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Punch Bowl Social: Giant Foosball and Escaping Elephants | Arlington, Virginia Food, Drinks, and Fun

– Hey everyone, Sean Sneed here, with the Keri Shull Real Estate team, today we are in the heart of Ballston hanging out in one of my
personal favorite spots, Punch Bowl Social. Not only are they known for serving up delicious food and drinks, there might even be a
surprise or two inside. Come with me and let’s check it out. (upbeat music playing) We are here with Brett Ramsdell today, the general manager of Punch Bowl Social, thanks for having us, Brett. – Oh, thank you. – So tell us a little bit about
Punch Bowl Social in general and the concept behind it and
specifically this location. – We opened up here in the
Ballston area December 8th, and it’s been great. This was actually our 16th location, it’s culinary integrity,
it’s craft beverages, it’s social gaming, it’s
an experience for everyone. – What kind of activities does
this specific location have? – We have just about every
single activity you can do with a drink in your hand. So we have bowling, we
have duck pin bowling, which is the smaller version. We actually have a Bonzini which is a massive foosball table, that’s super popular. We have darts, game boards at your table, while you’re eating appetizers. It’s just an experience. – What would you say are the most popular menu items and drink items? – As far as popular goes,
the knockoff burgers, super popular. It’s our take on the Big Mac. The chicken and waffles is gorgeous. We’re called Punch Bowl Social, we actually have some really cool punches and we serve them in bowls you can share with either colleagues
or friends and family. – What would you say that
someone maybe couldn’t find out about online about this place, or even people who have been here before, like what’s something
that they wouldn’t know about this place? – I would say just the overall vibe. One of my favorite things
to do is watch people walk into Punch Bowl for the first time. A few nights ago, at our Bonzini table, the massive foosball table, it was pretty cool to
see there was three guys, they walk up and they’re playing foosball, on this massive table where
there’s plenty of room for other people to join, and
that’s exactly what happened. There were four other guys,
walked up and they were like, “Hey, you guys want to play?” And by the end of the night,
which was four hours later, the lights are on, the
music’s off, we’re closing up, and those guys are exchanging numbers and we’ve seen them twice since. – So I’ve noticed there’s a lot of interesting decor in this place, is there a specific
theme for this location? – Yeah, absolutely. Every location has its own theme, and this one is actually circus. So the story behind that was, they call it the great elephant escape, it happened in 1906, in Alexandria county which
is now Arlington county, and these elephants kind
of escaped for five days and as a brand we just thought
it was a really cool story and you’ll see the balloons and the monkeys hanging from the wall and then the actual story
of the great elephant escape is actually on one of our walls as well. – [Sean] Thanks for tuning in
to our local Streets and Eats here at Punch Bowl
Social in Boston Quarter. Please comment where you want to see next, like and share this video
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places in the neighborhood. And as always, if you’re
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