100 thoughts on “QB-SLUGS – RARE Anti-Materiel shotgun rounds

  1. Perhaps it could be called "THE WEDGY ROUND" cuz it'll leave your Kevlar inner wear, or, Kevlar outer wear all bunched up in places…

  2. Ma•te•ri•el /məˌtirēˈel/
    Military materials and equipment.
    I had to look it up.

  3. I like your design configuration of 8 long wedges (3:40) rather than 4+4 stacked (9:35). If they were more narrow & long, it would perform more like a sabot and penetrate the target deeper. But it makes sense they called then quadrangles cuz quad means 4. For 8 wedges they'd be called octangles. Probably the best design might have been 6 narrow hexangles.

  4. If that hits a person in the arm youll die from the shock. If a 3in slug hits you in the stomach while wearing a vest you could very well die from shock.. Imagine the force…

  5. ~09:15 – "Everybody's offended by something nowadays"

    Fuckin'A. Screw those professionally offended weaklings.

  6. Lol – "everybody's offended about something these days" – yeah mate, I'm offended by the 44% spousal abuse rate amongst American cops.

  7. Very interesting, seemed average at first, but the last test backs up the claim.
    Would be even better without the 4 adverts Poo-Tube seemed necessary to inflict on me 😡😡😡😡

  8. Sure is a lot of $$$ to "the tax payer" for high dollar XXX shot. Thanks looking out big bro, as allways

  9. I am assuming you are dissing the modern (BMW) Mini Cooper- I don’t even know how big the engine is in that. The original Mini Cooper was a vastly different animal running on wheels not much different to those on a go-cart. As safe as anything built by a 1960s state run car firm, and ranging from a road car with a 850cc to a road legal racer with 1425cc. Even the smaller engined ones could race around European lanes and tended to eventually fall to pieces from mis-use.

  10. Love your vids guys. I just hope you all have your paperwork in order for your pump fully semiautomatic shotgun since your in California. And for God sakes please do not show your high capacity magazine clips that turn your shotgun into a bump fire weapon of war. 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  11. If you guys haven’t yet you should set up a small house and shoot through the walls into targets to represent a break in or home burglary

  12. Ben in Arizona. That's funny I live in n.y. and I know a ben that lived in Arizona that likes guns a wholeeeee lot. Suspicious

  13. I love his adult film name comment. You all are awesome and I love watching your scientific analysis of ammunition

  14. I think youtube is starting to take it light on you guys! Ive been getting adds all your videos lately old and new

  15. So did Ben in Arizona make an illegal transaction with with a Cali resident. I was always told check for Cali info and never sell to them.

    Part in jest part in can't stand the first state to secede from the union by discarding the Constitution.

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