100 thoughts on “Q&A #17: Bullpups, Stocked Pistols, Delayed Blowback, and More!

  1. Forward recoil: just a really heavy frickin' weight (or firmly planted bi-/tripod) on the end of the op-rod. Gun goes back, weight stays still. Boom: recoil-forward action.

  2. Love the show. I think at 58:08 you probably mean "simple"(and somewhat effective) rather than "simplistic". Simplistic has a negative connotation (lacking the complexity required to meet objective).

  3. The part of the video about bullpups raises an interesting question. Ian says the FAMAS isn't better than the Tavor, and doesn't mention the KelTec RDB at all. Yet both Ian and Karl specify in a video over on InRangeTV (Dec. 10th, 2015) that the RDB was hands down the best bullpup on the market at that time. I have to wonder why the RDB wasn't mentioned in this discussion, particularly considering how much better he RDBis than the Tavor, and I would be interested in both Ian and Karl's opinions comparing the FAMAS with the RDB.

    While I have no experience with the FAMAS, my own personal experience concurs with the InRangeTV assessment of the RDB. It is very good. The RFB is also very good, I have experience with that as well. The front ejection tube is a little odd to adapt to, but otherwise an excellent rifle.

    The InRangeTV review on the RDB can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybQRUl_iFEA

  4. I had to chuckle around the 28:52 mark, after you finish saying that you've been buying impractical guns since the very beginning.
    That sort of look staring off into space followed by a little head shake makes me think you must have been remembering some pretty suspect purchasing decisions hehe

  5. I have a question for Ian. What does it take to get involved into gun design and manufacture ?
    – Let's say I got few ideas which I want to turn into prototypes.

  6. Quick question on machine gun transfer: If the ATF does a 'deeper' background check on you than for a rifle, but the requirements are actually the same… if the ATF finds reason to deny your application, do you loose your gun license as well?

  7. He's right about that Serbian Mauser book! https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=SERBIAN+AND+YUGOSLAV+MAUSER+RIFLES+By+Branko+Bogdanovic

  8. The FAMAS can only reliably run steel cased ammo, correct? If correct, in the event of a big conflict where NATO members were sharing ammo, wouldn’t this be a huge issue that would overshadow many of the other flaws of the AUG, for example?

  9. Regarding the usefulness of high-speed cameras: I imagine it would be incredibly useful when working out the timing, spring tensions, etc with various ammunition.

  10. I have a weird FAMAS Commando I don't speak French .All I've been able to find on it is that misclassified as a restricted air rifle and the French government destroyed them . any one know were I can find info on it?

  11. The Lttlejohn adapter was a squeeze bore muzzle device for WWII 2 pounder antitank guns. Better rifle results have been had with saboted bullets. One I recall used a 22 cal bullet in a plastic sabot. Sabots are used for shotgun slugs and antitank projectiles. It give big bore power with a more streemlined projectile.

  12. Ahh listening to a Gun Jesus sermon in one tab while browsing gunbroker in another, perfect way to spend an evening.

  13. Pipe! Just need a slug of booze to complete the look ! However…what's in the coffee cup? ….. Heh heh

  14. the RFB is a fantastic modern bullpup and if Ian hasn't had a chance to shoot one I hope he does soon. It is far superior to its little brother the RDB.

    Also I think that the "best" Bullpup of all time award should go to the FG 42.
    Recoil absorbing buttstock
    closed bolt Semi auto
    open bolt full auto
    full power rifle cartridge
    and all less than 10 lbs

  15. Was the g11., with its caseless ammo, simply to Ahead of its time, when HK proposed it, in the 1990s ?. Could,such ammo type, become the standard now. Or a even more radical departure, with energy weapons/electromagnetic etc!.

  16. Holy crap- I ha e one of those books. It's a very useful book. What issues or mistakes with it I do not know, but I paid like 20 bucks in 2013 or so. A 150 bucks now…

  17. one day Ian is going to be that 100yr old dood that knows EVERYTHING about guns, machining processes, history etc. he's well on his way. Excellent class, bud, the robe has got me cracking up (sips a tea mug). love your show, keep up the good work.

  18. Would electrically powered cycle be feasible? (Battery in say stock, powering a motor that would move a bolt)

  19. Wow he looks like an unbelievable perv here. He's about to suggest a modest proposal to you, then raise his eyebrow in a really creepy way.

  20. I'm sure I'll get grief for this but the best bullpup rifle I've shot is the Kel Tec RDB.   It's truly ambidextrous, has better economics and  trigger than a Tavor, uses AR mags, it's relatively small and light, and it's a pretty simple operating system.   And before anyone claims they will jam all the time mine has been flawless with any ammo I've tried.

  21. I'm sure you'll get to look at the updated Famas, at the Musseum du Armmee

  22. With the B&T USW you dont have to assemble a clunky stock on, its just a tiny folding piece of plastik. That can be done in literally a second.

  23. If that was supposed to be an impersonation of Alistair Cooke in his armchair and a bryre pipe.. Cooke was quite ant- gun. just FYI.

  24. Ian: this may not be the appropriate video in which to ask, but:
    Would you please do a video on the HK G11?
    I know you have mentioned the FN P90 in the past, and from my limited knowledge both weapons seem to have the same goal in mind, the years between the two designs notwithstanding.
    I'm very curious as regards the G11 because I've heard many things, both good and bad, about the G11 through the last several years.
    Please continue with the good work in informing and entertaining and educating those who do not have access to most-any firearm.

    Kind and Respectful Regards, Ian, Uyraell, New Zealand.

  25. 1. This video is not demonetized. I sat through an awful medical add to support you.
    2. OMG is that a smoking jacket?

  26. If Famas is the best bullpup, then the whole idea isn't much. French army could only use them with special steel cartridges and requires lot of care to work properly. The French have replaced it with Heckler & Koch gas piston common layout assault rifle.

  27. I would like to know more about bullpups, and the reason they didn't become ubiquitous. They seem like a perfect barrel-shortening method, but what are the drawbacks?

    I dream of purchasing my own machines and making my own guns, and producing an effective bullpup is high on the list.

  28. High speed cameras have been around for over 100 years, and the first ballistics high speed camera photography was in 1886, and have been used in weapons development since WWI era. The problem is pre-digital high speed cameras were big, bulky, difficult to use, and could only capture short durations.

    For repetitive processes, stroboscope freezing of fast motion was a better technique a lot of the time, and still can be useful, even with cheap high speed cameras.

  29. A skirted round (of lead or soft alloy) was used in Gerlich's "Cone Bore" guns. Most significant of these was the sPzB 41 "28/20", significant in the sense that all of them were issued and oft used (until the ammo ran dry). This gun was intended for the Falschirmjaeger, but Google "SPW250/10" or "SPW251/10" and about half the pics will show the platoon commander's halftrack armed with the sPzB 41. My favorite cone bore gun is the 7.5cm PaK 41, which squeezed the 75mm apparent diameter of the shot to an emergent 55mm (It was also called the "75/55"). These were used, too, but the penetrators inside the soft metal jackets or skirts were made of tungsten carbide and that's the old story about strategically critical materials-not to mention that excessive barrel wear was problematic.

  30. ok ian call me crazy but i think you need a pipe a glass of brandy and nice fire place o and one of those silk or saturn robes in red with black trim sitting here watching this and just thinking that

  31. Hi Ian, Steyr AUG runs the Gas Tappet system, and having used the Austeyr F88 when I was younger, I found it easy to remove, clean and adjust, M1 Carbines from memory have a Gas Tappet rather than a short stroke Piston too, but it's been a long time since our country let us have them in Civilian hands..

  32. "Delayed blowback […] tend to be a little more sensitive to ammunition spécification" that's exactly what happend to the FAMAS when the french government stopped producing it's own ammunition and bought some 5.56 from Israël for exemple. This was also due to the wrong riffling for this kind of ammunition. So this made the bullet starting to drop much too early, and all this big batch of ammunition was eventually thrown away …

  33. You kind of have the L85 a harsh rap. Having struggled through the A1 I get some of my own prejudice at times. BUT while I came up on A1s I spent more time behind an A2 than anything else. And while it's heavy at exactly the same weight as an F1 FAMAS, it's from everything I've seen more accurate than the FAMAS(it does have a longer barrel by over an inch).

    And in its A2 guise it's as reliable as any other modern rifle, and in testing was actually more reliable than anything else in use in NATO at the time, including the FAMAS. It's worth noting to prove the A2 solved the reliability problems it's acceptance trial was hell on earth. And in 2 million rounds the rifle itself only failed twice in trials under very harsh conditions.(If you ever get the chance the Armies program lead for that is an incredibly interesting guy)

    As you note the short stroke gas system is also very easy to maintain and the A2 also has an easy to adjust gas system. Even when the gunk is well into the gun and the gas system is more carbon than metal switching it to E will usually get the gun running.

    The weight issue is something you don't notice in the field. It is back heavy and unbalanced. But from a marksmanship and movement perspective personally I prefer that. All the weight in the back makes recoil manageable and being close to the body makes it easy to move with the gun. It's literally given to teenagers, some of whom are tiny, and they manage well with it.

    If you get the chance you should really try to get a bit of time behind the latest A3. It's still heavy, but it's had a lot of quality of life improvements. And the freefloating handguard/bipod and the new sighting system would fit in well with any two gun competition.

    Anyway tl:Dr the L85A3 is genuinely good. Other than weight it doesn't really have any significant drawbacks. And compares favourably with any other early 2000s design weapons(since comparing A2 and A1 on anything other than look is actually almost silly)

  34. My first kriss vector blew up. There's nothing to prevent the firing pin from striking if not completely cycled. They replaced it without comment

  35. If 3D "printing" had any viable commercial/industrial use it would have been invented beside the Jacquard loom.

  36. Okay hear me out – 3 bullets out of one barrel didn't work so well, neither did 1 bullet per barrel with 3 barrels isn't such a great idea. But what if, for an actual machinegun (LMG, HMG? IDK) … Three barrels using tri-bullet ammunition. Think of the sheer suppression from the hail of lead. You'd saturate such an insane area … Hell, even just one barrel with a high rate of fire with 3 projectiles would create a cone of withering fire …

  37. Ian,
    Have you seen that AR15 they had at the other Shot Show type venue out west?
    They manufacture most every part in house, some by 3D printing….
    Carbon fiber, titanium, boron and a strange new BCG that might blow your mind.
    And it all comes in at about 3 1/2 lbs.
    I saw it on TFB channel…..

  38. Ian, what do you think about dashpot delayed blowback operated assault rifle – is it feasible system or is it… overkill?
    I'm a mechanical technologist by education and also by hobby, though I don't have, as much as you, practical knowledge and experience.

  39. Where did you find the smoking jacket? The pipe looks like a Peterson Silver Spigot. With your penchant for French guns, I would have expected you to go with a Butz/Choquin.

  40. Why don't you just do some general talks on subjects that fully cover a subject instead of just a mixture of Q&A. You seem to be extremely knowledgeable, That way everything that belongs together is together.

  41. A stock on a pistol is great if its a machine pistol like a glock for stability, then there is just insanely decking out the gun with a longer barrel with compsenation cuts and an exended slide with a cutout for that trijicon rmr on the back. It would be a mall ninja gun but I love it anyways.

  42. Not to forget to mention that "DP" guns are additionally rendered totally inoperable. Their bolt faces are milled away, the barrel slotted at the breach and further down the barrel, rod inserted and welded solid.

  43. Wow! Not a single comment saying Ian pronounced Heckler and Koch wrong… It's almost as if he didn't… and the morons I see on many videos saying 'thats not how you prounce that' are just morons… hmm… >__>

  44. Ian I love the show and was just curious how and or where you got all this knowledge on firearms and their history, did you go to a school or are self taught?

  45. The book about Serbian Mausers is "Serbian and Yugoslav Mauser Rifles" by Branko Bogdanovic the ISBN is 188231357. Well done pulling that first name out of memory! I have been trying to find that book for a reasonable price (less than $50) for a couple of years now. No luck yet.

  46. 1. The smoking jacket, library, pipe, etc. aren't laying it on quite thick enough. In addition to a tweedy Brit accent, you need a hunting dog sitting next to your chair.
    2. Gas operating systems have to have pistons? Funny, I have six ARs and only one of them has a piston system. Unless you're calling a bolt carrier a piston, in which case the POF piston system has two pistons.

  47. Great article regarding the real reasons for Remington's financial woes – goes much deeper than bad products. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/05/01/magazine/remington-guns-jobs-huntsville.html

  48. The tavor and the vhs2 are better than the famas but only because they are newer. Who the hell needs a bipod on an assault rifle?

  49. I can see an application for squeeze bore in very long range, medium payload, high precision artillery. You kinda need to have a crazy swappable artillery barrel gun, but it still beats a missile in cost.


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