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QBB LSW – Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide

Hello, this is XboxAhoy and this is the tenth
episode of my Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide. This time, we’re covering the QBB LSW. A bigger brother to the Type 25, the QBB offers
LMG-grade damage and capacity, with some similar traits to its fast-firing sibling. The QBB LSW is the light support weapon variant
of the Chinese QBZ assault rifle design. Designed for more sustained use, and for use
with more powerful ammunition – the QBB is equipped with a heavier barrel, larger drum
magazine and a front-mounted bipod. An improved variant of the QBZ platform was
introduced in 2010: the QBZ-95-1, or ‘Gai’ meaning modified. It’s not outside the realm
of possibility that an extrapolated future variant will remain in service by the year
2025. Given the QBB’s external similarity to that
of the Type 25, this particular variant is likely to be a semi-fictional modification
of the futuristic 2025 platform, rather than a direct representation of the QBB-95 that
exists today. In-game, the QBB is the lowest damage LMG
– but compared to most other weapons, per-shot damage is relatively high, needing just 3
shots to kill at a close range. At a distance, you may need up to 5 shots:
and it is worth noting that the QBB has no headshot multiplier whatsoever – so the wisest
strategy is to always aim for centre mass. Like most of the LMGs, range dropoff is relatively
slow, offering fairly consistent performance out to a middle range – but the QBB pales
in comparison to the Mk 48’s leviathan reach. It is its rate of fire where the QBB LSW shines
– trumping all other LMGs at 940 rounds per minute, on par with most SMGs. With Rapid Fire equipped, you’ll dole out
1250 rounds per minute instead – although this does come with a range penalty, and greater
recoil. Hipfire spread is the same as all of the other
LMGs, lying between the assault rifles and sniper class performance: but the QBB’s high
rate of fire does make for perhaps the best hipfire performance within its class. Recoil is moderate, relatively mild on a per-shot
basis but quickly compounding due to the ferocious level of output. You’d be well advised to burst fire, especially
when tackling enemies at a distance. Aim time is marginally quicker than its peers,
although the QBB does suffer from the universally slow handling times associated with the LMGs:
your movement speed is of the slowest for any primary weapon, at 90% of the maximum
base speed. Magazine capacity is of a healthy 75 rounds,
or 100 with the extended clip attachment: a little lower than the belt-fed weapons,
but a cut above most of the more mobile weapon options. Of course, with the QBB’s elevated output
these 75 rounds are chewed through quickly – but thankfully reloads aren’t too slow to
endure, at 3.72 seconds – positively sprightly compared to the Mk 48. Our build with the QBB is another defensive
loadout: but one built to take advantage of the QBB’s immense close-range potential. Its rate of fire and high damage makes this
lumbering beast unstoppable up close when in a prepared position, and with our class
we seek to round out our abilities to smooth the vagaries of rapid-paced engagements. We’ll be making good use of the attachments
on offer to achieve this, so our first pick ten choice is the Primary Gunfighter Wildcard,
allowing us to take 3 attachments for maximum weapon benefit. First up is the laser sight, conferring a
large increase in your weapon’s hipfire performance. The QBB’s high rate of fire makes its performance
from the hip surprisingly consistent: given that you only need three close-range shots
to connect, in tandem with the laser sight you can be surprisingly effective without
ever needing to aim. Of course, aiming is most definitely advantageous
over the mid-to-long range sight lines, and like most LMGs the QBB is terribly effective
employed from prepared positions. In fitting with our aggressive bent, we’ll
be taking the Quickdraw Handle to improve aim time with the otherwise lethargic LMG. Along with the laser sight, Quickdraw will
assist in getting accurate fire onto a target as quickly as possible, lessening the penalty
for switching up defensive position. Thirdly, the suppressor provides a two-pronged
benefit: the first being no appearance on radar when you fire, and the second the removal
of the rather heavy muzzle flash, which can prove obstructive and detrimental to your
accuracy. You do lose a portion of your effective range,
but the fast rate of fire means any excess shots required are quickly dispensed – and
the ability to conceal your exact firing location will serve you well when facing groups incoming
assailants. Our first perk selection is the defensive
stalwart, Flak Jacket. Nigh essential for locking down objectives,
particularly with this tight-quarters class: with this perk equipped you will eat explosives
and emit victory. Second up, Fast Hands offers a couple of speed-enhancing
traits that prove useful within our loadout. Faster equipment usage allows you to quickly
deploy the lethal and tactical facets of your build, and return to a firing stance more
quickly. Secondly, the ability to switch weapons faster
might save you should you be caught needing a reload – and also opens up the possibility
of switching to a high-mobility weapon to reach critical objectives as swiftly as possible. Switching to the combat knife, for instance,
permits movement at maximum speed – and comes with a 50% boost to your sprint endurance.
With Fast Hands, you can make good use of this – safe in the knowledge that you can
quickly switch back to the QBB as you approach the danger zone. Finally, Dexterity in tier 3 also helps speed
up your reaction times when moving near the enemy: faster emergence from sprinting, and
speedier mantling. These elements combine to allow you to secure
an objective quickly, allowing quick climbs through unconventional entry points: and once
you’re in, you can set up a rock solid defence. Our lethal equipment is a valuable tool in
the initial clearing of such objectives: C4 is a potent explosive choice that can be tossed
ahead to weaken or eliminate enemy defenders. With fast hands, it’s a very viable offensive
tool: and explosives are more reliable against multiple entrenched foes than any bullet-based
weapon. The Trophy System is our tactical choice:
an award-winning means of blunting enemy explosives in tight spaces. While you will have the benefit of Flak Jacket,
the Trophy system will completely intercept any explosive damage – and assist in keeping
your teammates alive, too. Enemy grenades, C4, rockets – and even scorestreaks
such as the Hunter Killer – will all be blasted to smithereens once caught by the polite cough
of this revolving countermeasure. Each Trophy system is good for two explosive items, and
you can pick up an unspent system once deployed should your objective change location. That’s our build – an LMG sans secondary,
but otherwise perfectly suited to uncomfortably close quarters battle. Such a loadout is perfect for game modes such
as headquarters and hardpoint: these modes call for a lockdown of a tiny area, where
explosive resistance and sustained close-quarters ability reign supreme. Sprint to your objective with the combat knife
equipped, quickly switch back to the QBB as you approach. Clear defenders with a deadly
combo of C4 and relentless hipfire: and once you’re in, take up position with Flak Jacket
and the Trophy System to keep enemy explosives in check. This aggressive style of objective defence
can make life very difficult for your enemy: unless your opposition work as a team, they’ll
find it very hard to dislodge you – your lockdown absolute, and victory almost inevitable. The QBB LSW is perhaps the LMG most suited
to close-range area denial: a sustained ability to dole out a huge amount of lead in a relatively
short space of time can turn the tide when holding a critical objective. It boasts the fire rate of an SMG, with the
damage of an LMG – few weapons will kill as quickly at a close range. Of course, the usual downsides of the LMG
class do apply: slowed movement and sluggish handling speeds will be your burden to bear
when equipping this weapon. Long range performance suffers too, compared
to the other options in the LMG class: moderate recoil and low damage mean it’s the weakest
LMG at a distance. Still, the QBB’s rate of fire can round out
the otherwise slow handling traits, and with the right loadout you can give even the most
fervent of enemy a run for their money. With stonewall resistance and unyielding force,
lay plans with this Chinese weapon… …and teach your opponent The Art of War. Thanks for watching, this has been XboxAhoy. Join me next week, when I’ll be covering the
next Sniper Rifle – the DSR-50. Until then, farewell.

100 thoughts on “QBB LSW – Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide

  1. just put a quickdraw handle on it and you can do wonders. iron sights are way better than any other sight, especially fuckin target finder

  2. I think Movement speed should be broken down 50/50 
    Smgs, Pistols, Machine pistols and Specials should have 50%
    Assault rifles, Snipers and Shotguns 45%
    Lmgs, Launchers and Marksman rifles 40%            
    Lightweight adds 1.15x Speed

    Fal DSW, Five seven, lightweight 109.25%
    Mk48 No secondary Lightweight 103.5%
    PDW-57, RPG 90%


  4. I wished the Laser Sight didn't block out a portion of the iron sights on the Type 25 and QBB. Best attachment by far for the QBB but hurts the nice irons.

  5. Wtf! 7:10 just realized he got stuck by a Semtex but he survived the moment he laid the trophy system down. I never knew that was possible.

  6. i love this gun i was in a game once3 getting killed by a lmg and then i picked up the qbb lsw with surpressor stock and quickdraw and i was unstoppable hahahaha >:)

  7. My search and destroh loadout with this:

    Qbb Lsw

    Flak jacket
    Dexterity and dead silence


  8. So, the QBB LSW is not your typical "stay-behind-your-lines-and-give-support" Light Machine Gun. I learned that the hard way, right after departing from the Mk 48. I feel like it's more of a front line gun. Let me cover the loadout that works best for me.

    Weapons: QBB LSW, Combat Knife
    Wildcards: Primary Gunfighter, Perk 2 Greed
    Attachments: Fore Grip, Quickdraw Handle, Adjustable Stock
    Perks: Flak Jacket, Toughness + Scavenger, Dexterity

    The Fore Grip reduces the awful recoil that the QBB LSW possesses. I don't understand why people here don't use this, and instead use a Suppressor. If you want a stealth LMG, go for the HAMR. With the Fore Grip, I can tackle targets at longer ranges. The next two attachments are pretty straightforward for someone operating on the front lines. The Quickdraw Handle helps me be more aggressive when facing opponents in CQB, and usually come out on top. The Adjustable Stock gives a boost to that aggressive play.
    Flak Jacket protects me against almost all form of explosives. Players love chucking their C4 packs, and man, that is annoying. Toughness prevents me from flinching too much in firefights. This is critical, as the QBB LSW is the lowest damaging LMG, and it's a pain in the ass just to kill someone sometimes. I packed Scavenger because I found myself running dry on ammo a lot, and the QBB LSW just burns through its starting capacity. Finally, Dexterity helps once again with the aggressive play, letting me acquire a target faster. Climbing and mantling quicker is a nice bonus too.

    Overall, this is a monster, but only in the right hands, and it takes quite a while for one to get used to the way it's played. Oh, and ignore the optical attachments; the Iron Sights are usable enough, and any sights put on this gun just look ugly.

  9. I kind of wish this gun was available on zombies.  It would be so much better than the other lmgs.

  10. If anything, the QBB does exist today, 1997, they released the QBB-95, basically what the RPK was to the AK-47, but for the Type 95 Chinese assault rifle

  11. I honestly felt you should have replaced the suppressor with something like FMJ. That attachment allows for you to rip apart enemies behind cover, and it would also be beneficial in this class since you don't have any real stealth perks.

  12. Lethargic? Wow, very cool word to use, as it does fit the truly sluggish movement that must be suffered through while using these BEAST.

  13. i have an awesome class setup for the type 25! i call it the iron man class. for your attachments you want laser sight and target finder. then you want a lock on rocket launcher anyone of them will do(i prefer the FJH-18) for perk 1 you want hardline and ghost. then you want scavenger. for the final perk you want engineer. for your lethal and tactical you want claymore and black hat. this class will basically help you take out enemy equipment. like that turret douchebag steve just put at the spawn. hack it or fire a rocket at it. pls like this comment if the loadout worked for you! 🙂

  14. Primary: QBB LSW w/ Laser Sight, Quickdraw
    Perks: Lightweight, Flak Jacket (Wildcard Used), Toughness, Dexterity, Tactical Mask (Flak Jacket Used)
    Personal class for Core gamemodes rather than objective gamemodes….

  15. This gun feels like a heavy SMG to me. It competes with the SMGs with fire rate, but is much slower in it's handling. I use it when I'm bored of playing with the usual defensive based MGs.

  16. These guides helped me get diamond on every weapon in a month. That's coming from a person who is TERRIBLE at CoD

  17. Come back and watch in 2017, just found that at 7:12 he saved himself from the sticky grenade( i forget the name) with the trophy system

  18. Bam boom, my favorite lmg in the game, I love this weapon it’s like a ar lmg smg hybrid, because it has the look of an ar (type 25) it has all the advantages and disadvantages of a lmg, and it has the fire rate of a smg (mp7) now I know it has only 75 rounds which for a lmg with a high fire rate, sound pretty bad but I don’t find it all that bad, I just run scavenger, now I run this with a sight sometimes, because the sight wobbles around everywhere so I run just the irons, but I would run quickdraw, and silencer.

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