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Putting a stronger focus on creaking down on firearms

3 WHBF IS LOCAL 4 (CITY) AND LOCAL 4 YOU..YOU’RE WATCHING LOCAL4 NEWS AT 10:00. 3 TIFFANY: GUNSHOTS SEEM TO BE AN ALL TOO FAMILIAR SOUND IN THE CITY OF DAVENPORT. NOW… A NEW UNIT IN THE POLICE DEPARTMENT IS TARGETING GUNS.JIM: TONIGHT…WE WON’T NAME OR SHOW YOU THE OFFICERS ON THIS TEAM BECAUSE OF THE SENSITIVE NATURE OF THEIR WORK IN THIS LOCAL FOUR NEWS EXCLUSIVE. 3 SHAWN LOGING TOOK A RIDE WITH THE GUN UNIT AS THE TEAM WORKS TO STOP THE BULLETS. 3 “6496 “Stay on him, oh man.” The precarious nature of police work.6497 “This is part of it, definitely is, not what we want.”The Davenport Police Gun Unit is after a sly suspect. 6463 “Our guy’s wanted. So, we’re going to go with him on his warrants and he has the chance of him being in possession of drugs or a gun.”It started earlier in the day when some in this five member team were waiting, keeping close watch of the suspect’s house. 6461 “See if we can get the target identified and get him out of the house. Part of the reason we want him to get some of our targets out of their homes is for safety reasons.”Then comes to effort to stay on his tail but not noticable. 6493 “Surveillance is not as easy, northbound through five-points. He’s going to turn eastbound Pleasant.”But sometimes this cat and mouse game doesn’t end as desired. 6497 “If we don’t have him anymore, let send a couple guys back down to the address.” (NAT)It’s only one of the challenges the sergeant who lead this newly developed unit says they face. 6482 “If someone gets shot or house gets shot up and they don’t want to be the victim of a crime the case gets closed. We will pick that up on the back end of it and see if we know who did it.”DPD’s Gun Unit officially launched in October 2018. Kyle Chisholm “We were looking for the most effective way to follow up on gun events in the city. Previously, we were having different units within the city to follow up on these.”Part the need was what happened in the city in 20-17.6462 “2017 was a rough, long year for our detectives.” Davenport saw about a dozen homicides that year, twice what the city experienced in the years prior. It left little time for detectives to follow up on other gun incidents the way the gun unit now can. 6462 “we hit the streets running.”Chisholm “We’re able to get after these case quicker, we’re making quicker arrests on them and the other part of that is we’re getting information out quicker about results of these investigations.”They’re making strides.6462 “With the different back grounds that we’ve had for gages, street crimes, tractical, crime prevention, all of that I always tells the guys it makes a good puzzel.”In the first five months of 20-19As a unit collecting 34 guns. The whole department has retrieved 140. 6771 “One gun we believe was possibly used on two shots fired on the westside of Davenport.”For the two months the unit was running in 2018 they collected 16 guns, and for year the department had 351.6473 “Some of the guns we come into would be domestic cases. May have a gun charge to a domestic-related offense, maybe have a suicide, mental health concern.”NATThey also execute multiple search warrants on open cases. Here they’re searching a home for a suspect wanted for a shots fired incident a few weeks before. 6779 “Didn’t get what we wanted but we did get at least little bit of something.” Chisholm “If there’s a trend of shootings related to a group of people and we’re able to discover that, we’re able to get that information out to people quicker.” Piecing together how to stop bullets from exiting the barrel of a gun. Chisholm “We’re looking at all firearm events in the city to kind of address it holistically.”6460 Alright, ready to roll. In Davenport, Shawn Loging, Local Four News. ” 3 JIM: THE GUN UNIT ALSO WORKS CLOSELY WITH THE U-S ATTORNEY’S OFFICE IN DAVENPORT. TIFFANY: FOR SOME OF THESE CASES… THEY SAY… IT ALLOWS THEM TO GET TOUGHER PUNISHMENTS FOR GUN CRIMES. 3 TIFFANY STILL TO COME… CHIEF METEOROLOGIST ANDY MCCRAY HAS YOUR 10-DAY OUTLOOK WHEN JIM AND…WHY A NEW LOOK AT

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