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teammate: get out what are u doing? there is no audience in my live broadcast if all of them get out teammate: lets get out from the live broadcast, go to the airport i can’t play international Pubg Mobile. Is really stuck how about u? teammate: i have been a long time didn’t play it Pubg Mobile the sound and operating effects is not the same teammate: i play it before because there is clothes but now teammate: is not fun there is someone teammate: i know. there must be someone teammate: i won’t die anymore teammate: let me set a flag okay teammate: I’m a ugly banana if i die this man needs beating he shot me by using short gun scared me. so annoying i’m angry i need medicine teammate: i give u a first aid kid i need a painkiller teammate: i don’t have helmet teammate: one level helmet also didn’t get it teammate: nice u have to give me a first aid kid teammate: okay. let me go to find u be careful, someone throw the grenade teammate: i know teammate: there are two people be careful still not yet leave? someone will throw grenade inside teammate: u are right when u get injured? i don’t know give u a painkiller teammate: is fine there is adrenaline syringe here teammate: i’m coming inside teammate: there is someone coming not yet i got the signal gun be careful. i think someone will throw grenade inside this room teammate: i will run away if he throw the grenade teammate: okay teammate: there is someone get down? where? teammate: downstairs there must be someone there actually there is another team coming teammate: upstairs teammate: the small box is me what to do? i almost die don’t u have any medicine? i don’t have too stimulating i thought there was only one person, luckily i didn’t go two of them. i’m confused ps: ( he thanks to the people who send him the gift ) teammate: why is the gap between people so big? it can’t be talent. be hard u just have to send me the treasure map in my live broadcast u know that? a treasure map hello? that’s not expensive teammate: how much? 5000 dollars what happen? 5000 dollars for u is just okay teammate: that’s impossible okay the gap between u and players is just a treasure map? teach u how to sent money to anchor i know right teammate: i’m a salted fish because i don’t have a dream will salted fish turn there eyes? your GIF i want to post it someone said i’m famous than u they know but they didn’t talk about it teammate: yes. u are right teammate: u are so famous teammate: let me got some advantages i saw that but we don’t teammate: i saw a post on ChaoHua who post it? teammate: someone said two of us are best friends. why don’t u guys play together after ending the live broadcast teammate: something teammate: u didn’t play after u end the live broadcast teammate: they know u didn’t play games after ending the live broadcast teammate: fake fans u will practice my marksmanship only if u invite me after ending the class. i can except Peace for Game teammate: amazing i will only practice my marksmanship at adding some 426 i can play high rank match or i will go to the training battle play with my friends u are not willing to die if i die i have to quit normally, people play with me after i get back form home. they felt unhappy teammate: what are u doing? have a guess? two teams fight to each other i only get 5 kills u are unbridled, why don’t u follow me? every time, u die teammate: i didn’t mean i don’t wanna to follow u teammate: in the match teammate: i’ll follow ? yes. u just have to play as a teammate: r’s role don’t move if u are at my side i didn’t move at all but u keep on moving ballet dance i feel uncomfottable follow at my side but don’t move teammate: okay, bro are u guys waiting for 8 billion subscriptions? guys, unsubscribe me. lets wait for another few minutes there is a jeep car on the right teammate: let me ask does anyone want to play game? u have to be sure, the communication part let me send in a group is there any means? is he has teammate? teammate: why all of them don’t want to play games? he grab my kill amazing i can’t fight with him with less blood teammate: i dare not speak strong or not? say it out teammate: strong teammate: i admire u has been a long while teammate: my god! u are so strong u thought i’m an entertainment anchor is it? i have been playing game with u for a long time u have spoken your mind let me tell u why don’t u feel that i’m strong in the previous when u dead what’s that? why there are so many people? where is the sneaky? less than 5 seconds 1v4 Ace match teammate: wow. my god! Are u a human being? admire me? teammate: wow, are u a human being? my god! what’s going on? there is still someone else someone leave the comment with he wanna to delete the game teammate: my god! u are so strong teammate: are u a human being? these people are patient just me they turn around to shot me i think this people is alone i think is he i’m not too sure this action looks ugly there is no footstep from this people annoying teammate: my god teammate: when am i gonna be this good? teammate: i play everyday if u are good, is because of u play everyday teammate: are u a human being? are we playing the same game? teammate: i think no teammate: don’t u play in a Bronze match? let me change a car i think there is someone in front the houses teammate: u will die teammate: is not poisonous i forgot to change the scope if i have change the scope from 6 to 3. two of them will down there is grenade. i can’t stay here or else i will die teammate: my god! u are not a human teammate: u are not a human teammate: how can u do so much things in one seconds? teammate: how can u suddenly change the position and shot people? i ask u to practice but u don’t when i see someone are strong, don’t u feel u want to surpass he or she? teammate: i think they are strong teammate: what’s the meaning for me to play this game? i think i found someone who alone teammate: there are many people i didn’t pick the grenade just now teammate: u shot an armored car? yes victory? bro, victory? invincible strong

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