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Hey y’all my name is Jason Robertson I’m
the owner of outdoor legacy gear. Ttoday I want to give you a full review of the
PULSAR CORE RXQ30V thermal rifle scope. Now if you’re looking for just a short
bird’s-eye review we’ve done one of those you can look below, we’ll put that
link, it’ll be a much shorter review that just gives you the basic specs and
overview of the scope, but if you want something in-depth as an explanation of
all the features, then this is the review to continue watching, it’s going to be
kind of long because this scope is jam-packed with features. So jumping
right into it this is a scope that I’m really excited about and you know I get
to see a lot of night vision a lot of thermal and it’s a blessing to get to go
out and hunt with a lot of this stuff but rarely am I excited about something,
and this scope is the exception to that rule. Rreason being it’s jammed pack with
features and Pulsar put it out at a record-breaking price. This scope is
currently the least expensive weapons mountable thermal rifle scope ever to
hit the market. It’s eighteen hundred and ninety nine dollars. When you hear
that price you might think it’s a stripped down entry-level version but I
guarantee you it’s not and stick around listen to these features and I think
you’ll agree with me. You know first things first let’s talk about what it
doesn’t have. It’s a very short list but there are a couple things that might be
important to you and let’s get that out of the way now so you won’t watch this
whole video and then find out at the end that there’s something that you
really want this scope doesn’t have. Number one it does not have an objective
focus ring. There’s no way to adjust the focus on
the objective, it is a fixed focus to infinity. I’ve used the scope extensively.
I’ve used it from 10 yards up to 450 yards. I’ve killed a ton of hogs with it.
I’ve had no problems with the focus at all. I would not let that concern me, but
if it is something important to you it’s not there. Second and the biggest is that
there is no external video out port. That means there is no way to record video
from this optic. There’s no internal recording, you can’t hook a DVR up to it,
no way. You might put a camera behind it, that’s not
practical. That’s basically it there’s there’s no way to get video out and for
some guys who want to record their hunts that’s a deal-breaker. But if it’s not
continue watching. The only other thing that’s any different about this optic is
that it does have a sapphire green tint over the display, so it’s just exactly
like it sounds. When you look through the scope everything is tinted green. I
really like that I wasn’t sure about it at first, but the more I’ve used it I’ve
come to love it. All the customers that I’ve sold these to and talked to them
the feedback has been excellent on it and basically it’s just easy on the eyes
it does not cause the eye strain that a bright black and white screen does so
again it’s just something pulsar put on PULSAR CORE RXQ30V and I really like it and I hope to see it on more units as an option in the future. Jumping right in on
the features this has got a 384 by 288 resolution. It’s at 17 microns if you
don’t know what microns are just know the smaller the number the better it has
to do with pixel size. To give you some comparison of where a 17 is you
know on the scale last year all of the Pulsar units were 25 microns and if you
went and bought a $8,000 – $10,000 thermal unit the high high-end stuff right now
you’re looking at 11 or 12 microns. So 17 is really low it’s a big jump down from
25 so again that just will give you a better image quality with smaller pixels.
Moving back we’ve got an AMOLED display. That’s a big deal. That’s a high
resolution 640 by 480 display and to give you an idea of how big of a deal it
is last year in pulsars thermal lineup the
least expensive thermal riflescope they had with an AMOLED display was $4,000. It
was a $1,000 upgrade to get an OLED display and they’re putting the latest
technology which is the AMOLED in this unit right here, $1.899. It’s also got a very fast 50 Hertz refresh rate. If
you’re not familiar with that essentially the refresh rate is the
number of times that the image is refreshed on the display per second. The industry standard is 30 Hertz. 30 Hertz is fine for you know any
kind of still hunting, walking around, just normal hunting conditions. If you
move much faster than that you can get into an issue where the you move the
scope too fast the image doesn’t refresh fast enough and you get lag or you get a
choppy video. 60 Hertz is where normally most people that are hunting
out of helicopters, fast moving vehicles they’ll go with the 60 Hertz but
normally the price difference can be anywhere from $500 – $1,000 to upgrade to a 60 Hertz. 50 Hertz pulsar’s including that in
here at the same price so again pretty amazing that they’ve done that. It’s got
a 1.6 power optical magnification with up to a 6.4 power digital
zoom. So 1.6 up to a 6.4. Also you’ve got right here on the
front you’ve got this, this is the little lens cap that you can open and close
with a little short twist. Moving back, you’ll see here this is your battery cap
and the battery compartment. Just twist, it comes right off. This is tethered
that’s very smart. so you don’t lose that at night in the
field. Inside you see two CR123A disposable lithium batteries. Everybody
wants to know what the battery life is. It’s hard for me to say. Most of my hunts
last from 15 to 45 minutes at a time so I’m not out all night at one time using
it, but I would say a couple hours of battery life is going to be pretty
standard. I’ve been very happy with it I’ll say that. I’ve had no issues at all.
If you’re concerned about battery life, pulsar does include this external
battery adapter. What you do here, you take out the
cr123a batteries, you insert this adapter it slides all the way in and snaps. At
that point you now have two external battery power options. One you can use
any of the pulsar EPS battery packs or you can use this included USB cable, plug
it in and now you have a standard normal sized USB adapter here that will plug
into any external battery pack. There’s a lot of these external USB battery packs
on the market now. You get the right one it will easily run this scope all night
long. You could run it back here on the buttstock, again you can use the pulsar
EPS battery packs that are great as well. You have two options there. Also you’ll
see when you put this lens cap back on it snaps in, it feels tight and snug. It’s
got an o-ring there makes it a hundred percent waterproof. This scope has an
ipx7 waterproof rating. That means that it is fully submersible for up to 3 foot
of water for 30 minutes. Any kind of normal hunting conditions of raining and
splashing water there should be no issues at all. Again fully submersible up
to 3 foot for 30 minutes which is really pretty neat. Back here on the back you’ll
see that you have this eyepiece adjustment to focus. Again this is
not an objective focus but it’s an eyepiece focus, it just focuses to your
eye. You have this removable rubber eyepiece cap. I really like it, some
people don’t like these you know eyepiece cups, I do. It’s up to you. You
can pop it off, pop it on. On the top here there’s four buttons and these buttons
control all the menu features, and anything that you need to do you can do
most everything quickly with one to two touches. But if you do want to get inside
and get into all the internal menus again those buttons right there are what
does it. It has a 985-yard human size target detection range, so a human
standing up at 985 yards should be detectable in the proper
conditions by this scope. Obviously identification range is going to be much
closer than that, but again that’s the detection range. Jumping in to some of
the other features that are internal, you know, there’s a bunch. And I know I’m
probably going to forget something but it’s got picture-in-picture zooming.
If you’re not familiar with that it’s a little difficult to explain but it’s
kind of like it sounds. It has a picture in picture. What you have is your
base magnification you enable picture in picture and you have a small little
window within your screen. It has a reticle as well as your main screen. So
now if you know you’ve got a group of hogs and you want to, you know, pick out
the biggest one and shoot it you can use your picture in picture. You’re able to
use the small image put the reticle on it at the same time out of your
peripheral vision you’re still able to see your whole field of view. And I
really like it especially if you’ve got deer or cows other animals out there, you
don’t have to worry about something you know running into your shooting lane and
you not know it. Again, you just, you’re able to see everything and still have a
small picture-in-picture. Then after the first shot and everything starts running
you don’t have to push any buttons you just move your eye down to the main
reticle in the full screen, you can take those follow-up shots very easy there.
It’s a super feature and I can’t hardly hunt without it anymore. Also it has
three zeroing profiles and what that means is that you can actually use
this scope and cite it in on three different rifles. You’ll see here this is
the included pulsar quick detach mount. It is a return-to-zero mount. You need to
test that yourself on your rifles but I’ve had no problem whatsoever and I’ve
removed this thing over and over and over and put it back in its remaining
zeroed every time. So you’re able to pop it off, take it to another rifle, cite it
in, save that profile, and again move it between rifles. Something that’s really nice.
It has multiple reticle options, it has a dead pixel repair which is a really cool
feature. If you ever do get a dead pixel somewhere on the OLED display
you can just go in there and you know repair that pixel and it’s, you know, no
problem at all, very quick and easy. You’ve also got the Pulsar one-shot
zeroing. This is a really nice feature. It takes me more than one shot I’m not
going to lie but it is a nice picture to be able to go and freeze the frame, see
where you hit, see where you’re aiming, move your reticle to it and it shouldn’t
take you near as many shots as it would if you were doing a normal windage and
elevation adjustment by counting clicks. So again another nice feature.
I’m sure I’m leaving a lot of stuff out but that’s again kind of a basic
overview. It does include a wireless remote if that’s something you want, a
lot of guys will use these on a tripod system, and when available to just lean
up look through it and you know use the remote to control the features, so you do
have that option. It’s rated for up to a 375 calibre so that should cover most
all of the standard hunting rifles that you’re going to come across, 308, 223 270s will all be good, again up to 375. This is a scope that I believe is
going to change the thermal market. And the reason being it’s got the latest
technology, the latest features, they’re all in here and it’s at an amazing price.
There’s been a lot of guys who have wanted to get into thermal hunting but
they just couldn’t quite justify the cost. And I fully understand that and I
know that $1,899.00 is still not chump change to a lot of people, I fully
understand that. But it is attainable for a lot of people that in the past have
just been looking and saying: “three four or five thousand dollars, there’s no way
I’ll be able to afford that”. This is something that gets to a price that
maybe they can’t afford. I think there’s going to be a lot of guys that have been
using the sightmark photons the a tnx sights and they really want to upgrade I
think Pulsar Core RXQ30V is going to be the scope that’s going to do it for them. Again
I’ve used it extensively for over a month I’ve got a lot of hogs with it
I’ve been extremely pleased with this scope. I can’t think of any negatives
other than not having a video recording feature. Other than that it just flat
works. So if you’ve got any questions about this if you’re not sure about
something I didn’t explain it well, if I left something out, or you just want to
know how it works and some explanations give us a call. I’ll be glad to talk to
you you know we’ll put the number below. If you call and don’t get us – leave a
message, I’ll call you back as soon as I can. I’m
on the phone with customers all day, but I enjoy talking to you and answering
your questions before and after the sale. Our customer service is second to none.
We’re going to give you customer service that these big-box stores are not going
to be able to give you, they’re not going to know the products, and that’s we’re
here for. We’re hunters just like you, we want to talk to you, we want to hear how
the scope works, we want to answer your questions again before and after
the sale. This unit does have a pulsar three-year warranty on it. Pulsar is a
great company they’re based right here in Texas so you don’t have to worry
about you know calling overseas if you have issues with it. And they’ll deal
with you right here in Texas again super company they stand behind their products,
so there’s nothing to worry about there. Feel free again give us a call you can
check us out at, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel
for more night vision and accessory reviews. You can also find us on
Instagram. Thank you for taking the time to watch this video.


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