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Pump shotgun is back! Tag ltm in fortnite

hey guys what’s going on today welcome back to channel for another fortnight video so why stay is a little bit of a game that of the tag L team that here’s an important I was alone with that we have the 14 days of summer as you guys know the pump shotgun as unbolted there’s silenced SMG shockwave grenades that we also got the brandy revolver I heard the old revolver his back not too sure look well beyond that but we’re gonna head get in here into the tag-team ask was it shows this you right team pick I said I want me some convert to lutein whatever go ahead try that so let’s go ahead and get right in all right so this is it oh I see have no idea how that works so [Applause] so was this like a big gang of people or what’s going on here supportin don’t tell me let’s go and fill this up right now for whatever reason I do it in my dog wait so that you’re supposed to pick act people get all right why is this oh my god the shock wave Vanessa there’s a guy alone over here oh my god jump him there he is American summer boy I’m here why are you running away where Mack wait you’re it heavier key but I’m in the on if you want be it get your buns back here why they just retinol hey dude you can’t have any right the whole slice back here bitch sneak lottery foot [Applause] what a cure come on man get the girl fuck what happened posted Britt what well I actually want that I’m going to use it over there all right what do you want to be in there not get back there boy back handle push one that helped was it about you Oh Thank You people over here oh that’s uh I just want to loot Lake excellent let’s go and grab him up hands down here get back there oh my god how do you put you on do you have back there that much more and you work impulses come on lottery for I want that give me where’s the last guy I’m everything boys never come okay I’d never played this up game yet we’re just seen how it worked at there’s one guy always right there please no get get this guy if you email let’s do it welcome to the Billy bounce dude alright guys so this is a actually my first game today so I might want to get in there and pop on the pump you know I rather use the pump in the combat up the Compaq I am shocked and also it will spinner SMG so oh well hi nowhere I’m Landon we’re just good a dusty inside Rockefeller case oh you know I shall want to pressure that’s actually a really good landing and you are not going that long probably worst thing to do la people actually died over there with cover what is chest right there mommy ideal I guess on it wait right here it’s like no one’s uh someone I got shotgun [Applause] well yeah shuckers it me a little – shockwave grenada I’m talking now Allen deep my alright I’m pretty sure that guy had a shotgun and he started pick action that one dude so it’s most likely not gonna have a mo what were you trying to do stim only he’s laggy dude did you have my shock you had it oh no I don’t want to do that uh yeah minion I didn’t want to drop that there we go all right nice all right we got a cute pills cuz I’ve had a three I didn’t spot out but uh with pump look at the LNG shockwave grenades once mind getting my hands 1d where you want to call it I forget I get drunk guys kind of I got oh hey I know wrong he’s beyond that three-day case for minute listen dude can we ah God dang it you bought two uh I wanted to get close as possible semi pump would do like the most damage you know man that kind of sucks what tribe seem like there’s delight but there’s like an arming delay on a second or so so that kind of sucks but is it for today’s video I’d you know I put the tag LTM don’t know the point of that whatever but remember if you guys are doing your 14 days of summer those three guys to this dance in the beach parties and stuff like that then you drop his back blank yeah okay it’s pretty sick actually then if you look at my other videos I tell you all these challenges for this and the rewards that you would get and then also because we have anything from the item shop sir he’s my sport coat mg through 9l so I can subscribe to the channel or like the video if you you know enjoyed it if you very much appreciated thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you guys next time

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