being used by Polish arm forces right now But we are going to change all for MSBS rifles In 556 caliber Nato and this year we make a 7.62 by 39 That’s so tough company’s you know. They have to deal with the American market, the Canadian market Yes, we have a French company here with us from Tarnov It’s a 308 sniper rifle, made out of aluminum alloy It a bolt action, You can easily achieve 3000 feet What kinda of weight are we looking at? It’s about 5 to 6 kilos. (Hank) Oh that’s not bad comparatively. That all depends on the size of your monorail, picatiny rail etc.. What does it come with? Obviously it
doesn’t come with the optic. It’s only picatiny here, so you can
mount whatever you like here Of course not the side because the side here is double the price Sure and it’s all user preference Exactly. what comes with it? Muzzle brake, butt stock But you have option for a short one or an adjustable What’s the price point on that? That’s the problem because it’s
Romanian and it’s from Poland It’s gonna be about 4 thousand US The range is 660 meters. You know this is a bullpup right? Yeah, this is a bullpup. All the action is going on in the back. Exactly you’ve got a long barrel on a short rifle. How many inches does that transfer into? I’m not good with the metric conversion That’s cool we’ll figure it out I’ll do the calculator on Google. Okay so 308 winchester and about 3 to 4 thousand US It is a standard gas no adjustments It runs on whatever ammo you like as long as it is 308 winchester So it’s not picky No, not at all. It all depends on the shooter right? You are absolutely right. Very nice, thank you. I appreciate that
thank you All right there you go from the Radom booth You saw two bullpups.

73 thoughts on “Radom MSBS 556 & Tarnów 308 ZMT

  1. Why are you asking about gas adjustment system if it's a bolt action rifle? Brain fart I'm assuming? I love the video in general and being dual polish-us citizen I really liked some cool polish arms possibly coming to the U.S. besides ak-47 and 74s.

  2. I like it, looks like competition to Desert Tech's MDR.  The charging handle needs to fold though, looks very obtrusive and obnoxious as is. 

  3. Good video, can't wait for the MSBS, since its based off the bushmaster ACR, I really like it. Also might be worth mentioning, you can convert the bullpup to a standard rifle layout, and vice versa…pretty awesome gun.

  4. Hank, love your first day badge holder and cheesy bungee, lol. Mine fell off like 20 times before I just grabbed one of the outdoor channel freebies! Would like to have met you personally, but good time anyway…

  5. California like New York, N.J.& CT has a stick up it's ass when it comes to their so called gun laws/restrictions. A designer plague [starting now 1/25/15] be upon every gun grabbing/UN wiped ass hole legislator where every they may be in America especially in New York & California & Illinois.  Maranatha

  6. I got excited for that bullpup, I thought it would be $1200-$1400 but it's not available for civilians… It seems they have no interest in the civilian market.

  7. Polish Producer (Radom firearm factory) has created a commercial company in USA about a year ago (for selling stuff purposes)…so MSBS assault rifle will be available on american market in the future.

  8. I had a few guys ask me if I filmed the Radom booth again this year. I told them I let by boy Hank Strange get the scoop on them since you didn't see their booth last year. Im sending them over to this video via a link from my channel. This was bad ass wasn't it?

  9. Po duzej ilości Beryli wprowadzonych do naszej armii nie spodziewam sie zakupow  wnajblizszym czasie takiego syustemu broni. Lepiej chyba pomyslec o eksporcie. Ale tu widze pewnie drobny zgrzyt. Konstrukcja modułowa-niech bedzie, fajne ale i tak pewnie zakupiona zostanie jedna wersja broni. Nie wierze w ta modulowosc na szczeblu pododdzialu – logistyka i przechowywanie. Jesli na eksport to moim zdanie zamiast tej roznorodnosci konstrukcyjnej lepiej byloby gdyby szybko mozna bylo go dostosowac do innego typu amunicji. 7,62,x39 moze i 5,45 moze i karabinowa 7,62. Nie chodzi mi o szybkie wymiany na polu walki bo to mrzonka tylko o oferte a nastepnie realizacje zamowienia na żądanie kontrhenta. Handel a nie zabawa. Nie wszyscy podniecaja sie 5,56 lub po prostu dysponuja ogromnymi zapasami jakiejkolwiek innej amunicji. To posiadana amunicja wyznacza nam konstrukcje a nie na odwrot. Takie jest moje zdania a przyszlosc pokaze czy sluszne.

  10. I cant understand one thing. Why the F……… my country mates send peoples whom speak in english with such pain in the ass.? They want to sell the weapone's or make customer's laugh, or be confused ( what the hell he just told to me? Or what he try to say???? Ok lets go to some one other who can talk.)

  11. When watching this video again… I'm not sure how quick it will be to lock the bolt open. Pulling the bolt release button out with what? Your teeth? The guy had to do it for you. (not saying you couldnt figure it out but it didn't seem practical)

  12. Its Radon not Radom. polish rifles are named after periodic table elements. Like Beryl. Radom is the city in which Fabryka Broni is located.

  13. They need to hurry up with this to market.  Longer they wait, harder it will be to compete with the SCAR and Tavor as they carve out those markets the MSBS is in

  14. Shame to polish idiots. Couldnt fucking hire anybody in poland with decent english? 
    Im polish and its not hard to find plenty of people speaking good english without terrible accent yet they fucking cant do anything properly. FUCK THEM

  15. Great video! I am happy we're gettin back on the market with some cool stuff and have some attention. FB Radom has some really good traditions [since pre war period] and great potential. Hope we won't waste it and become a competitive player! Cheers!

  16. amerykanie nie znają systemu metrycznego,ale jak chodzi o kaliber broni to jakoś nikt nie podaje rozmiarów w calach …

  17. Man this is probably the only bullpup I would even consider buying. I remember the initial prototype was going to allow switching out the barrel half of the gun so it could switch between bullpup and conventional. Glad it still has at least the forward mag release.

  18. Info z 09.07.2016:
    "Radomska Fabryka Broni pod nadzorem Wojska Polskiego rozpoczęła długo oczekiwany cykl badań wstępnych i kwalifikacyjnych (państwowych) broni strzeleckiej, rozwijanej w ramach pierwszego etapu programu polskiego żołnierza przyszłości." PIERWSZEGO ETAPU i BADAŃ WSTĘPNYCH… Powodzenia z wprowadzeniem na uzbrojenie w ciągu najbliższych 5 lat.

  19. Any updates on this company? I heard they are going to be making a 7.62×51 version of the MSBS. If so I'll take two 5.56 and two 7.62×51 to start…

  20. Z calym szacunkiem dla obu panów prowadzących konwersację z potencjalnym klientem lub osobą która może rekomendować te wspaniałe produkty naszych firm, moim skromnym, zdaniem Ci Panowie nie powinni tego robić, niestety nie mają do tego najmniejszych predyspozycji od języka angielskiego poczawszy poprzez brak informacji technicznych w jednostkach miary rynku na jaki zamierzają wejść ( Pan nie byl w stanie podać długości lufy w calach – porażka) a na wrażeniu ogólnym skończywszy Ci panowie nie wyglądają na zaprawionych w boju żołnierzy którzy wiedzą co mówią i co sprzedają, może są dobrzy jako menadżerowie ale jeśli chodzi o sprzedaż to tylko lody mogą sprzedawać – śmietankowe, bo broni to od nich bym nie kupił i myślę że take jest ogólne wrażenie po tym pokazie.
    Podstawy marketingu się kłaniają , szkoda bo sprzęt mamy jeden z lepszych na świecie.

  21. the man with breasts should lower his ego and elevate his knowledge of machinery if he does firearms videos, trying to sound like some gun guru. its just guns so whats up with the stupid questions

  22. The Polish guy seemed worried Negga to steal the gun…. The Carbine are always better and reliable than bullpup . Who would like to put his face onto moving parts?

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