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Pump Shotgun vs. Combat Shotgun For Controller Fortnite! (Fortnite Shotgun Tips – Xbox + PS4)

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re gonna be attempting to settle the hottest debate in the Fortnite community right now,
the combat shotgun shotgun vs. the pump shotgun, and how that debate is slightly different
for controller players. Other than the the first couple days of Fortnite
season 9 when the combat shotgun did very inconsistent damage due to a glitch, this
is the first time in months where there are 2 shotguns in the game that are very close
to equal in terms of usability. Now that this is the case, it really is a
difficult choice to decide which shotgun to use on a game to game basis, since both the
combat and the pump have their own unique strengths and weaknesses. So, without further ado let’s get right into
settling this debate. Alright, so to begin our breakdown of the
combat vs. the pump, let’s start by comparing some of the important base weapon statistics. The green pump shotgun can do a maximum of
95 body damage and 190 headshot damage in a single shot, while the blue pump shotgun
can do a maximum of 100 body damage and 200 headshot damage. Both versions of the pump have a 5 shell magazine
size, a fire rate of 1 shot every 1.43 seconds, and a reload time of roughly 0.95 seconds
per shell reloaded. The blue combat shotgun does a maximum of
73 body damage and 124 maximum headshot damage, the purple combat does 77 body damage and
130 headshot damage, and gold combat does 80 body damage and 136 headshot damage. All of the combats have a 10 shot magazine
size, fire at a rate of 1 shot every 0.54 seconds, and have a reload time of roughly
1 shell every 0.5 seconds. So even though you guys may not have known
the exact numbers from those statistics, the stats basically back up what everybody knows. However, I wanna quickly discuss 1 or 2 takeaways
from these numbers that aren’t as obvious to the majority of players. First off, being able to somewhat consistently
hit headshots, is SO much more important and with the pumps than it is with the combats,
and that’s for two reasons. The first is fairly obvious, and that’s the
fact that the pump shotgun has a 2.0 headshot multiplier, while the combat only has a 1.7
headshot multiplier. And second, since the base body damage of
the pump is considerably higher than the base body damage of the combat, the amount of extra
damage for a headshot is going to be even higher. For example, the difference between a max
damage body shot and a max damage headshot for the blue combat is 51 damage. The difference between a max damage body shot
and a max damage headshot for the blue pump, is almost double that at 100 damage. And the other slightly less obvious takeaway
from those base stats, is how the difference between the 2 rarities of the pump, is so
much bigger than the difference between the 3 rarities of the combat. It’s as simple as this, the green pump can’t
1 shot bodyshot an opponent at 100 health, and can’t 1 shot headshot an opponent at 200
health, while the blue pump can do both. This is obviously a major factor, since those
are super common health values that players are gonna be at. Now that we’ve laid out most of the basics,
let’s get a bit more in-depth with comparing the two shotguns. So, starting with the pump, it’s biggest strength
and where it clearly beats the combat, is very close range fights, specifically when
going against good players. Obviously the biggest reason for this is the
weapon’s crazy high potential damage per shot. Since good players will protect themselves
very well in build/edit fights, and build immediately when shot, you wanna make sure
that the few shots you hit really count, and that’s exactly what the pump does. You can get absolutely outplayed in every
possible way by an enemy in a build or edit fight, but then you land a 190 or 200 damage
pump headshot and that’s all she wrote. But, that isn’t the only advantage that the
pump has. One factor I always like to point out that
will never show up in the basic weapons statistics, is the pump’s crosshair size, which is simply
perfect. It’s large enough to easily get at least some
of it on an enemy, while at the same time, as long as you have good aim, it’s small enough
to where you can put the entire crosshair on the enemy, even from a few meters away. The combat’s crosshair on the other hand is
incredibly small, which means your margin for error when it comes to aiming is incredibly
low at point blank range, and some people really struggle with that. Now the weaknesses of the pump on the surface
are fairly obvious as well, it has very limited range, and despite it’s high damage per shot,
has a very slow rate of fire. While those certainly aren’t ideal weaknesses,
players that are good with the pump will be able to minimize those weaknesses by playing
smart. For example, if you instantly build after
every shot in a normal fight or close an edit after every shot in a box fight, then the
pump’s slow fire rate really doesn’t matter all that much. Also, if you use positioning and movement
to get right into the face of a player using a combat, then who really cares about the
pump’s lack of range. However, a less obvious weakness of the pump
that doesn’t get enough attention is the fact that it’s considerably more difficult to use
if you play on controller. Due to all controller players getting exponential
stick acceleration when aiming, it makes it very hard to consistently hit quick flick
shots. Those are absolutely crucial when it comes
to close range shotgun fights, so if you can’t consistently hit them, you’re gonna be in
big trouble. Plus, since you practically never want to
aim down sights with the pump, the advantage of aim assist on controller doesn’t really
help you all that much. So, while the pump shotgun’s biggest advantage
is power, the combat shotgun’s biggest advantages are is speed and versatility. Are you gonna be able to frequently 1-shot
enemies when you have a combat, probably not. Are you gonna lose point blank range fights
if you go against a player using a pump, yeah most of the time you will. But, because of the combat’s range and high
rate of fire, that’s totally fine. Now, it is worth mentioning that the combat
did receive a 10-20% damage nerf on medium/longer range shots, so it’s slightly weaker in those
situations than it was before last weeks update. But, when you can get high ground over a player,
or simply put about 10 meters of distance between you and a player, that’s where the
combat really shines. It’s especially effective against lesser skill
players, since due to it’s high rate of fire, you can usually hit more than 1 shot on them
before they reaction build, whereas good players are less likely to let that happen. And as I pointed out in a previous video about
the combat, it’s probably the only shotgun in Fortnite history that doesn’t really require
a secondary weapon along with it. It shoots fast, it reloads really fast, it
has a large clip size, it’s good at close range, and it’s good at medium range. Not every one is comfortable with doing it,
but in the majority of situations you’ll be totally fine with an inventory of: AR, Combat
Shotgun, and then 3 spots for healing, mobility, or a sniper/RPG So now, I’m gonna give my own personal verdict
on the combat vs. pump debate, but what I hope all this discussion has made you realize,
is that both are incredibly viable, and your own personal playstyle definitely plays a
major role in choosing between the two shotguns. With all that being said, I personally prefer
the combat over the pump as of right now. However, rarity does play a pretty significant
role in it. I think the green pump shotgun is clearly
the bottom option between the 2 pumps and 3 combats, due to what I mentioned earlier. However, most of the time I’ll choose a blue
pump over a blue combat. But, then I’d take the purple or gold combat
over a blue pump. But again, the way I play Fortnite may be
very different than the way you play Fortnite. I strongly prefer building for and holding
high ground, and therefore try to avoid close range box fighting, so for me, the combat
is the better option. And since I play on controller, the combat
requires you to hit significantly less flick shots, and and it gives you more opportunities
to take advantage of aim assist. So even though mouse and keyboard players
may roll their eyes at that, it is a legitimate factor that you should take into account. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment
section down below. So, now that you guys have had a few days
to experience the combat vs. pump shotgun meta, do you prefer to use the pump or prefer
to use the combat? Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment,
subscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want, and I, will catch
you guys next time.

100 thoughts on “Pump Shotgun vs. Combat Shotgun For Controller Fortnite! (Fortnite Shotgun Tips – Xbox + PS4)

  1. Blue pump 1# green pump 2# golden com 3# purple com 4# Blue com 5# Blue tac 6# green tac 7# gray tac 8#

  2. Im praying the pump and combat both stay in game. Remove the Tac it cant compete unless you’re playing someone trash

  3. I am really good with combats and pumps but I prefer pump because of my aim and consistency of it but it’s a 50% chance ill take the gold combat over the blue pump

  4. It's great to have 2 usable shotgun options this is good for the game. Epic just needs to listen and continue to strive for balance.

  5. Still prefer the pump tbh gotta love it. Watch the whole video and i understand where your coming from with the combat with getting off shots faster and at longer ranges

  6. I feel like I’m scrims the pump is rlly good in beginning and mid game and the combat takes over in the end game

  7. I feel like the pump should receive a SMALL buff to range, rate of fire, and an increase to mag size to 8. It shouldn’t be at the same range or rof as the combat, hell it doesn’t even need all three of those. But just having one of those buffed would greatly increase its usability. Also the legendary and epic versions should be added.

    OR they can do the reverse. Let’s face the combat has some great range. It could take another small hit on range as the majority problem I see with combat vs pump is that combat users can start unloading clips before the pump ever gets close.

  8. I just can’t aim with the combat idk why but I can hit most of my shots with the pump because I do flick shots

  9. Just use both…Just kidding but for example If your enemy hast a Pump , Just Fake edit and Take a free Shot…If He has a Combat He would probably Spray You down , so Something as righthand peaking would be The Vetter choice

  10. I stopped playing season 6 been playing since season 2. I come back season nine and everybody is fucking tfue, absolutely nothing is the same, all the guns eat ass, and the game is unplayable. Two things. What the heeeeeeelllll happened…. and help.

  11. I personally think the combat is better for w key and box fights. If I jump into someone’s box and they shoot their pump and I have 150-200 hp it is unlikely they will kill me and if I can quickly fire 2 or 3 combat shots into them that’s gg. From my experience even if they hit the pump shot I can kill them before they switch guns or shoot again. And the combat can shoot 3 times before the pump can release a second shot. One reason why the pump would be better is if the person is a good editor and you can only get one shot between their reset, but even then, you can just ar or smg spam and whip out the combat

  12. I really did not understand the things you said but I'm going for the pump because I really never got to use it since season 6 and I always use a combat so I may go for the pump just because I bearly used it

  13. Will you can use aim assist with the pump, in fact you can see most good controller players use it as they simple tape L2 and follow it with R2 witch makes there crossers snap on to there anime.

  14. Bring back the purple pump or the purple Tac to give us a counter to the combat it’s no choice on which weapon you’d choose a gold combat vs a blue pump/tac. It shoot faster better range and more consistent so of course you’d choose the combat in any case over the pump/tac

  15. For me it has to be the pump. I am loving the fact that you can have more decisions when picking your load out now tho. Combat is still a great weapon to use I just love being able to one shot 200 health players with the pump

  16. well i personally disagree cuz i dont rly ads on shotguns in general and im above average when it comes to controller pump and flick aim but what youre saying definitly makes sense

  17. what if purple and gold pumps were in the game again? would you then prefer the gold pump over everything? i feel like that’s kind of the consensus. the gold pump is simply the most dominant shotgun to ever see fortnite, it’s extremely CONSISTENT unlike the seasons 0-4 grey(green)/green(blue) pumps, while still doing massive damage significantly greater than 200 very much like the aforementioned pumps. i pray to God the gold pump will return😂

  18. I watched the whole vid and to be honest, I have to agree with you that combat is the way to go sometimes. It just matters what load out you have. For example, if you have a pump your most likely going to want an smg or pistol, but with a combat you can get a sniper or rpg with it. What I do is take an AR, Combat, flint knock, and heals or if I take a pump I use an AR, pump, smg, heals. I liked the vid and subscribed keep up the good work.


  19. Combat is pure cancer no skill needed you find 1 combat you dont need ar or smg or sniper all cancer in 1 weapon

  20. I feel that you can use the pump by itself. Like your inventory can be ar and pump and you can have the remaining slots free for utility and heals

  21. Eu pc lobbies litteraly have 100% accuracy with combat shotguns. Its stupid, if you have more than 50 ping you are dead.

  22. bruh… stop… just stop…

    how u gonna say the pump is better for close range fights and give the ADVANTAGE to the pump cause of the high POTENTIAL one shot damage.. YET…
    not also bring up the DISADVANTAGE of that same thing.. the fairly high POTENTIAL to NOT get that one shot damage…
    again.. at the end of the day.. skilled or not.. pump full POTENTIAL relies of rng and bloom…

    also about how u fight and maneuver… edits and pop shots… that effectiveness depends on the person ur fighting…
    its not like a person just as skilled butt with a combat is just gonna play in way that allows a pump user to literally play out the fight as u described…

    combat is literally better in every way EXCEPT for the One shot potential…

    i was watching mongrals and some of daes games…. full matches… and i slowed them down during fights to see damage values…
    vast majority of their pump shots were under 100 damage…
    some where 100-150
    and few.. FEW where 160- 190
    and even more rare.. was the actual one pump for 200+
    i could watch multiple full games and not see it once happen..

    no offense butt ya'll still so religiously attached to the pump.. ya'll still try to give it an advantage ON THE RARE occasions that ya'll actually ONE PUMP for 200+
    anything less then 200… allows a combat to still clap you..

    if ur in a box.. a pump user and a combat user… shotguns only… u pump the guy for 190 damage…
    the combat user can literally blast u for 100 damage twice and win…
    mongral and dae did edits with the pump… again most of their shots did the damage a combat can do…
    if that is the case.. which it is.. u can do the same edit maneuvers with the combat…

    if ur pumping… ur really relying on rng for that 1pump and calling it skill and clearly lying about how frequently you do it…
    these streamers play TONS OF MATCHES and get in TONS of fights for a few clips of them doing one pumps…

  23. I don't know if you knew that you get aim assist on a pump even if you jump(it's not as strong as normal aim assist but you still have help and it only works if player is jumping and moving)

  24. I used to hate the combat when i first used it. Once i went back and used both again in regular battle royale i felt that even though the pump does instant damage, it was too slow for me especially with the combat and new tac

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