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last day what’s your prediction
I need to get one that we want yeah and that’s what I like to say I know
meet here down here we’ll see deer Zach and I came in this morning it’s the
last day of the season one my first gun season here in Iowa and just came around
this corner to the head of this cove was zach spotted
pretty nice buck we can see him with the binos but it’s just too dark to
film he’s had it kind of towards where we were gonna set up this morning so
we’re hopefully gonna be able to cut him off there we’re just gonna still hunt
down this edge try to go slow quiet and glasss it looks like a bigger bodied deer that gets me fired up now there’s crop fields up there and over there there just kind of been a
hub here you think they’re gonna bed in this bottom we think they’re gonna bed in that cedar patch we’re potentially this one right here to
our left I’m just gonna kind of be set up in between them you get right in that smells right there might be that same doe and fawn we saw earlier our plan this morning was to get down
in here we figured the Sun was gonna be beating on the south side this is first
time we’ve had Sun this entire first season and a deer starting to move about
the Sun speaking over this now seen a couple does a small block our plan is
to sit here for a few hours which the deer movement starts to taper off we’re
gonna still hunt our way up into that ridge where we had seen all those bucks
yesterday afternoon hey there’s a deer out here good buck I think i can oh he’s gonna walk away thank you yeah I do you think I should
let him walk to the up left I can’t see maybe that’d settle that little bit of
grass between yeah has he got to the short grass yet yeah he’s after broadside it’s facing
straight away oh boy I think you might just walk straight down you might just
wash your way you ready to watch him gonna go in yeah I’m watching him
did he bed down it felt really good yeah I know
I agree I don’t know what happened well we’re
gonna try to really slowly stay back it round there’s a creek we have
to cross and then if we can get to that other edge on the other side there we
think we should be able to get are not and maybe get another shot in there
we need to we’re gonna go down somehow get across that creek and get to that
other edge walk that edge it’s right there somewhere as far as we know okay I don’t see him yet but if he
hasn’t enough he’s gotta be right over there just keep going slow I’m right
behind you just stop every couple slides forward
and then it will just keep glass you get some new sunglasses finally
get some new sunglasses yeah UV is brutal out here where you guys at you can just feel him that’s a good buck it’s crazy man there’s so many deer back
here I mean the amount of deer that we saw going across that other creek it
goes up that way is insane I mean I was filming a spike when he solved this one
it’s pretty wild there was some action this morning I figured there would be I
mean figured there’d be bucks cruising down to this bottom yeah this is there
somebody does you know and that’s all he was by himself just came in on the same trail as the doe 20 minutes before
yep pretty much exactly what we figured how do you guys want to go about getting
this thing out here honestly not hard to put him in that sled you know I think so
probably not do you Jake there’s a lot of snow it’s fairly flat dragging out
ain’t gonna be fun he’s pretty pretty 9 pointer almost got o ten well
obviously the shot wasn’t exactly what we expected and I think the first shot
was was lethal and clothing and I tracked it back there is blood from the
initial shot all the way to where he bedded there’s one hole that is just a
little bit low and that’s why you know he went up there and bedded down so
quickly but we saw him bed down and then the next move was okay how do we get
within range to finish this thing off because here’s a situation where if we
back out of there and that thing gets up and he starts going and there’s not much
blood then I mean I it would be an all-night adventure I’m sure first
publicly I’m buck huh first public land buck with a bow or gun and first buck
that I had didn’t shoot in Wisconsin does it feel pretty good it feels good
yeah I was bummed initially obviously I mean it just took a little bit to settle
in kind of what had happened and what but like I couldn’t be happier and at
the end of the day we were in Bucks every single day like there wasn’t day
that we didn’t see a buck this big or even we saw some real mature one after a
couple days yeah we were in them pretty much every time and I think ultimately
what kept us down in this bottom versus standing up on that ridge was coming
down here because we saw these does you know it is only what December 5th
like the bucks are still thinking about those at least a little bit I mean we
saw a buck the other day that we bumped him and as soon as he got away
from us he started chasing a doe and then that buck yesterday that little one
was making a scrape like less than 100 yards from here yep I just watched a
Jeff Sturgis video yesterday and he was talking about that second rut that
basically happens 28 days is what he said after the first shot and he just
shot a buck in Wisconsin and we can post a link to the video down below of that
hunt but 28 days after when you were seeing the best rut activity in your
area be on the lookout for a secondary rut and that pretty much lines up when
with when warm shot his buck and that was one of the best days that we had
hunting all year between all the encounters with Greg so that’s pretty
interesting theory I guess that secondary rut happening 28 days after
your first rut activity I’ve always been have the thought to of
like if you’ve got an area like this and you’ve got a ton of does you’re gonna
get buck still doing that morning cruising that they’re doing in November
and that’s what he was doing I mean he was just cruising down this trail which
we see I mean how many times have you seen a buck cruise down that trail
that’s why we came in here and set it and set up we wish what should have been
a little bit closer to the trail but that’s essentially what we were setting
up on was that buck movement coming back in here checking these does just as
the rut kind of tapers off I knew that this trail was here because we’ve been
hunting back here for the last few years and we had a pretty good feeling that
there would be a buck cruising down this trail at some point in the morning you
know in hindsight what I wish we wouldn’t have done that we did was set
up to where we could observe more we should have just set up on one trail
more or less and be ready to shoot that trail but in turn we kind of got
ourselves in a position where we could see more and observe more which in turn
made the shot longer for now we got a buck on the ground well guy get them out
of here yeah yeah I’m cold dude I crawled to that Creek with these keen
boots on I’m telling you guys though hey get yourself an insulated pair of these
guys make they work really well for cold weather and they stay they stay they
stay dry my feet only got wet this foots the only one that’s wet because I
accidentally got in a little bit get him out of here the rest of us will
just stick my love and walk through that Creek with those loud boots again I’m
gonna puke shower when we got ourselves a buck took the last day but I’m gonna
take a shower now we’re gonna be out of buck without comparing your scent five to
seven days come on a at least week’s schedule at
least one week schedule take a shower hunt shoot a buck at the end of a week
take a shower that’s kind of how it’s been the whole season when I shot with
the bow dude it was some days yeah same here
yeah you got it what do you think I’m tapping out
tapping out somebody else’s turn

100 thoughts on “PUBLIC LAND BUCK DOWN! Iowa Shotgun Season – DEER TOUR E56

  1. How about a review on the rifle and caliber you all are using in these videos. I’m in MO and interested in the guns used in the “straight wall” states.

  2. If your hunting long distance and can't judge the distance accurately on the fly, use a range finder so you can make humane kill shots accurately.

    Always know your rifles or shotgun capabilities and get familiar with your ballistic chart for that caliber and bullet.

  3. Loved it. Y’all getting some awesome footage. It’s like the best dam deer hunt show on YouTube. Better than cable TV!

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  6. Thanks for the exciting hunts this season . You've inspired me to get my 76 yr old bones out of bed to hunt almost every morning of the Ma. bow and gun season. There's no better elixir than seeing young men getting it done in the timber. Happy holidays to you all.

  7. Still amazes me how you guys hang it out for each other, when the deer hits the ground the guy's come without hesitation with the dragging gear.

  8. Logan congrats on harvesting your first public land buck! Getting into those areas like you and Zach had been hunting paid off. Great tactics taking advantage of areas others normally won't go and taking advantage of late movement. Thanks again for another great episode!! THP is the best hands down!!

  9. Sweet video, I don't hunt with a gun much anymore but all these gun hunting videos is giving me a itch to get back out. Thank you for the inspiration to get back at it.

  10. This year I decided I wanted to be proficient with my turkey calls. Therefore, there have been very few days that I haven't had a call in my pocket this year.

  11. Best channel on YouTube. Guys I know a ton of people want you to go to their states and hunt public, I think you should come to Tennessee. Personally I have hunted some Tennessee WMA’s and it is tough, lots of pressure. I’d like to see you guys break down a couple WMA’s one of them is Cheatham and the other is Catoosa. Catoosa has antler restrictions, Cheatham is very pressured. Idk just something to think about.
    Good job guys, I’m very impressed with the way you guys scout and close the distance. Good luck

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  17. Congratulations Logan!! That was a good hunt for sure, nice buck. Zach you got me laughing when the tom's gobbled, it got me fired up for the spring!! Zach get some insulated rubber boots – your killing me. Aaron – nice sun glasses, did you get them at the senior citizen center? I am sure the women just flock to you when your sporting those……LOL. Certainly the best hunting show with a great group of guys. #keepingitreal

  18. Warb lookin' like Ray Charles.
    Yo, guys that get those "first comments". You guys watch this video yet? Neither has Warb…

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  23. Just finished this 56th episode since discovering you guys 2 weeks ago. I admire your integrity (respecting property lines, shooting hours, other hunters and, especially, each other). I really appreciate your honesty (admitting mistakes, accepting advice and explaining ways to do better). You guys are fun, a little crazy :-), and still kept every episode family friendly. As a new bow hunter, I'm excited to put into practice what I've learned here. Thank you for all the hard work I know goes into filming and editing.

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    I was surprised you need to 3rd… And Aaron those glasses, Those sunglasses O my word…. I laughed right out loud.. Those are impressive…🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  25. Nice hunt and nice buck! The "second rut" is not a myth. It is real. It pays to stay in the field if you want to increase your chances. Congrats.

  26. We don't have any where i deer hunt. It is a dead spot on the population map. I did hunt with a buddy the other day and heard a few.

  27. You guys do great videos i love the fact its public land your hunting they definitely have great deer management in iowa the buck to doe ratio is very nice

  28. Are you guys not allowed to use long guns in mid west? 270 30-06 etc? 270 with nosler partitions and that deer would have died the second you pulled the trigger

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