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PYRAMID Shaped Shotgun Slugs – The Illuminati, Confirmed

all right so today we have these pyramid
slugs which if you look inside here look exactly like the top of the Empire State
Building or something they’re pretty sharp for a pyramid but there are
pyramids so we’ll see how they perform out of a rifled slug or a rifled choke another one this is jeff of
taofledermaus stay we have pyramid shape lead slugs these weigh about 20 grams
and this is an idea that you the viewers have suggested to me especially after we
shot the cube slugs so finally got around to making these I
made the mold about four or five months ago and today we’re gonna shoot them my
guess is they’re not gonna do very well but we’ll see they may be the best round
in the world though it may be like the cube shots the cubes yeah that’s that’s
what inspired these good night right here look back look ready yep the keyboard get some brick action –
okay it might fly back at us but okay I’m ready Oh let plates whenever you’re ready a
little tiny dimple okay we got it this is a little artistic stuff apple
with a Beatle wig on it only on Hitchcock 59 okay I ready oh yes they’re starving kids in Africa
they love a rotten apple with a beautiful hairpiece on it oh yeah
Oh boohoo Jenny my lipstick judgin take one ready yep all right okay what what are you calling
a headshot clarifying it head shot corner pocket okay I’m ready babe must not kill ape so today we’re
gonna just just keep going they don’t get this up these uh these pyramid
rounds these pyramid slugs you say and okay good alright so today
we’re gonna try out some of these pyramid slugs out of the rifle choke so
we’ll see how they perform because they’re pretty for science the test soon

26 thoughts on “PYRAMID Shaped Shotgun Slugs – The Illuminati, Confirmed

  1. Well, not notably stable, but accurate enough over the distances you were shooting. Definitely strange not to hear Jeff commentating the video.

  2. Have you created a video, or tried any of the ammunition with the ELP projectiles?
    Several Synergy Business Development divisions, including the Extremely Lethal projectile (ELP) division, were recently acquired by SAMS Small Arms Munitions Systems ( and the products are shown on this site. If you have, plan to create or know of video’s that I can link to please let me know?

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