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Pushing Your Limits | Fighting Pistol North Carolina Class (4K)

Mickey: Is that a hit? Students: No. Mickey: Thought I hit it. Had my ear muffs turned off. Fight it out man. Do what you can. Push you’re self. Yeah. I’m a machine. Nice. Get out to he left there and engage that sucker. Remember, these are hostages. Watch you’re muzzle. Oh! Hostage hit. Hostage hit. Good. You guys, don’t be afraid to move to a better
position. It’s better to frickin move than hit a good
guy. Ineffective! Ineffective! Move. Move Move. Come’on close this bastard. Watch your muzzle. Get in there. Good. Good. Watch the muzzle. Student: Did I hit? Did it work? Does he need another? Mickey: Nice. So, the point ain’t just running a shooting. It’s getting hits. Being cognizant of the muzzle. Pushing ourselves past our normal limits. Good job dude.

5 thoughts on “Pushing Your Limits | Fighting Pistol North Carolina Class (4K)

  1. That's an awesome drill. I haven't seen a drill like that before. Some great Training you have going on. One day i'm going to take one of your training classes.

  2. I'm sooooo ready for the Shelton Washington event and can't wait to shake this MANS hand and thank him for being the creator of my journey in becoming the most effective and efficient pistol pugelist. Again I truly appreciate your time and knowledge

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