100 thoughts on “Racist Cop Pistol-Whips Black Teen

  1. Let's call it what it is "white fragility" After have a black man president. Suddenly white people's feelings are offended. And trump tells them they are the victims. Because political correctness is the real problem. When all it is the resurgence of plain bigotry.

  2. You won't see this on the anti-white TYT — Aug 17th – New Jersey — black) savagely beat (a White) 91-year-old woman in her bed, and she died weeks later

  3. Aug 16th —
      UK: (Black muslim 'asylum seeker') Killer stabbed (White) woman, 21, to death in ‘explosive rage’ after she refused sex

  4. Aug 16th – Mississippi — upelo death caused by gunshot wound, murder arrest made – Black woman arrested for murder of White woman

  5. Aug 7th — black) Florida Teen Faced Charges For Murder of White Man in Deadly ATM Robbery Takes Plea Deal, Will Serve (only) 25 Years

  6. Aug 8th – Ann Harbor, MI — lain (71-year-old White) retired postal worker was strangled to death by (black) credit card thief renting a room in his home

  7. Aug 6th, Williamsport, PA — black) Alleged Uni-Mart Gunman (with stupid name) Arrested in Williamsport for murder of an innocent White female customer

  8. Why didn't they just retrain the Nazis? Why can't we retrain terrorists?
    Because you can't train the beliefs out of person. You just gotta throw the whole person away and start over.

  9. So now youtube trying to end the support around the world by ending the communication of texting the comments on videos.

  10. When I observe this young man tug at his waist to pull up his pants my heart immediately started palpitating because he's lucky they didn't shoot him. It's unfortunate be we have to teach our young black men differently then young white men. Never ever reach for your waist when being stopped by the police. These cops are scared and they will shoot.

  11. Amerika is a Police State. Standing Rock ..Occupy…Charlottsville …Stop and Frisk..Police killings..Policing of Black America…and not least by far the death of Black Americans at the hands of those who are meant to serve and protect but who instead brutalize and murder

  12. This is South Africa during Apartheid. Black people could enter white areas to work as maids and gardeners but could not be on ghost streets after dark. Beaches were designated "whites only".

  13. you're an idiot bro..defending a heroin users who had stolen a car just for purposes of making this video on race..jews are sketchy for sure, you guys bend the truth more than cops abuse the law..you are the Antichrist, denier of Jesus Christ

  14. It’s amazing, history remembers those three athletes in the 70/80s two blacks and one white guy when they did that gesture at the olympics, history doesn’t remember any of their peers or those who were against them. History will remember kaprenick and forget all those who fight him and if they’re mentioned it’ll always be in a negative way.

  15. I live in CT and everyone thinks it's all cardigan sweaters and gated communities. But there are actually more areas like Bridgeport than people want to believe. Willimantic, A BIG portion of New Haven, New London, and many more.

  16. I am thrilled the black teenager was arrested for stealing the car. Plus, he has an extensive criminal record and put his hands down to his waist last. Every video that was shown in this segment has a black breaking the law. Does Kaepernick kneel when a black police officer arrests a black criminal?

  17. I'm really sorry to say this but some of y'all niggaz in the States ask for cops to pistol-whip y'all like this. I mean just do what the cop tells you. i'm pretty sure the guy kinda knew that pulling his pants up looks like he reaching but still did it and then all we black people should feel pity for your dumb reaction? plus the car the was really stolen. I stand with Jay-Z on this one. We are passed kneeling. I'm sorry but this my true thoughts.

  18. All these ignorant comments kill me, yes we know everyone isn’t good and everyone deserves consequences, we are not saying don’t ever pull over/ arrest us we are saying when you do don’t use excessive force, because people are dying and getting hurt when unarmed.

  19. All the people talking about the man who got pistol whipped, saying insensitive things like ‘the car was stolen’ or ‘why did he pull his pants up if he was getting pulled over’ or ‘he was a heroine junky’. Y’all are missing the point that the man got pistol whipped my the police. They are not following protocol. I just would have rather him got tazed, at least that way he would be doing what he was taught not just doing shit because he thought it would be effective.

  20. Napity m’fers slow to comply with police instructions are common place too! Do what you are told instead of acting like an aloof jackass, and you won’t get beat down. Words to live by. He was probably trying to impress his baby’s momma by acting all cool and shit. I bet that that cop fixed him of that. Keep kneeling for the anthem, keep getting your ass beat. Fine by me. I comply with police instructions personally. He could have been reaching for a razor blade for God’s sakes!

  21. The question is why isn't everyone kneeling? Police brutality should never be given a get out clause for any situation
    Jay Z don't give a hoot, he's been paid.

  22. You hav the requirements they’ll hire you. Sense of character was never part of the job from the jump. Don’t care for them.

  23. They praise Jay, but question Kap and his blackness? I'm really sick of my people. They are choosing to sleepwalk. WTF?! 🤦🏿‍♀️

  24. Jay z is a sell out. How can you say that we're past that when nothing has been done to stop police brutality. Man… it make me mad that even someone of the same race is against Kaepernick. F jayz!


  26. This guy just said on god that police violence is the leading cause of black men… I have no words. What a fucking retard. Black men happen to be the leading cause of death in young black men. Gang violence and street bs. You absolute fucking idiots

  27. 😑y’all doing this shit for views, just as bad in my opinion🤷🏽‍♂️. Y’all really don’t care fr.

  28. I'm white and ran a stop sign once by mistake the cop was a dickhead he wanted to locked me up even looked for ways to do it but couldn't.

  29. Just a question. Who sues their boss and asks for their job back? We have 6 people in the NFL taking a knee, if that. Nobody is REALLY trying to give up their millions in contract money. So the my next question is, whats next?

  30. I’m disappointed because y’all are gaslighting like Fox News does..you all are conveniently stopping jayz before he finishes his statement sure it can be taken out of context..he literally said players should still kneel but it’s time to take action..I really can’t understand why you all are doing this

  31. I respect you as a human being and honestly I love you bruh! You are one of the beacon of Hope's within this dark time.

  32. People in the comments section: "Don't Run and you won't be shot" or "Don't resist and there wouldn't be an issue"…

  33. "Retraining" is not gonna get it DONE totally… ARRESTING and Eradicating these Racist KKKops from the force, will be the Right Thing To Do… REAL JUSTICE!

  34. Is he racist if he pistol whipped any other color? Or is racism selective? So cops have only pistol whipped black men? If a black cop pistol whips a white man is it automatically racism or just cop and criminal?

  35. How are these uploads about sports? You can't help being political can you tyt? What's the point of calling this channel sports? It's just another TYT politics and narrative channel

  36. Iont see how jayz get this much attention & he ain't did shit for the blacks PERIOD….. Move on ppl….. Fuck j, fuck the NFL, fuck white ppl, fuck the government & fuck ALL COPS

  37. As long as the kneeling continues, I hope the beat downs and whippings continue. You can’t have one without the other.

  38. Thank you. I work in a school which has blacks .And i fear for them when they have to drive out of an almost white neighborhood. And, yes, some of them have been pulled over because of their race. I worry so much about my students.

  39. 1 of 5 Not just mass-murders with assault rifles in high schools but ALL mass-murders and the murder lynching of innocent, unarmed, black and brown folks can be stopped in under 40 seconds using artificially-intelligent and remotely controlled, flying and rolling, robot-drones I have named “RoboCops”. There were 4 sheriffs and 1 school PIG that did not go into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School while Nikolas Cruz was still shooting proving PIGs are not needed. There were two PIGs who should have released one flying and one rolling drone, should have stayed in their PIGmobile, should not be allowed to carry guns, should not have shot Stephon Clark, and prove again that PIGs are nothing more than hired assassins of innocent minorities.

  40. This is fake news agitating BS. Kneel on your own time or get your ass whipped. I’m sick of this m’fer. Kneelers are ungrateful sacks of trash.

  41. Take this to the departments doing all l this. It is wrong but it had nothing to di with the NFL. Go kneel at the places it's happening. Demand answers from the police in person

  42. not surprised at Connecticut. this is the same place where the mattress manufacturers used to label their product with no Blacks or Irish employed in this factory.

  43. I normally agree with you point by point, Rick, but, as a daughter of a 28 year retired LEO father, you’re wrong here. That kid is lucky he wasn’t shot. He was going for his pants & in a SPLIT SECOND he could have killed that officer had he had a gun. They (the police) can’t take A MILLISECOND for granted. So, in this case, he’s lucky to be alive & the officer actually acted conservatively compared to other instances that involve these scenarios.

    Sometimes, you guys need to be a little more educated on what it’s like being an LEO in America in 2019. Js…..

    Ftr, I’m a Kap supporter & Jay Z AND the NFL can kiss my ass!!

  44. Even with video. Eric Garner's murderer was not even charged. This proves that WASP-skin is a disease itself. Grotesquely-WASP-skinned-bladders-of-corrupted-genetic-diarrhea; who are infected with both the Trumpbola-Virus and De-Evolved-Anti-Abortion-Puta-Disease. Are a threat to all life on the planet. Not just from being the ONLY Americacans who commit mass-murders in the USA. But due to massive brain and DNA damage; from 260 years of continous, self-inflicted poisoning. With lead, pesticides, PCBs, PBAs, radiation, aluminum, arsenic, formaldehyde, CTE, ADHD-drugs, Fox-News, micropalstics / estrogen, . . .

  45. So, kneeling is all we should do? What do we do now? Kneeling is just one thing. We need to take power when we can until we get what we want. So, do stay on our knee and complain while still buying jerseys, going to games, supporting the teams? Or, do we start to make money moves to buy portions take ownership and make our voices heard? I love Knap, but what now?

  46. What does this have to do with sports..?
    Also, nice mind-reading skills. I mean, a cop hits a suspect. That's gotta be racism at work I guess.

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