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PubgMobile| 98K SNIPER GOD! HEADSHOT, 30 KILLS!|【小抠脚】

okay okay one kill don’t worry 2 kills kill this person first shit, i got the loss okay. i got M416 let me pick some ammo ps: ( he thanks to the people who send him the gift ) this man is a bit naughty he is coming okay 5 kills lets go the last 48 seconds for the draw don’t forgot to join the draw the last 48 seconds the last 48 seconds let see who will win the envelop send a gift to join the draw there is grenade i got 3 grenade, is enough okay there must be someone on the shelf ps: ( he thanks to the people who send him the gift ) these people don’t want to come here right in front okay don’t worry stay at this high position first okay i got 98k, nice i got 98k let me open a new draw guys just leave a comment number is fine come on, bro. in order to breakfast there are two teams fight with each other fiercely let go in front okay. i saw a guy get in front 10 kills 11 kills guys subscribe me? there is some society involved lets go after i’m done of using bandage use bandage then lets go lets go lets go let me have a look lets go to P city to have a look lets go to the P city which is in the red zone basically, there must be someone in the red zone area lets go red zone go go go guys leave a comment to join the draw have a look at here okay don’t worry i killed a robot 14 kills is fine it seems like there is no one in P city but the door is opened lets go get back here have been searched same as here too lets have a look to the school maybe there is someone in the school school don’t worry there is no one at the school i purposely gunfire, let see whether he will appear his head or not bro, will u appear your head? appear? okay go ahead is really uncomfortable with a stuffy noise woke up in the morning is really uncomfortable with a stuffy noise lets go in front i heard the sound of a car pass by don’t know whether they stop their car or not. i heard the footstep killed don’t talk much this people is stupid enough okay. lets go this is not a place to stay for a long time lets go go go go is there any ways to solve a stuffy noise? my nose is it is stuffiness is really uncomfortable what’s that? slap him? what’s that actually? really? it helps? no are u sure it is use for the stuffy noise? some people tell me that it is for constipation shit. slap u is my noise stuffy what u can say it out means u have use it before okay there is an airdrop lets deal with the airdrop 18 kills don’t forgot to share the live broadcast remember to share it out upstairs? shit is cruel enemies are fierce he killed his teammates over here okay, lets go there is 3 level vest nice i’m in the middle of the zone no need to go other places i think i’ll jst wait here I’ll be right here waiting for someone get into the zone kill them one by one the plan is perfect do u believe that, if i shoot the gun, the airdrop will drop in front of me drop one shoot more more shoot 22 kills in front of here this guy got one shoot no, be steady can’t fight with them be steady don’t worry wait them get into the safe zone then kill them i think thi is better wait for a moment thanks for the subscribe appear once? okay. in front there lets pick some ammo okay don’t worry wait for a while wait untill they get here first okay kill him one player down 2 players dead lets look over the people at here, should be fine wait for a while the last seven people left someone nearby 27 kills 28 kills don’t worry remember to join the draw ya one player down okay. done wait for him to go up i’m sure he’ll be in the houses one more shoot shit, i shoot on the car

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