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PUBG’s New Weapon Impact & DBS Shotgun

what’s going on everybody I’m Blitz5
and in today’s video I decided to do a few tests with the DBS shotgun which is
currently only available on the PC pts as most of you know I play almost
exclusively on the Xbox one but I do own the PC version of the game so I can run
tests like these and also occasionally show off my non-existent mouse and
keyboard skills so I’m no wacky Jacky yet but I did run some simple anecdotal
tests that I figured are worth sharing with you all today but first I’ll have
your attention I wanted to show you the new bull impact effects that have been
added to the game the bullet impact is now more realistic and markings will
appear differently depending on the angle of the shot dust or debris will
also travel in the same direction as the bullet here’s a comparison of the bullet
impact on the Left we have the new effects and on the right we have the old
effects but beware because not all surfaces will display the impact now
onto the DBS I’m sure you’ve seen this bad boy by now but this is the
double-barreled pump-action shotgun that holds 14 rounds and can almost instantly
rip off two shots making it extremely lethal up close from wacky Jackie’s test
video link in the description below at close range this weapon is a one-shot
kill with a level two vest or below and a two-shot kill if the enemy is wearing
level three gear at 25 meters the weapon is still 2 shot kill with level 2 best
but the kickback of the gun will make the follow-up shot a little bit more
difficult at this range we start to see a noticeable drop off after 25 meters
and at 50 meters it can take 5 to 6 shots near center mass with a level 2
vest again at this range accuracy and spread becomes more problematic lastly
in the patch notes pubsey stated the effective range for the DBS was around
100 meters however after testing on the pts it turns out that this is not the
case the DBS like the other shotguns in the game are more effective when used up
close and personal for my test it took roughly 5.6 seconds to fire off all 14
rounds and then another 6 point 6 seconds roughly to reload the weapon
back to full but keep in mind with the two-shot average kill up close you most
likely won’t need to reload the entire tube to
get a rough understanding of the bullet spread and effective range here are some
footage of me shooting at the wall and training mode for the most part the
bullet spread is relatively tight so for me it’s always exciting to see a new
weapon in the game but I know some players are skeptical of the DBS being
added in as a crate weapon at this time in my opinion I always love using
shotguns in shooters they are high-risk high-reward weapons you can instantly
delete your opponents but you can also get caught out after a Miss
unfortunately these 50/50 type moments can create frustrating experiences for
players on both sides of the barrel yes shotguns can be a campers dream but
personally I’ve always enjoyed the tactical nature of advancing towards
player strategically in making the risk to hopefully be rewarded with a quick
kill up close so with that being said I would love to hear what you guys think
about shotguns in gaming and specifically pub G lastly here it
wouldn’t be a youtube video if I didn’t ask you guys to like or subscribe it
really does help us out I really appreciate you guys watching as always
on Blitz 5 and peace out

11 thoughts on “PUBG’s New Weapon Impact & DBS Shotgun

  1. Im a little dissapointed in this new crate gun but why a shotgun dont get me wrong the damage is gonna be beastly but comon pubg nobody is gonna use shotguns

  2. Shotgun seems solid (thanks to this video) but imagine my disappointment if I risk going to a crate only to find a shotgun…it might get left there tbh. Not dropping a K9 for it

  3. I personally love the S12k and S686 because I'm generally the first one of my squad in a building and I've gotten used to the spread. I'm really looking forward to the upcoming changes to make shotguns more reliable though.

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