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Hey y’all, my name is Jason Robertson, I’m the owner of outdoor legacy gear. Today, I want to give you a short review on the pulsar core rxq30V thermal rifle scope. Now if you’re looking for a full
in-depth review then look below we’ll put the link to my review where I go
over all the specifications, all the features, in depth. But if you just want
to short bird’s-eye view and you can continue watching this review. Jumping
right into it, this is a scope that pulsar has put out that I’m really
excited about. They’ve jam packed it full of features
and they’ve done it at an amazing price. This is currently the least expensive
weapons mountable thermal rifle scope to ever hit the market. It’s $1,899. It’s got a 384 by 288 resolution, 17 microns, it’s
got a fast 50 Hertz refresh rate. It’s got an AMOLED display and it has a
sapphire green tint to it. That might be something you’re not used to. Pulsars
trying that out and a couple of their scopes this year and I really like it.
Again it’s just a normal OLED display but it has a green tint over it and it’s
really easy on the eyes and it doesn’t cause the same eye strain and eye
fatigue that the bright black and white OLED displays do. All the feedback that
I’ve heard on it has been great, I’ve been using it for over a month and I’ve
been really impressed with it. It’s got a 1.6 power optical magnification with up
to a 6.4 power digital zoom. So one point six optical up to six point
four digital zoom. It has a nine hundred and eighty-five yard human-sized
detection range. Again that’s not identification range but human size
target standing up at 985 yards the scope could theoretically be able to
detect that it was there. You will see right here on the front there is no
focus adjustment of any sort, this is a fixed focus scope. It is fixed to
infinity, I’ve had no issues with that I’ve used it from 10 yards to 450 yards
which no focus issues. You’ll also see here
there is a lens cap that you can open and close on the objective lens by just
twisting this slightly. Also there’s no video out port. So if video recording is
an important feature to you then you’re probably going to want to look at one of
the other pulsar model. This unit does not have any external video recording or
internal recording so there’s no way to get video out of it short of putting a
camera or something behind the eyepiece, which is not very practical. You will see
right here this is the battery cap, we can twist this pops right off. It’s
tethered so you won’t lose it. Inside are two cr123a disposable lithium batteries.
The battery life is very good, however some people ask about using external
battery power and pulsar did include this adapter. You take these two
batteries out, you slide the adapter in, it snaps in place and now you have two
ways to use external power. One you can use any of the standard pulsar EPS
battery packs or you can use this included cable and once it’s plugged in
you now have a standard normal sized USB cable and you can plug this into any
just normal USB external battery pack. You get the right battery pack you can
run this scope all night long with no problems. When you plug the battery cap
back in you just press it in it snaps in tight there’s an o-ring there so it’s a
hundred percent waterproof. This unit has an ipx7 rating so what that means is
it’s fully submersible up to three foot deep for thirty minutes. So you should
have no problem any normal hunting conditions, raining splashing water on it,
it is waterproof. Another feature is pulsar includes this
external wireless remote and you can use it handheld you can mount it to your
rifle however you want some people don’t need it at all but if you do it is there.
Internally this unit has a ton of features, it has multiple
reticle options, it has picture-in-picture zooming, has pulsars
one-shot zeroing has dead pixel repair it has a display off so if you want to
leave the unit on but turn the display off so that it saves the battery life
you can do that quickly press the about the power button one time and the
display comes right back on. That is a nice feature. It also has three zeroing
profiles what that means is you can use this is the included pulsar quick detach
mount you can use this mount take it off and put this on three different rifles,
cite it in on each rifle, save those settings and quickly change between
rifles and just go into the settings and choose which you know zooming profile
for the rifle it is that you have it on, I’ve taken this scope off multiple times
put it back on I’ve had no problems with zeroing, maintaining zero. That’s
something you should test for yourself. Again there’s a lot of other features in
there those are just the ones that I can think of off the top of my head. You will
see back here on the back there is an eyepiece focus. just remember this is not
an objective focus. It’s just a focus the eyepiece to your eye. It does have this
rubber lens cap I really like it some people don’t
you can easily pop it off or on whichever a preference you prefer. Yeah
that’s the bird’s eye overview I’m sure there’s some things I’ve left out but
you can watch the full in-depth review that we’ll put the link to below if you
have more questions. If you need to know more about Pulsar Core RX30V, if you’re
interested in purchasing one give us a call, we’ll put the link to the direct
link to this scope below as well. But we’ll put the number and you can call
and ask questions if you call and don’t get us leave a message and I’ll call you
back as soon as we can. I mean I’m on the phone all day talking to customers but I
enjoy doing it and I want to make sure that, you know, you’ve got all your
questions answered before you make the purchase. Our customer service is second
to none and we’re here for you before and after the sale. If you’ve got
questions about the rxq 30v or any other night vision or accessories again feel
free to give us a call. You can find us at, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel and you can find us on
Instagram. We really appreciate you taking the time to watch this video and if
there’s anything that we can help you with don’t hesitate to let us know.


  1. hola Jason, perdon por no saber ingles para poder comunicarnos mejor, te escribo desde la patagonia argentina y por estos lados estos aparatos no estan permitidos , como los supresores y los ambitos de vision nocturna y tantas otras cosas, (si esta permitido que los politicos roben de nuestros bolsillos y estan a salvo), nunca eh tenido oportunidad de probar un ambito de estos termicos, la consulta es si estos tienen buena definicion de imagen ( me refiero a llegar a confundir los animales poorque se vean borrosos o indefinidos), y cuales son sus contras, por el precio cual otro ambito termico podrias aconsejarme, quedo a la eespera de tu valiosa rspuesta y muchas gracias!!!

  2. arrived here from a message board link. thermal scope companies seem to be more concerned selling the bells and whistles and forgetting many people just want a thermal scope that acts like a scope with no a/v
    i'd really like a trijicon thermal to put in line (like the snipe ir) with my other trijicon products but that's out of my price range so ive resorted to making it the baseline then settling for something that costs less

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